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Still trying to maintain a daywalker sleep schedule

It’s a major pain in the tookus, but I’m trying to get and remain on a diurnal sleep schedule. I was up as long as I could stand it yesterday, then took a long nap right as the sun went down. With the weather finally stable for a bit my sinus headache is faded into history, which improves my outlook considerably. Hard to be positive when it feels like you’re getting punched in the face.

On other things I’m doing a little IT stuff for the woman we used to rent a room to back before Mrs. the Poet retired. She’s been trying to do her unemployment through her cell phone, but the touchscreen keyboard isn’t working well for her when she’s trying to use the TX unemployment system. Basically it’s not a Mobile-friendly website. And considering I saw Win98 (not 98SE) computers in their offices last time I tried to use their job-hunting system when Win7 was coming out, well let’s just say their IT is nowhere near the cutting edge by several generations of computers. And their web site is about the same, nothing close to cutting edge, just about a half a step above “barely functional”. The best that can be said about it is it works well with a regular computer.

And because thinking about it makes me mad, I’m not going to write any more about how my tax dollars are wasted and not providing services to citizens.

The relationship between us and the woman we used to rent a room to is, peculiar. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s not sexual, although there is some tension about it in the relationship. I just don’t know about it. Mrs. the Poet says this other woman is lonely, and needs to be around people, and we seem to be the only people she gets to be around. I wish I had the words to describe it, but this is beyond the vocabulary I have. She’s about the same age as Mrs. the Poet, just a couple of weeks younger. They even have birthdays in the same month…

And after those epic posts of the last few days I seem to have run out of words I can share for today.


Still on a modified daywalker schedule

Yep, I’m still sleeping mostly at night, and awake, more or less, all day. I discovered I really, really need to get my toes done, so in the morning, after I get up and shower, I need to go to the nail spa. I did my fingernails myself in the morning, but toes remain out of my reach. Particularly now that I have the scar tissue on the surgical repairs getting tight and even deep tissue massage won’t loosen them up. I can get almost folded up enough to do my own nails, but not enough to get all of them done. I can barely get the piggy that had roast beef, but not any more piggies, and the nails are all jagged and catch on my socks and the sheets in the bed because I can’t get a good angle on them with the clippers.

Also I didn’t get to the Lowe’s on the way home from the massage because of the deep tissue massage. It makes things work better the next day, but boy howdy does it make things not work right after (except my neck, it worked perfectly). I had to take a day to rest and recover because I am apparently old now. Also speaking of my neck, the deep tissue massage showed how much damage Chris Christie caused me. No, not the politician, the other useless lump of ugly fat that was taken off my neck a little over 5 years ago. Well there are muscles that are still borked from that trauma and I can feel that during the massage, particularly the deep tissue work. The fiber bunches in the muscle have gotten, I don’t know how to describe it but “bunchy” is the best word to use. The part that isn’t damaged has everything homogeneous, but the damaged muscle is all stringy and things move in clumps instead of smoothly. And I can feel those clumps sliding by each other during the massage and if I try to move too fast or too far after the massage. But for a couple of days after the massage my range of motion is way up, and my neck pain is way down. This is day two after the massage and I can still gaze lovingly at the pictures of my grandson above and to the left of my desk.

Well, anyway, the plan is I leave a little before noon to catch the bus to the nail spa, get my toes done, and walk back because why not, it’s only a mile from the house if I take the long way, just over 0.9 miles if I take the short way. Mrs. the Poet needs some help with her back in the shower, so this is a good time to put this to bed, and then Mrs. the Poet and me.