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Happy Day all you Mothers

There is a song that I normally link on Mother’s Day, by Jerry Jeff Walker (distant relative, mother’s side of the family) but I shall spare you this year because Mrs. the Poet thinks it is disrespectful. It’s not, but she thinks it is. The subtitle is “The Perfect Country Song”, and if you search that and the artist you can find it on YouTube. I bet you think I was going to link “Redneck Mother”. Fooled you!

For new readers, my Mother died back in 2004, years before I started the first version of this blog at an adult dating site. She had a broken hip and something happened when she fell and she had a fatal stroke. She passed on Veteran’s Day 2004, so this is the 14th Mother’s Day without her. I can’t say it feels any different this year than it did most of the other 13 times, except the first one in 2005. That felt empty, but today was just another day without my mother. And, one of the small blessings of having PTSD and depression, I don’t really feel much different than I do on most days.

We went to my daughter’s place in Corinth for a BBQ yesterday, burgers and brats, and something called a “bratburger” which is basically a brat out of the casing formed into a patty. I had Too Much Meat, baked beans, tater salad, regular green salad, Diet Dr. Pepper, and peanut butter pie for dessert. Got home in time to catch the last 14 laps from Kansas, that was a good race. There was a red flag when I fired up the old flat screen, as they tried to clear the debris from a multi-car wreck that had blocked the track. Truax looked like he had it until Harvick caught him with 4 to go. And the pollen count is in the red for my particular allergy, so I keep spacing out at the keyboard, because of the allergy attack and the meds for it both making me sleepy. Also having problems seeing due to goopy discharge in my eyes. Seriously, this is, like, hyper annoying. I’ll be typing along and then instant white out and can’t see the screen or keyboard.