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Had to switch to backup internet for a while, and other stuff

Basically about midnight last night Spectrum dropped the ball on internet (and phone as we use VoIP for phone service) so I had to fire up the cellular modem for WiFi. I couldn’t get the faster of the two WiFi modems to work, so it was a little slower than the hard line internet, but not noticibly.

Anywho, the one WiFi runs on 5G, the other runs on 4G, and the 5G one just didn’t crank over so I was left with the slower WiFi. I think this means Casa de El Poeta is in a 5G dead zone or something, but we have 3 out of 5 bars on 4G reception. Anywho, the cable internet and phone came back sometime in the morning so we have spam calls and I’m on the wired internet now.

There is an internet problem in that music and streaming YouTube seems to work, but new pages take forever to connect. So probably a DNS issue somewhere along the line. Updates to this post seem to load just fine, it’s just loading new sites that seems to be the problem. This doesn’t seem to be a Spectrum issue, at least after looking hard at the symptoms so far, but if it is then it’s most likely a DNS issue. As in their name servers are just overloaded and not connecting very fast.

Other news I’m still working on solving that naked woman deficit without incurring a financial deficit. Unless I get a large COLA for my SS next year I don’t see how that’s going to work. And with the pandemic destroying my ability to meet other people, well finding friends with benefits is low-probability. And incase you are wondering, Mrs. the Poet isn’t stating explicitly, but it seems like anything, including hugs and kissing, is uncomfortable to painful for her. Plus she’s been pretty damn close to Ace, sex averse most of her life. So the damage from age and her previous orientation combined make whoopie a non-starter. And makes me crazy.

In other other news, I’m laying out the Drillium on the axle trying to get as much weight reduction as possible with as little strength reduction as possible, looking for that sweet spot where I drill out only metal that doesn’t carry any stress during normal use. I don’t care about crash stress because if I crash hard enough to bend the axle I’m going to use that to build an IFS from composites🤪. Also I only matched one number on two lottery tickets so I’m still p’, too poor to buy a vowel. So, still hunting for funds. I have enough to survive, but not enough to enjoy life.