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Florida man creates really stupid law

They’re really thin-skinned in FL. Florida blog registering bill and a thousand other links. I first heard about this from Steve Lehto’s You Tube video. Of course since I’m doing this blog on my own dime the proposed law doesn’t apply to me, but I’m sure that would be on me to prove I was making money off this blog, which hasn’t happened since I think 2014, might be later than that, but definitely not since 2020.

In other news Mrs. the Poet had another operation yesterday this time to repair a hole on her heel on the same foot as the hole on top of the arch of her foot, which also has a skin graft over it. The doctor days everything is healing fine and she’s doing great. The took a bone biopsy to make sure there’s no infection in the bone, and even if there was that would just mean a round of antibiotics to clear that up. I have to say that bone stuff for Mrs. the Poet are much more painful for her than bone stuff was for me after the first go-round. And I think the first go-round for me was maybe more painful because they missed the tibia portion of my Tib-Fib fracture, along with just letting the broken fibula flap in the breeze because it wasn’t weight bearing. But anyway they took a core sample out of the bone under the skin ulcer over her heel, and it’s hurting Mrs. the Poet. And the most powerful pain reliever she’s allowed is Tylenol or generic equivalents.