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Sleep schedule totally borked

After doing the stay up to deal with daywalkers routine and take care of that job, I went to bed about 1500 yesterday because I hurt so much I had to have a little lie-down. I woke up again about 2000, took my “sleep with little pain” meds and was back asleep by 2130. I woke up again at 0330.

I was expecting to be awake early-ish but not this early. I was planning on running up to taking the bus to the massage place I can get to with one bus, and stopping by the Lowe’s on the way back to get something to mount the pedals that connect to the steering wheel controller so that when I go for the brakes the brake pedal is still in the same place it was the last time I used the brakes also I need to get some other screws to connect the nose sides to the mock-up radiator, and probably some washers to fit under the heads of the screws so they don’t pull through the nose sides and mess things up. But it will be many hours until the massage place is even open, so I have much time to murder until then. So having time and something to write about, here we are.

I have also been thinking about mocking up a footwell similar to what I will have in the Sprint-T but I’m still planning that out, trying to see where I will put things to clear what will be on the other side of the firewall, or maybe run the master cylinders under the driver’s seat so they don’t run into the back of the engine and also so I don’t have to crawl on my back inside the car to fill the brake fluid. Brake fluid is nasty stuff that can strip paint and burn skin, so as coordinated as I am these days I probably don’t want to be crawling on my back pouring brake fluid inside the car, raising my hands over my head and pouring while trying to look where my neck won’t let my head point. There is a remote pedal master cylinder mount that separates the master cylinders from the pedal allowing them to be mounted almost anywhere that is structurally stiff enough to not flex from the pressures placed on the pedal and the geometric leverage forces transmitted.

Well it is getting close to the time I have to take a shower before I go to the massage place and do all the other things, so this is probably a good time to stop and hit publish,


Trying to shift sleep schedules is hard

I have managed to keep it up for almost 2 weeks now, but I’m running out of the OTC drugs I use to maintain my diurnal schedule. One is Ibuprofen to keep the nagging discomforts of being old (and all those injuries I survived) from keeping me awake, the other is diphenhydramine that allows me to shut down instead of letting my mind wander where it will (and my mind has the metaphorical legs to lap the world several times).

The bad news is we forgot to get more diphenhydramine last trip to the store and now we are down to the last one, and we are also running low on the ibuprofen. I have to make another attempt at banking tomorrow, so I can extend that to a stop at the drug store to get more of my homemade sleeping aids. I didn’t post about my previous attempt to go to the bank Friday, but it breaks down to I went to the bus stop and waited for enough time that 2 buses should have passed but none showed up. By that time my injuries said I had spent too much time standing and I needed to have a lie down or at the minimum a sit down. The bad part is I activated my PM pass just before the first bus should have showed up and now I’m out the $1.50 for a disabled PM pass. That won’t break me, but I am annoyed at wasting the money.

So the plan is tomorrow I go to the bank and deposit the checks I was supposed to deposit Friday, get a massage, buy the OTC meds I use to get to sleep, maybe grab a burger for lunch, and go home. I can do that because there is a CVS, two fast food places and two places to get a massage all on the same corner, so I can do this on two bus rides out and back. There used to be a comic book shop on the same corner, but it was closed and now sits vacant over a rent raise. Real smart move for the landlord unless there is some kind of tax benefit from having the store vacant.

And I’m also making another attempt at Free Senior Day that also falls on Thrifty Thursday at the State Fair, I still have lots of fair food Mrs. the Poet wants me to try and tell her about.

But for the nonce I’m going to go deposit checks and do the other things tomorrow. I will probably spin a tale of derring do about my exploits tomorrow night.