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The time to enter the contest has ended

Which means no more time to get me bonus entries to win the Hemi™ they were giving away. Now we (I) wait to see who won. And as much as I would love to win a free engine, this one is 1) too heavy, and 2) too powerful for my build. Seriously, too much torque for the T5 so needs a different (heavier) transmission, and also too much power to stay hooked to the track because it still only weighs like 1900 pounds, with the heavier transmission. Instead of the 1500 pounds (more or less) with the aluminum block LS engine with the T5 transmission. So if I win I’m selling it for an L33 with a T5 and saving about 400 pounds in the combination.

OK this is annoying, I keep hitting key combinations that make the text on my compose page small. Excuse me not just small, tiny. As in very hard to read, but goes back to normal by hitting <ctrl/0> which sets the whole page back to normal. Basically what’s happening is I’m catching odd alt and ctrl combinations that are shrinking the text in my compose window almost to nothing, and I don’t know how they keep getting pressed. It is both confounding and annoying, and I wish it would stop. I don’t even know which keys are getting pressed, it’s just that I look up from typing on the keyboard to find the text all scrunched up and hard to read.

Other news I’m giving family gift cards this year because everyone in gift-giving range is moving this year. My son is getting card(s) to local restaurants so he’s both getting free food and supporting local business rather than big chains. The other local kid is getting a Lowes card to buy stuff for their new house. Basically both of my local enough to get presents in person kids are moving or buying new houses and don’t need “stuff” now, so gift cards are the thing this year. The other thing is something small for the grandkid so he gets something to unwrap from Grandma and Grandpa. Well the gift cards will be in something that can be wrapped, too, so everybody gets to unwrap something.

Also, I still need socks and underwear, so that option is out there for the local-to-me family.


Nothing to worry about it’s just the asphalt roads melting

We have a patch of cold-mix outside Casa de El Poeta that seems to have gone soft. It had a couple of tire tracks because cold-mix remains soft for about 24 hours after putting it down in more temperate conditions, but it seems to have a few more today after a string of 100°+ days this week. The concrete seems to be holding up fine where it wasn’t undermined by broken watermains years ago. Current temperature at 1700 is 99°F so nothing to worry about.😅

On bicycle things I have been perusing Craig’s List and online pawn shops in hopes of finding a bike I can get on and off of and still be able to ride, but prices haven’t been in my price range, or the bikes were too small for me to get proper leg extension while seated. I really need to find something I can ride to get some exercise with this bum hip making walking extremely risky for falling. That walk I had earlier just emphasized how bad my hip is now, but at least I can put my socks on without help again. There was a time right after the injury that action was impossible. It got a little difficult for a while this month but I’m better now.

On the Sprint-T I’m still plugging in the entries for the POWERNATION Ford (click to help me win, maybe) in hopes of winning the engine and having something to shove in front of the firewall. As I stated many years ago, there are two design objectives for this car, aside from doing car things like getting groceries and so forth. First is winning Goodguys autocross events by using basic physics and good design to succeed, second is cruising events and looking cool, and also not needing a trailer and tow vehicle to get it there. That is I want to drive to the event, drive the event, and then drive home. I also want to be able to bolt some slicks on it and compete in SCCA events. I will need a trailer to carry the tires for that.

I don’t object to doing a little maintenance at the motel beforehand, but I don’t want to unload and load a car hauler at the event. If I could afford to have a separate vehicle to get my race car around I wouldn’t be having these issues in the first place. There would be many problems I would not be having if I could afford to have a tow vehicle and a play vehicle. I would be fully vaccinated now because I wouldn’t have needed to leave the line because of running out of money for the Lyft, I could just keep circling the site until I got to the end of the line, not until my fare exceeded my checking balance.