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We had a guest for lunch this afternoon, and the Feed

We had a very polite guest come for lunch here at Casa de El Poeta this afternoon, who just dropped in for a brief chat and even was polite enough that he brought his own food to match his dietary restrictions. Those dietary restrictions made Mrs. the Poet a bit squeamish but it was really awesome to have such a distinctive and reclusive guest for lunch.

As you can imagine we don’t usually serve squirrel tartare here at the World HQ of WoaB, and as this is not the season for squirrel we didn’t have any laying around. Hence our relief at Mr. Band-tail bringing his own lunch. Well everyone except Mrs. the Poet, who found his menu and table manners atrocious.

There are so few bike lanes yet out in CA that police using them to grab a cup of java and a doughnut hasn’t become as widespread as is common back east. Morning Links: Bike helmets alone don’t prevent injuries, scofflaw cops in bike lanes, and upcoming bike events Ted, there are entire blogs devoted to pictures of NYPD blocking bike lanes with parked cruisers and personal vehicles, you guys are late to the party.

One CA city is simultaneously the most dangerous and the least deadly. How de do dat? San Francisco Is Very Dangerous But Not Deadly for Cyclists, Report Says How they did that is there are a large number of bikes in a small area, and cars tend not to go very fast in streets originally designed in the mid-19th Century. So while drivers blunder about in a target-rich environment, they generally have to really work at achieving deadly effects.

In the WTF were they thinking dept. School Bus Driver Arrested Months After Running Over Elderly Woman They did not arrest the driver until the victim died, which is not part of the statute.

IA discusses upgrading their bike laws. Bicycle light issue hits Iowa Senate Gee, you would think that there was no law requiring drivers to only drive as fast as they could stop in the distance they could see clearly.

This bit of news from the Emerald Isle on the behavior of a hit-and-run driver. Accused ‘went to UK on day cyclist killed’ It gets better than that, he also tried to move to Australia within the week before he was caught.

This little UK video shows that even cyclists can be stupid. Shocking moment cyclist in Cambridge is trapped on level crossing – VIDEO Not that there was all that much to worry about, there had to have been at least 4 feet of clearance after the cyclist got the bike over the barrier that dropped after he already crossed the tracks. I view this much like a stale green that turns into a red before the cyclist gets clear.

Also from Jolly Olde comes the demonstrator of a new generation of trucks designed to not run over “invisible” cyclists and pedestrians. ‘Cyclist friendly’ trucks unveiled to cut deaths on capital’s roads Is it just me or does that look like a bus door with full length windows on the passenger side of the cab?

Speaking of truck passenger side windows, another link to that shocking report that a trucking company deliberately obstructed driver’s view to the left by covering the passenger’s side window with advertising in Enn Zed. Coroner issues finding into cyclist death I just have no words.

Thai cyclists start making noise after another international cyclist is killed weeks before completing a round-the-world trip. Activists call on govt to safeguard cyclists and For safe roads, get tough on errant drivers

And I REALLY ran out of links this time.

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Mrs. the Poet turns 60, and the Feed

Yes my blushing bride of more than 35 years turns 60 today. I have a small present and was thinking I should get dinner or buy a cake or something. Anyway, Happy Birthday Mrs. the Poet!

Up first we have another blind driver right here in TX running over a cyclist from behind when said cyclist had a reflective vest on, and lights (plural) on the back of the bike. Man Killed In Round Rock Car vs. Bicyclist Acci and Cyclist killed in Round Rock crash also Cyclist killed in Round Rock crash identified I’m willing to bet that lights were working before the wreck and that the driver just did not pay attention to where they are guiding a lethal projectile. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. I’m also willing to bet that there was no better route for the cyclist to take and that he only used the frontage road until he could connect to a safer street. I have lived in TX 24 years and know that when a major highway goes in connecting parallel routes go out to keep people on the highway even when there is a traffic jam. Looking at Google Maps we see that there was a parallel residential road just a few thousand feet from the wreck site that could only be reached from the frontage road where the cyclist was hit.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike comes a gruesome tale of callous indifference to human life. Pompano Beach motorist charged with striking cyclist, then driving for 2 miles with injured man on back of car The cyclist went over the weapon vehicle at impact and became lodged in the back window of the weapon vehicle, and the driver pulled behind some garbage receptacles and dumped the cyclist’s still-living body where he was found hours later. It is not yet known if the cyclist will survive, but even if he does the odds are with his injuries and the failure of the driver to secure medical assistance the cyclist will be paralyzed. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The crime scene is a 4 lane highway in the middle of a residential area and should never have been allowed to exist in this condition. I place a large portion of the blame for this wreck on bad infrastructure that encouraged drivers to act as if they were driving the real highway a few blocks away, rather than the residential area it was. And just as I was wrapping this up I was hit by a massive barrage of links to this waste of human skin. Hit-And-Run Driver Flees 2 Miles With Cyclist Stuck On Car Before Dumping Him Behind A Trash Bin and also Police: Driver hits biker, drives with him on car also Axel Inostroza, World’s Most Evil Driver, Arrested in Pompano for Paralyzing Bicyclist, Dumping Body Well, I don’t know that he “Most Evil” but he’s surely in the top 10 Police say cyclist stuck to rear windshield of car that hit him Not done yet Hit-run victim stayed wedged on car during 2-mile drive, police say still more Driver Hit Bicyclist, Drove Home With Man on Back Window, Then Tried To Dispose of Him: Cops I think this is it Bicyclist struck, carried on suspect’s car OK this is the last link Police Arrest Alleged Hit & Run Driver Who Tried To Dispose Of Body

From MO comes a report that slightly stuns me. Man Charged With Murder in MSU Hit and Run Death Not even the driver of the weapon vehicle in the wreck and he was charged with murder in the death. LEO in this town are on the ball.

Another stunner from CO as the driver in a left cross death is going to trial after rejecting a plea bargain. Truck driver set for trial in collision that killed cyclist near Boulder Don’t forget there was a second cyclist following several feet behind the victim that escaped getting hit by inches. This was a case of another blind driver going where he couldn’t see if it was safe to go.

From Enn Zed another link to the road-raging “farmer” who repeatedly assaulted a cyclist with his vehicle before assaulting him with his fists. Road rage farmer who hit Ironman cyclist jailed

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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