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We discussed the cable-internet-phone bill today

What we discussed was we are paying $257/month for the bundle, and we could live without it. Like I just got an offer for 5G with unlimited data for $25/month, we could buy an antenna/tuner for way less than $257 for both TVs in the house. I mean sure, we would have to buy two of them but still less than $257 and once we pay for the antenna, that’s it, no more ongoing costs.

So I went to the web site for a local electronics chain and bought antennas for both our TVs for $75. with tax and shipping. We currently spend $257/month for the bundle of internet, cable, and land line we get from our local supplier. We’re going to $25/month for internet via cellphone with slightly slower download but significantly higher upload speed. The upload speed we are paying for now is super slow, barely more than dialup. But since I’m not a gamer I can live with slow uploads. The most bandwidth I use uploading is posting to this blog and leaving comments on webcomics.


Thinking about ditching the land line

We get about 20 or more calls a day on the land line but very seldom are they from actual people. Yes I know this isn’t about building the Sprint-T, or building bicycles, or about getting hit while riding a bicycle. It is about an annoyance plaguing these times: the robocaller.

Seriously, our landline costs us $19.99/month and every time it rings (multiple times a day) I have to hear Mrs. the Poet complain loudly about not wanting to buy the product or support the charity. The noise from Mrs. the Poet is almost worse than the robocalls she complains about.

Now to dump the landline would require some changes, we have had the same phone number since 1996 when they changed us from 214 to 972 but the same 7 digit number since we moved to Garland. So many discount services are tied to that number that would have to change to one or the other of our cell phones.

But thing is both Mrs. the Poet and me have cells, her since she can’t remember when, at least since 2012 when she gave it to me to take on my trip to take care of my Dad after his wreck, and she had had it for over a year or maybe two before then. So, despite her almost never turning it on, she’s had it for ages.

My cell dates from 2012 when I took over the burner phone my elder daughter left behind after visiting from Scotland just before my Dad died. I kept that number until late 2013 when I had to replace that phone and didn’t have the documentation to keep the number on the new phone and ended up with the number I have now which is about to go to its third carrier.

But anywho, it’s not like we don’t have established long-term places of contact, so just changing the numbers our discount accounts are linked to and we save $20 every month. Plus we don’t get multiple robocalls every day. We just need to call a few people we still want to talk to about the change and we’re set.