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Things could be worse, I could live in the Ukraine

Just got off a 22 minute call with the cable/internet company to find out why they rejected our last payment and then charged us for doing it. We called the credit union, and they never got the check from the cable company so it didn’t bounce, so why it was reversed is still a question. Anywho, they now have 7 days to respond or drop the charges.

Pollen counts are in the red levels for my particular allergies, and I feel like I have been punched in the face. Like seriously my eyes are not fully functional, barely focus, and are highly painful. Trees are not so bad but grass is at the top of the charts.

Something serendipitous happened earlier, I was reading a story in this month’s Hot Rod magazine about a car that was turned into a Hot Wheels car, and when I was walking by the Hot Wheels display while grocery shopping I saw that exact car on the rack for a buck. So being the huge nerd I am, I bought it. The car was the Triassic Five ’55 Chevy gasser. I bought four Hot Wheels cars so far this year, because I wanted them and I have the money since they were only a buck.

Still trying to find a dentist to get dentures from, and hoping it’s soon because my gums are starting to hurt. I have the money from the tax return, but none of the local dentists do dentures. I may have to make an appointment to the dental school downtown, but I hope not, because that’s a long trip no matter what mode of transit I use.

And I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open because allergies, so I will end this post.

Trying to help a computerless friend file for UI

And the TX Workforce site has locked up again. I know it is their problem and not mine because I opened the composer and started making this blog post while waiting for the page to respond at Workforce.

Well it took several hours but we finally posted her resume to the site for potential employers to read.