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Another doctor visit today

I had to get up at 0700 after not being able to sleep until 0200. And I had to spend about a half hour getting a car through Lyft because there’s no bus stops within 3/4 of a mile of the Dr.’s office. The appointment as for 0940, but I got there way early at about 0915.

During the visit I reported the diminishing of the noise in my head right after waking up, the lack of kicking Mrs. the Poet out of the bed when my legs didn’t twitch at night, which was a good report for the medications. But the doctor was also concerned about my weight being too high. He said I needed to lose about 10 pounds from my 191 this morning.

After doing the Dr.’s visit I decided to go get a massage with the money I had set aside but didn’t spend last week. It wasn’t anything to write home about, as the tech wasn’t very good this time. The time I went before the tech was tiny but very skilled, this time the tech was regular-size but only so-so at giving massage. My hip didn’t get as much attention this time, and my lower leg was practically ignored, but the trapezius muscle that was damaged by the tumor removed in 2015 got lots of attention and felt pretty good. I could turn my head almost normally after the massage. Speaking of my head, my neck and head got a large portion of the attention during this massage, which was definitely needed as I was carrying a lot of my tension there. Not even joking here as I can definitely tell the difference before and after. Because of the damage from the tumor normally I only have a limited range of motion in my neck before it just doesn’t go any further, it doesn’t quit because it hurts, it just won’t go any further. But after my massage I had several degrees more rotation before it stopped.

Well I’m about written out of things to say, so I guess this is where I’ll stop writing.


Short post before I go to the doctor

I’m going to see my brain doctor tomorrow. Basically it’s a followup to check how things are going and adjust the dosage, probably up since it seems to be reducing the squeal in my head that keeps me from understanding speech, particularly if there is some other kind of noise nearby.

The main reason I’m on the gabapentin is it reduces the nerve pain in my leg that sometimes triggers a reflex reaction that makes my legs twitch at night. I hope to reduce that and not wake Mrs. the Poet because I just kicked her out of the bed. And I mean that literally, my leg will twitch sometimes hard enough to put her out of the bed.

I’m hoping someday I might be able to do something about my feet hurting, but it doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon.

Had the burger, but missed the massage

Well the visit to the Lab Rat Keeper to renew my prescriptions went well. The trip there not so much as I went through three Uber drivers trying to get the ride to my Dr. I don’t know why it was so hard to get a driver to the office, but it was and I got charged extra after I got home, but it was still way a little less than the Lyft. For some reason that was about twice as much as the Uber. Sedans were running about $50-70 on Lyft and SUVs were over $110 but the posted price on the Uber app was only about $30 at first but went up considerably by the time I finally got a driver to almost $40, and then there was a surcharge of almost $9 making the Uber price about the same as the Lyft price. And to add insult to injury I got there about 30 minutes late in spite of putting out a request about an hour before, and then another surcharge of $7 after I got home making the trip cost more than if I had taken the Lyft.

When I finally got to see the Dr. I got a (mostly) clean bill of health, with a BP of 130/80 and a weight of 191.8 pounds (87 Kg). That’s up slightly, but just a smidge and since the appointment was for 1600 I was carrying some extra food and fluid over a couple of months ago when I only had a light breakfast before weighing in. I got all my prescriptions renewed and set for a while.

After the appointment I went to Red Robin to spend the last of my pay from my gig doing QC for the USPS. As I mentioned earlier we got paid in gift cards that could only be used in a limited number of stores so we wouldn’t have to pay taxes on the pittance we got paid to scan in our mail and log the test mails we got. Anywho I got the Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger, and a Coke Zero to go with my half-pound of meat and cheese, and veggies in a bun. As is typical for Red Robin it was pretty quick, and delicious. I was done by 2000.

My next plan was to get a massage from the new place I found last month, but that was thwarted by someone getting there ahead of me and scheduling a 90 minute massage right before I got there. which would have meant I wouldn’t get done until well after closing if I picked anything except a 30 minute massage, which wouldn’t have been enough for the hip problems I was having. Basically I have been getting discomfort and a restriction of movement in all the surgical scars around my left hip, of which there were many from when they put me back together and then took out all the metal pieces that had been holding me together while the bones healed. The bones in my hip are stronger than ever, but the muscles not so much. And also that made my glutes uncomfortable, or less clinically, my butt hurt. And since I couldn’t get a massage yesterday it still hurts. I have another appointment with the brain Dr. on Monday, so I’m trying again after that. Hopefully going mid-day will be better than late-ish night.

Didn’t go to the Dr.’s office today

My appointment has been pushed back a bunch from 1400 today to 1600 tomorrow. I don’t know why, but it meshes perfectly with stopping by Red Robin for an early dinner with the last bit of pay I got from doing QC for the USPS for years.

In case you were wondering about that, we got paid in gift cards that had limited places they could be spent. That way we didn’t have to pay taxes on the pittance we got helping track letters and international packages (some of the test mails were huge). But when deJoy came in as Postmaster our group got the old heave-ho. That last gift card has about enough balance to buy one burger, drink, and dessert at Red Robin, which is one of the few eating places supported by the gift cards.

My stomach is still a bit dicey, so I’m hoping nothing goes wrong tomorrow. Also we currently have a thunderstorm making the yard into a swamp. Just thought I should mention it, because Mrs. the Poet was commenting on it and she usually ignores the weather.

And I’m currently running on 4 hours sleep and getting woozy, so I’ll put this post and myself to bed.