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Something that almost never happens

I had to make this a separate post because it’s something that has only happened 3 times since I started doing this blog 6 years ago. Since well before I started doing this blog on WordPress I have only seen 2 drivers that died either after hitting a cyclist or as a result of hitting a cyclist. One wreck was a driver that hit a cyclist at over 90 MPH and the corpse of the cyclist came through the windshield and crushed the driver’s head. The other wreck the driver died from unknown causes and it isn’t known if he hit the cyclist before or after he died.

Well today we have a third driver that died. Motorist dead after striking cyclist in Lemon Grove and MOTORIST DIES AFTER HITTING BICYCLE IN LEMON GROVE A report that I can’t link to claims the driver was targeting the cyclist but (mostly) missed. Whatever, he hit the cyclist and died. Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid.

I’m finding it extremely hard to not gloat over this one for several reasons, but I know most of that is schadenfreude. A human being died as the result of a motor vehicle wreck. I should not be happy about that. But I do feel some satisfaction that for the third time in over 6 years a driver has died in a wreck with a bicyclist.

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