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Another case of needing to write but not having anything to say

I have this compulsion to sit down and write something at least every two or three days. Even when I don’t have anything in particular to say, I still have to write. The compare-contrast to the Harlan Ellison short story continues.

One thing I’m steamed about is I now live in a state that has made abortion illegal. I’m trying to think of anything that happens only to men that can be similarly restricted and beyond prostate issues I’m drawing a huge blank. The problem with prostate issues is they can be ignored for decades with no risk to the man, unlike a problem pregnancy which has a built-in time limit. I can’t think of anything that potentially threatens a man’s life or livelyhood like pregnancy but has a time limit to treat like pregnancy and only affects males or AMAB. I suspect that the men who voted for this are not getting any from their wives and have to either pay for it or do without. The poet in me wants to deny those who voted for this law or signed it into law access to all medical care, permanently. This is denying women medical care by law, so they shouldn’t get any medical care either.

Other than that I don’t have anything of importance to relay here. Still trying to win an engine from POWERBLOCK, a 6.4l GenIII Hemi™ this time and you can help by clicking the link. The best native automatic transmission (one that can be installed without an adapter or modification) looks like the NAG1 5 speed automatic. It has a 3.59 first gear which combined with the 0.83 overdrive gives a 1772 RPM cruise at 60 MPH with the street tires and race gears in the rear end. That means I have to tune 1700 through 2200 RPM really lean for good highway mileage. The ECM they’re using has tune by gear so we can restrict the lean tune to 1700-2200 in fifth. Also the NAG is much lighter than any native transmission and also somewhat lighter than any other transmission that can adapt to the GenIII Hemi™. In another week I’ll be able to link the build video to a post so everybody can see what I’m gunning for. The build sheet looked pretty good.

Am I under a Geas?

For those not into fantasy RPG a Geas is a compulsion spell that forces the victim to do something. I have to write even though I don’t actually have anything to write about. This is kinda what a Geas is like.

Since I’m trying to win a GenIII Hemi™ engine, I thought I would see what that does to my weight-and-balance for the Sprint-T. To put it succinctly, nothing good. The GenIII Hemi™ is physically larger and also has a cast iron block, so it adds over 170 pounds to the front end of the car, 415 pounds for the LS compared to roughly 580-590 for the Hemi™, and a similar situation for transmissions I could use.

I still have the “no room for 3 pedals” situation so I still have to use an automatic, even though I’m not going to be shifting much if at all when I race, and very little when I’m driving on the streets and highways. The Goodguys’ racing is all in first gear, and SCCA is first and second but mostly first. There are almost limitless models of transmissions, between the old Chrysler 3 speed and more recent 4, 5, 6, and 8 speed transmissions for sedans, SUVs, and trucks. There are also kits to bolt up transmissions from LS engines. This just gives more options.
3.6l Pentastar but the 360 pattern overlayed is also the GenIII Hemi

Basically any Mopar/FSA transmission built for a V8 engine works for a GenIII Hemi™ including some weird ones like the NAG1. The 545RFE weighs 238 pounds, the NAG1 has a listed dry weight of 125 pounds without the converter, fluids and a torque converter add weight of course. Other transmissions will bolt up, but those two have the widest ranges and the tallest overdrives for highway driving. They also have torque ratings that even a built GenIII won’t exceed.

And I’m starting to fade, so I’ma put this baby to bed and me shortly after.