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No races today because Olympics

It has been overcast most of the time I was awake today and wandering thunderstorms the last 2 hours. I haven’t checked the radar today, it might be lines of T-storms marching through the area, but it has been a solid 2 hours of rumbling.

I checked the schedules and all of the channels I normally watch races on during the weekend have moved them around to not conflict with Olympic coverage, which is a bummer because we are not having a Shadowrun session this week because our GM is celebrating a family event away from his computer station, which kinda makes playing remotely impossible. I mean even if he wasn’t doing a family thing, he’s away from all the stuff he needs to use to play Shadowrun remotely.

Another annoying thing, because of the rain the AC has been dealing with enough humidity that the condensation drain has been backing up and shutting the AC down until the water level comes back down. As previously stated, this is annoying, but at least the outside temperature is cool enough to not make the house too hot. Even with intermittent AC because it gets shut down by the condensation line getting full the house temperature has only gotten up to 78°F.

I have been watching UFO videos from Youtube. Some are so fake you wonder how anyone believes them. Some are so good, you wonder why they aren’t used as evidence in court. And some are just limited by the equipment used, cell phones for the most part. The wide angle lenses on most cell phones render most of the UFOs a few pixels that are subject to interpretation. Some are made with better equipment and you can see the supposed UFO. But they are still interesting videos. I recommend the Secureteam10 channel is about the best for UFOs , with Slapped Ham having the best ghosts and cryptids.

Weather again

I finally got the Sweatcoin app fixed, just in time for the weather to get too bad to go outside for a walk. We are still a little low in the reservoirs we use for drinking water so runoff that fills them is great.

We just finished our traditional corned beef and cabbage St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Not fine cuisine, just good food and plenty of it.

and I have my new Twitter avatar downloaded.

Cartoon me

Isn’t Cartoon Me distinguished? I wish my real windbreaker looked that good. Thanks to @lartist for making me look so good. Just dropping the hint to go read my arc and maybe click on some ads so they can make a buck off me.

and now I have to go take care of my email and commercial “stuff”.