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I get my second Moderna shot tomorrow

And after I do I will be 14 days from 99% immunity to COVID19.

Not a whole lot to write about tonight, I saw both races from Martinsburg VA today. Good races, both of them. Really exciting last stages especially the Cup race, lots of beating and banging around and at one point the track was completely blocked by wrecked cars. Lots of good drivers knocked out of the race while running close to the front because of short track racing.

And it is about 0230 and I’m still waiting to get my confirmation e-mail. I’m officially worried.


Mrs. the Poet has her second shot

And I’m almost done with the taxes. If the literature and web sites are to be believed Mrs. the Poet will be 99% protected in about 2 weeks, and I can relax about giving her COVID19 from some random encounter with a maskless person on the street. According to the literature I’m 80% protected with my first shot of Moderna.

I wasn’t planning on doing any 4/1 jokes, but this was too good to pass up. And FYI the cars involved wreck when they drive on the grass beside the track.

If I was going to do a 4/1 parody post I would do a tirade about cyclists not paying taxes to use the roads, which there are several examples from others linked in the pages of this blog. But partially because I linked so many of those tirades and pages debunking said tirades, I don’t feel like it.

And I’m literally falling asleep at the keyboard after doing another 36+ awake marathon so I would be awake for Mrs. the Poet’s trip to her shot, so in spite of less than 200 words I’m ending it here.

Got my Fauci Ouchy yesterday

Got my first Moderna shot yesterday down at the FEMA site by Fair Park. The shot was free, but the ride there and back set me back $125 after tip, after a 20% tip. If it wasn’t a requirement to wear a car to prevent spread of infection I would be a lot happier. And to think people are complaining about having to wear a mask.

I had one strange reaction to the vaccine, the fingers I injured on my left hand years ago building bicycles went rigid for a while. I can move them now, but there’s still more resistance than usual for moving them to the extremes of their travel. Straight out is fine, but trying to bend those fingers is harder than usual, which is harder than when they worked to design specifications. I have to admit it, but I have a bunch of parts that would be worn past their wear limits and need replacing if I was a robot, or if I had easily-replaceable moving parts. That’s part of getting old and worn out. I just wasn’t planning on being worn out for another couple of decades at least. Hey, that’s a money-making deal for someone if they wanted to pursue it, cheaply replaceable joints, especially for the ones that wear out often like fingers and knees. And before anyone says it I know they make replacements for knuckles and knees, I’m talking about ones that can be popped in and out for under $100, not the ones that cost as much as a news luxury car.

Got another couple “granpa-chasers” on Facebook today and yesterday. One of them had a cute profile picture, the other one sends me pictures that are supposedly her in workout clothes. That one has already asked for an iTunes card. So I know at least one of them is a scam, that I will milk for as many pictures of cute girls as I can. They want to scam me, I want free pictures of scantily-clad women. I get what I want, they don’t get anything because I won’t be scammed. Yes, I’m terrible, but so are people trying to scam old men out of their savings on the false promise of sex or love. If I scam a scammer, what’s the real harm?

Wow did a lot of things happen after I finished the last post

First and foremost, I have an appointment for my COVID vaccine. I qualify for all the ones available, so I’m getting whatever they have. My preference would be the Jannsen single dose, but if I have to come back, I’ll come back. If I get the shot, I’m good with having to get another one.

The other thing was I got a quote on the quick change from the manufacturer that was less than the prices quoted for the fabricated 9″ Ford axle. Not much, about $10 less, but still that’s still less for the preferred bits than the “make do” bits. It won’t be available for a few months because of parts shortages, but I’m in the line and will definitely get my axle.

Also I’m getting lots of pictures from women who have grandpa fetishes and want me to fulfill them. The pictures are in varying amounts of clothing as some want to take care of me and some want to “take care of me” to other degrees. Once again the author of my story is writing a porno, which at this point is “meh” for me. On the one hand, pictures of scantily-clad ladies young enough to be a grandchild if my kids had kids at the same age as I did. On the other hand, I have problems with that particular physical activity since the time I injured my other hip. Other things I can do, but not that one. But I still would enjoy the company of women of that age should such be offered. Not that I would solicit anyone for that activity, but I wouldn’t turn it down either.

But, let’s get back to that axle. Strong enough for almost any engine I could feasibly install on the Sprint-T, and at a price I can afford. And it looks cool, too. What more could I ask for? I mean besides free, but I’m talking realistically, what more could I ask for? It looks like I’m going to use the 11 set of spur gears for racing, and the 8504 helical gears for quiet, low RPM cruising on the Interstate between races. If my numbers are correct I should be rolling down the road turning 2382 RPM in 3rd or 1667 in OD. Or I could save a few bucks by only buying one 8503 or 8504 set of helical gears and just use the rather tall gear to work for the Goodguy’s and SCCA and also for the Interstates. I could do that with the 4l60e because of the 3.06 first gear and the 0.7 OD gear.

Or, I could use the tallest gear with a Powerglide for cruising down the Interstate at 2382 and use a 10A set for racing with the 1.82 low gear, or if I can stand the gear whine flip the 10A and get 2255 RPM cruise and not shift out of low until roughly 87 MPH if I let it run until redline. Or on the other hand if I leave the race gears in I shift at about 47 and cruise at 4200. Math is fun! But cruising 60 MPH at 4200 RPM is not fun for very long because I would go crazy stopping to fill the gas tank because of the consumption of running 4200 RPM in a big V-8, not to mention the noise. So if I run the PG I would run the 8503 gears on the Interstate and the 10A set to race. But the thing is if I use the quick change I have the option to use the PG without running 4000+ RPM on the Interstate.

Now, one thing that has to be taken into account is I don’t have welding gear that works on the aluminum axle tubes on the lightweight QC. So I either need to make clamp-on brackets, or farm out the welding to someone who has the equipment. One will take much designing and fabricating, one will take money. Guess which one is in shorter supply around here? But that is a minor problem compared to finding the rear axle at a price I can pay. Not going to say “affordable”, but I can pay that amount.

This was a good day, and this is a good place to end this post.