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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I've used this one before, but I can't resist a good (bad) pun.

I’m an invertebrate punster, spinelessly unable to resist a pun. And that’s two in one post, the picture and the caption…

Seriously, go find a good tequila or cervesa, and celebrate the day the Mexicans drove the French into the sea, or something.


Happy Cinco Pun and weird stuff

It feels like it has been years since I used this pun.
Same spelling, completely different meaning

In non-news I had a ton of mayo on my spicy chicken patty sandwich, and I’m getting a ton of strange articles about my brother’s ex-wife getting killed while trying to pet a wild alligator. Cindy was kinda like Elmira from Tiny Toons, but less abusive of the “aminals”.

Still thinking about the Sprint-T nose and exhaust but I don’t have anything I can show for it yet. I’m still trying to figure out where I want to put the radiator in relation to the front axle and if I want the nose to poke out past the fenders so the radiator doesn’t sit higher than the nosepiece, and there’s the whole threading things through the frame bit, because the nose is going to fit lower than the top of the front bulkhead. There will be structures that I have to fit the nose around/under/over and I’m still trying to wrap my head around how that will work. The big thing is the front bulkhead will be the second-tallest structure in the frame after the roll hoops, and the nose will go right under or over it because things are just that bad. Seriously, the fairings on the front fenders will be between 19″ and 20″ in front of the front axle centerline and the top of the front bulkhead will be about 30″ above the bottom of the frame so the bottom rail of the frame will clear the tires at full lock. I can visualize it, but I have difficulty in translating my vision to words. I know that if I make the bottom of the rail tangent to the tire at full bump but straight ahead, it will have plenty of clearance when the tire is at full lock and under the lower rail of the frame. That’s all that I can ask for.

Happy Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you, and also happy Cinco de Mayo!

For many different values of 'Mayo'

Today’s walk was cancelled on account of goopy allergy eyes and rain-flooded sidewalks, but at least there weren’t any thunderstorms during the day, nor tornadoes. Just rain in the morning.

And for people who read the funny pages, we had an Eddie Crankshaft incident earlier this week. For the rest of you, a school bus backed over the mail box destroying the mounting pole and box. I’m mentioning it now because the paperwork has been completed for the school district to put in a replacement pole and box, made easier because the neighbor reported it too. We had just been discussing needing to put new numbers on the box because the old ones were getting a bit (a lot) faded. We still need to put new numbers on the box, but it will be on a brand-new box.

On the Sprint-T, I have a better handle on the frame weight and the projected empty weight is now 1450 pounds, or 1685 with me and race fuel.

Reduce, reuse, recycle… your food

I’m dead sure the more squeamish among you just had shudders of nausea at the thought of applying any of the 3 “R”s to food, but I have discovered a way of getting healthy salty snacks cheap. There is a method to my madness.

A pickle jar. But those aren't Polish spears.

You might notice that this jar of “Polish dill Spears” looks a little too orange for Polish dills. That’s because I reused the pickle juice to make more “pickles” by draining a can of sliced carrots and dumping the drained slices into the jar.

Look at those tangy, healthy goodies!

I have been eating these for a few days now after leaving them to marinate for a week. Now instead of having pretzels or tortilla chips when I crave a salty snack I stab a few slices of pickled carrots. Salty cravings satisfied, healthy snack eaten and money saved, all in one operation.

I used a can of carrots from the pantry that had been sitting around “for an emergency” about a year. I think they cost from $0.50 to $0.60, anyway cheap. The pickle spears had likewise been around a while before I finished them off and put the jar pack in the fridge to save the pickle juice. Mrs. the Poet and I had been discussing low calorie options for my salty snacks to alleviate leg cramps. Mrs. the Poet is a good cook but she tends to under-salt the food. I prefer this to over-salting, but it does cause me to sometimes need to eat something very salty to keep from getting cramps. The “recipe” is super simple. The lazy way is to buy a big jar of pickles and save the juice after you finish eating them, then drain and dump a small can of sliced carrots and allow to sit. The slightly more ambitious way is to buy a big jar of pickles and drain them into a separate container that contains the can of drained sliced carrots. I’m doing the lazy way first because that’s the way it worked out. I had the jar of pickles I finished and so on.

But are they any good? Well I think the quality of the pickled carrots is highly dependant on the quality of the pickle juice, and Vlasic is pretty good stuff. The texture of the carrots is basically what came out of the can, so you might want to try different brands of carrots to see which one works better. I think that all in all we can count this experiment a success that should be expanded upon.

Now if you will excuse me there is una cerveza with my name on it. Really the guy at this party knows I will probably be late so he put my name on one of the bottles so I will at least get one beer.

Opus the Unkillable

May the Fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars Day

And a belated happy Beltain as well. There is a bawdy couplet that is both inappropriate and inaccurate for TX to mark Beltain: “Hurrah, hurrah the First of May! Outdoor (fornication) begins today!” There’s a different word that goes inside the parentheses, as even married couples can take part in this activity. And we’ve been doing it outdoors (or could if we wanted to) since the middle of February around here. Twenty-first century TX is much warmer this time of year than England in the Dark Ages. But once it got warmed up outdoor sexual activity was much easier to hide what with it being dark all the time. [ba-dum tssshh]

Also with today being Star Wars Day, that makes tomorrow national Get Drunk on Mexican Beer And Mangle Spanish Day, AKA Cinco de Mayo. I suppose we could add Insult the French Military to that as what is being celebrated was the defeat of the French by the Mexican Army. Thus beginning the poor reputation of the French in the US.

And I have a bunch of things I need to take care of, so I’ll see you later.

Opus the Unkillable

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Today is not Mexican Independence Day like so many think it is, it commemorates a glorious victory over French invaders. Still a good excuse to drink beer with lime wedges.

So, go have a beer, eat some real Mexican food (what we call Mex-Mex here in TX), and raise a toast to the brave soldiers and peasants who ran off French soldiers trying to take their land.

PSA, Opus