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Multi-tasking a blog post and the Feed

I’m waiting my turn at the Player’s Handbook 5th Edition as we get ready for another campaign with a non-kinky tilt for the Kinky D&D group. I’m creating another Warlock, naturally. While we play I will filter the feed and be thinking about what I’m going to post about.

Some good news for me right off th4 bat, the comic strip that birthed the character I took my stage name from (that eventually became my Pagan name) is coming back. ‘Bloom County’ Comic Strip Is Coming Back For those not around then, Bloom County was basically Doonesbury with mixed humans and anthropomorphic animals, and usually better jokes. And a penguin. More BERKELEY BREATHED RETURNING TO “BLOOM COUNTY” FOR FIRST TIME IN 25 YEARS

Our Daily Ted part one. Morning Links: Glendora cyclists buzzed by CHP officer; LA Times maps the most dangerous intersection You know a great deal of trouble and misunderstanding could be eliminated by chaning the law to so that the BMUFL sign was no longer required to post because bikes would be allowed a full lane at all times by law.

And part two. 14-year old bike rider killed in Santa Ana crosswalk Ugh@!

He survived the civil war in Afghanistan, but died in a bike lane in the US. Afghan engineer, who aided U.S. forces, killed and son injured while bicycling Let’s see what charges they can bring to bear over killing a man and wounding his son.

After the driver got a ridiculously small fine for running over two cyclists and leaving one dead the survivor files suit for damages. Cyclist sues Ireton man for injuries in cycling accident $250 plus costs is what a man’s life is worth in IA, until the civil suit.

Boston asks that riders please wear pants something on their butts when riding bike share. Boston Bike-Share: No Naked Cyclists, Please

Talk about your major downers, imagine going to clean up a wreck and finding your boss was the victim. Ambulance crew boss fatally hit while biking; his staff answers call The narrative sounds very much like a right hook that someone wanted to cover up.

First of several links to social actions to remember cyclists killed and demand actions that will prevent future cyclists from getting killed. Memorial set for UA scientist killed on bicycle Another drunk driver killed another cyclist, if there was just some kind of way to keep drunk drivers from driving before they killed someone… [interlocks]

Another drunk driver killed another cyclist, so another protest is done. Cyclists rally for safety on the roads Part of the problem is infrastructure, a big chunk of the problem is enforcement, and another part of the problem is attitude on the part of drunk drivers. That is why I suggested taking the car of a drunk driver away and selling it if they managed to not hit someone, crushing it (with or without the driver) if they did hit someone.

More protests from CA. Candlelight Vigil Held in Honor of Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run I think nearly everyone who reads this blog knows what I think about what should be done to hit-and-run drivers. Let’s just say for the new readers that it isn’t pretty nor constitutional, and involves a high-speed car shredder. On the positive side it would all be over with in less than a second.

This ties in with that lawsuit in IA I liked above. Friends Of Onawa Cyclist Hit And Killed Last June Push For Road Safety

Another Ghost Bike in ABQ. ‘Ghost bike’ memorializes fallen cyclist

Last link is from Oz. Family of Victorian cyclist killed in hit-and-run, Gordon Ibbs, make emotional plea for suspect to come forward Again, a hit-and-run driver that kills needs to get the maximum punishment for killing.

There were several links today that I had to forgo because the ads on the site got hacked by malware. I think about 1/3 of the links I filtered were hacked before I could post them.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Poet (the one without feathers)

Contemplating my options on a Wreck-Free Sunday

At this point I still Haven’t been contacted by the surgeon who will handle my case, so I don’t know when I get cut open. I only know I will get cut open and that ugly hunk of fat removed at some time in the near future. What happens after that depends on the report from the lab. If “atypical” means “funny looking but otherwise normal” that’s where the story ends. I get sewed up and go on about my business. If “atypical” means something else then other things will happen while I’m still out on the table. Exactly what depends on what they find at the lab, but having communicated with other people who have had a similar experience the most likely situation is if “atypical” means “cancer” they will biopsy the lymph nodes in my right armpit (the closest to the lump) to see if the cancer has spread. If that comes back clean then chemo to get anything that escaped during the surgery. If there are cancer cells in the lymph nodes then things get complicated… And I won’t know the options for that until my consult with the surgeon.

So, when faced with possible mortality, what do I do? Well, I go back to working on the Sprint T’s frame design, because there are things I still don’t like about previous iterations. Specifically I didn’t like the overlap between the engine compartment frame rails and the extension of the passenger compartment frame rails. Also I looked up the dimensions of the rear axle I wanted to use and there was no way it would fit in any of the previous versions of the frame without cutting a divot out of the middle of the gas tank or dividing the gas tank into two parts with the protruding part of the rear axle between them. So this version would have to be longer behind the axle centerline than any of the previous versions by a large chunk of frame rail. Now as to why this was important, the passenger compartment frame rails are going to be 0.120″ wall 1.5″ square tubing, while the engine compartment and the trunk/fuel cell compartments are only 0.060″ wall so they are lighter and more importantly will crumple in a wreck and not transfer impact to the passenger compartment. Well in previous versions the 0.120″ wall overlapped the engine compartment frame rails by more than a foot (305mm) which will seriously compromise the crumple of the engine compartment. The desired failure mode is for the engine compartment is for the upper frame rail to buckle and the bottom frame rail to fold up at the firewall and direct the mass of the engine and transmission under the passenger compartment, away from the driver and passenger.

And while I’m talking about impending mortality, I’m reminded that I have been through this death thing once already. There are even categories of how dead you were before you get revived, or in my case reboot. Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects Part I I think I was just at the threshold of “Laz-1”. I didn’t get shot, the projectile was more about massive blunt force trauma, than penetration. But I still died for two minutes before “rebooting” myself.

And I have run out of things to say so I will stop writing.

PSA, Opus the unkillable badass Poet