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I survived my birthday celebration

Yesterday we went to the local Red Robin to celebrate my surviving 62 years, and the quantity of food was almost unsurvivable. Since pictures speak louder than words time for the two pictures I took of the meal.
Half a pound of beef, a quarter pound of bacon, two slices of cheese, and a fried egg. There is also a huge pile of steak fries hiding behind the burger.
The remnants of the 22 oz Blood and Honey by Revolver, and the ice cream sundae.

Mrs. the Poet had a bacon cheeseburger with “only” a quarter pound patty, and an iced tea with a side of sweet potato fries. She wasn’t able to finish her fries or burger. We also got the large stack of onion rings, and brought a third back.

This is what I looked like after eating all that food.

Now I don’t recommend this as a steady diet, but for a celebration, it rocked.


I need a recipe

I need something to graze on. Requirements are high fiber, low fat, moderate carb, salty or sweet depending on preparation, And simple enough for a guy who can use a slow-cooker and a rice cooker and hates complicated prep work. Crunchy if possible, but I could also go for chewy, but not mushy. Scalable so I can make 50 pounds at a time if I want, or a single serving. And it has to keep for extended periods of time for when I don’t feel like grazing right now.

And it has to be cheap to make. I don’t have tons of money for snack foods even if they are healthy enough to eat all the time instead of meals. Basically we are looking at creating Bachelor Chow from the TV show Futurama, Now With Flavor.
This is my goal.

Opus the Unkillable (but hungry)

Merry Christmas, it’s Wreck-Free Sunday

I just got back from trying to fix my bike at the church where I had to leave it Friday. Now before anybody panics all that happened was I have a bolt that doesn’t quite reach holding the front of the right kitty-litter bucket to the rack and the nut fell off. I can’t ride the bike with that bolt not tying the kitty-litter bucket down, because it could destroy the entire mounting system and both buckets. So I need to get a longer bolt for a buck or so from the hardware store.

Now this is Christmas Day, and while I was walking from the transit center to the church this person pulls over and asks if I need a blanket or something. My wife says I look like a homeless person because I have been letting my winter fur grow out, making me no longer look like a suburban home-owner. I thought it might have been because of the thrift-store clothes I wear when I’m not riding my bike, or because I have a noticeable limp and my cane is rather battered since I have been driving it for the last decade. Let’s just say that in British parlance I “look a bit second-hand” and leave it at that.

The combination of this being Christmas Day and Sunday has resulted in a Downtown Garland that looks like 3 weeks after the Zombie Apocalypse, at least from a traffic count point of view. Seriously, I’m talking a handful of cars in the 1.6 miles I walked to and from the church. I wish I had been riding my bike instead of walking, it would have been heavenly.

I have been heavily using 2 of my Christmas presents in particular, the new mouse which I plugged into the computer almost as quick as I unwrapped it, and my new “watch”, a SanDisc Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player with stopwatch and clock, plus a FM radio. I knew I wanted a MP3 player. I just didn’t know how useful they made them these days, before you even load in the MP3s.

Since we had the big dinner yesterday we’re having leftovers for Christmas, which means round 2 for the ham, sweet potatoes, stuffing and rolls, but Mrs. the Poet had to make a fresh batch of mashed potatoes because we went through yesterday’s batch like locusts they were that good. So sometimes re-runs are still as good as the first time.

Well it’s just about time to eat dinner, so I’m going to cut this one off here. you go have you a good dinner, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Billed @$0.02, Opus