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My state is getting run by evil people

I was in a discussion about “evil genius” in another forum, and their criteria for “evil Genius” describes the leaders of my state to a “T”. I mean just look at the Texas/Mexico border. They are solving the “problem” of drug and human smuggling by creating a huge logistics snarl, without any demonstrated success. If there were people and drugs being brought through the ports-of-entry in the volumes they are saying the people and drugs are being brought through, then there should be at least one shipment of drugs/sex slaves they caught by now, and there would have been lots of propaganda about it. But no drugs or sex slaves as of yet.

But they do have literal tons of spoiled produce, and auto parts delayed, and other critical components of consumer goods that can’t be built because parts aren’t here, but are stuck in a truck that is stuck in a line at the border.

The other things are problems that only exist in their minds, like women having safe abortions, LGBTQ people existing, and not selling all the oil that exists. Selling energy in forms that don’t harm the environment are literally a threat to their existence in their minds. The rest I still haven’t figured out except as need to control everyone! And I literally don’t understand this except as an extension of “I’m not happy, so nobody can be happy,” philosophy. And the worst of it is, even if you could handwave those people away, there are legions of people exactly like them to replace them. Public executions involving long, drawn-out, and excruciatingly painful deaths would not slow these bastards up, they would step right up to replace them before the bodies reached equilibrium with ambient temperature.

Personally I’m a “I won’t bother you if you don’t bother me” kind of guy. If what you do endangers me, then I want to stop that behavior. Otherwise “Do as you will shall be the whole of the law.” Or as another person put it “The “right” to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.” Or to use the entire quote “An as ye harm none, do as ye will shall be the whole of the law.” And my rule is “Don’t hurt people. And don’t hurt people for fun or I’ll hurt you.” And it’s starting to look like people in state Government are hurting people for fun.