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I got screwed on a telecom thing

I got screwed on switching my Internet to cellular data yesterday. Basically I went to switch over to the advertised $40 plan with unlimited* data and the ability to set hotspots with my phone, and got switched over to paying $50 for a hotspot and still paying $30 for my phone. Plus I had to pay for the hotspot device and still have my crappy phone on 4G. So instead of getting phone and data for $50, I’m getting data for $50 and crappy phone for $30.

Also last night was the first time in ages the heat kicked on. Yep outside temps in the high 40s Fahrenheit finally got the house internal temp below 70°. This actually is a pretty well-insulated house especially for TX. Even when the Great Freeze hit and killed all the power it never got too cold here. IIRC the coldest it got was mid-50s inside when the power came back on. So anyway this was the first time the heat came on since March.

Just to keep you up to date, I had my toes done Friday, and they finally quit hurting for the first time in a month Saturday morning, or actually I should say they hurt when I went to bed Friday night, but didn’t in the morning. My toes not hurting when I walk is such a relief, you wouldn’t believe it. The nails were so long that they were catching the inside of my shoes, and I can’t stay folded up to use the nail clippers on them because of my hip injuries. The strain of staying folded up is just more than I can take. But now I got the toes done and my nails don’t hit the inside of my shoes for the moment.

No progress to report on the Sprint-T, not even any changes to the steering layout since I moved the steering box ahead of the front axle. The box will still be mounted as low as the nut on the pitman arm shaft will allow so that the steering shaft can pass under the radiator and the front axle, but primarily under the radiator. The shaft needs to have 2 double u-joints between the radiator and the box with the drag link in front of the axle in what used to be called a front steer configuration.

Also to report is I have had a small chunk of dead skin stuck to my left eyebrow after I defoliated my face and was unable to clear the dead skin from my eyebrow. It was annoying for yesterday and today until I got most of it off my face this afternoon. What’s left is only a little annoying, but still annoying.


Freezing my assets off

There was an arctic front moving through yesterday and last night, meaning my arthritis decided to immobilize my fingers until I acclimated to the change in weather. That’s my excuse for not posting, and I’m sticking to it.

Seriously though, this cold front really messed me up. The overcast days preceding the FROPA prevented my resets from working and my sleep schedule was basically 2 hour naps 4 or 5 times during the day, until the front finally came through. And my brain was basically running on minimum power until I finally got reset. That is doubleplus ungood for everything except basic life support like eating, maintaining hydration, washing hands after using the bathroom, and putting clothes on. Composing a blog post just required too many processor cycles to work, or “too many spoons” for followers of that paradigm. I’m still running on a processor cycle deficit, meaning each sentence has required several attempts to match a subject to as predicate. I’m basically running just above “See Spot. See Spot chase the ball.” levels right now, but I am running at a literate level again. Yesterday I was processing at “Consume web comics” level. Today I’m at writing about consuming web comics level, which I assure you is at least a step or two up.

Something else that has been impaired by the local weather was the NASCAR Cup race that was supposed to run on Sunday. It’s now Tuesday and they still haven’t been able to finish running the race, because the rain and the cold weather have prevented track drying from being completed. When it’s so cold and wet jet engine exhaust won’t dry the pavement, it’s too cold and wet to race on an oval track. And looking at that sentence tells me I’m still only barely exceeding “See Spot run” because I still have several thousand words in my functional vocabulary. That sentence was about as primitive a construction as English can get, and yesterday I couldn’t even write that good. That is a slightly frightening thought.

Well, I still am only writing at grade school levels, I really don’t have anything important to write about beyond what I already wrote, and I’m boring myself reading my own writing. That seems like a good reason to stop writing and hit “Publish”.