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Strange news from the hormone fronts, and the Feed

I got some good news from the LRK about my testosterone levels. Since they had to adjust my BP meds as the result of one of the previous suppliers dropping out my testosterone levels had to be tested before my prescription for HRT could be renewed after the last time it ran out. I ran out about 3 weeks prior to my visit, so supposedly whatever my levels were would be reasonably similar to what they would be completely without HRT, and the test results were, incredibly, slightly lower than normal. That is much higher than expected after being on HRT for close to two years, which should have resulted in zero testosterone. But my healing ability seems to have kicked in and caused my hormone levels to be in the normal range for a man of my age not taking testosterone antagonists. The doctor is at a loss to explain this beyond my previously demonstrated ability to heal from injury and illness… Now all I need to do is wait on the PCP assigned by my Obamacare provider to give me a referral to a surgeon to take this lump off the back of my neck so I can get back on a bike and be able to see where I’m going. The word from the PCP is he will be taking more new patients after January 1. I have put in a request for an appointment ASAP.

Up first is a legal infrastructure report from Houston. Trial begins in cyclist’s hit-and-run death Notice the “rapist’s defence” blaming the victim for the clothing she was wearing. This has got to stop, the driver did not hit-and-run because the cyclist was wearing dark clothing, the driver hit-and-ran because the driver had no morals and left the victim to die in the street. The clothing the victim was wearing should have no more to do with that than the clothing of a rape victim.

And if it hadn’t been for the TX trial this would have been my leadoff link. Cy Vance Files Homicide Charge in Lower East Side Pedestrian Death This is noteworthy for two reasons, the first being that filing criminal charges in motor vehicle deaths is rare to the point of being mythical in NYS, there being only 2 such charges in more than 150 pedestrian deaths in 2013. The second reason is charges were filed so quickly in the process and there were no aggravating circumstance like DUI, while the victim was a homeless man staying in a shelter nearby.

Another jurisdiction lowers the speed limit on bicycles on an MUP lower than the speed limit for motor vehicles in a school zone. 83-year-old killed by cyclist prompted speed limit drop on Washington trail, website reported Still trying to find out if the speed in school zones is higher than the 15 MPH speed limit for bicycles on the MUP. I’m betting it is 5 MPH faster.

Moving to CA LEO are using some sense in handing out tickets for bicycle safety. Santa Monica Police Take Steps to Curb Bicycle AccidentsSpecial attention will be directed toward drivers speeding, making illegal turns, failing to stop for signs and signals, failing to yield to pedestrians in cross walks and similar dangerous violations.” IOW all the things that get people on foot or riding bicycles killed or injured.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: More on Sunday’s CicLAvia, Santa Fe Springs bike rider shot, Dubai site doesn’t get Bono joke

Bonus Infrastructure! article from Ted. Guest Post: Deep data analysis reveals the real causes of LA bike collisions I’ll take cars for a thousand, Alex…

A similar campaign to the CA ticket blitz in Oz. Police blitz Sydney Rd cyclists in Brunswick And predictably, they are targeting the victims instead of the people doing the killing, like the woman wearing the helmet improperly. Wearing a helmet has never caused nor prevented a wreck, helmets are post-wreck injury factors.

Still in Oz, a serious fine for a serious offense. Motorist Paul Faulkner convicted and fined $1200 over cyclist who hit car door and later died

If there is any doubt that people’s lives are secondary to corporate profits… Lorry safety change faces 10-year delay I have a compromise: Let the manufacturers have their delay of safety regulations, on the provision that any cyclists killed or injured by trucks made during the delay are compensated 100% for medical bills, lifetime lost income, and pain and suffering, or their heirs. Sure you can delay meeting safety regulations, so long as they pay for the damages caused by not meeting those regulations.

And those were all the links I could scrape up today.

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Updates, synopses and new wrecks, it’s a perfect Feed

OK I don’t know about “perfect”, but it is a pretty informative Feed today, and nicely compact after removing articles about skateboarders and bull riders. I’m not unsympathetic to your plight guys, but I just do bikes here, no skateboards, and definitely no bull(s).

Up first is the hometown paper reporting on the death of a cyclist hit from behind. Virginia Beach doctor dies in bicycle crash in Harrisonburg They are saying now the vehicle that hit him was going so fast the cyclist was probably dead before his body stopped moving from the impact. How fast do you have to be going to do that?(!) Information I’m getting back-channel says the driver was speeding at the time of the crash, enough that charges might be upgraded. Unfortunately my person communicating on this back channel does not have any say in any charges.

From the information in this article, you would think it was written in the UK. Bicyclist injured in crash No word in the article about who was at fault in the wreck or even what kind of a wreck it was, but that didn’t keep the haters in the comments section from blaming cyclists, for existing in their world. 😛

Another salmon cyclist gets hit, but as he was not actually in the road at the time the driver was cited. Bicyclist injured in crash You read that right, it happened in FL, and the driver was cited for violating the cyclist’s right of way in the bike lane. I guess someone has decided if they want cyclists to stay in the bike lanes they should punish drivers that drive in the bike lanes.

A synopsis of old but recent wrecks in UT near my old stomping grounds. 3 killed, jogger hurt in separate accidents Nothing new here, but a re-hash of events to refresh the memory never hurts.

A new wreck from the same source. Bicyclist hit by FrontRunner train dies Another cyclist and another train, what’s up with this? It’s big it’s loud and normally it is garishly colored so you can’t miss it, and yet people are still getting killed by this embellishment on 19th Century technology. This is not acceptable people. I don’t care if it’s a human interface issue or an engineering issue, or just a Darwin issue, whatever the problem is somebody has to fix it, short of summary executions. This can’t be allowed to continue.

And finally, the Deseret News decides to report on the bike wreck in Park City that the Tribune reported on yesterday. Park City man dies after bike crash Day late and a dollar short, but they did finally get a report in. At least now we know without a doubt the cyclist hit something on the street that caused him to fall, and before someone makes the comment, this is exactly the kind of wreck a bicycle helmet is supposed to prevent injury in.

That’s all you get today, stay tuned for more rants and rambling.

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