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Still having foot issues but that’s not why I haven’t posted

Getting to the foot problems first, the bites or stings or whatever they are are beginning to heal now, so I’m getting ginormous amounts of itching, plus it feels like it is swollen but doesn’t look as swollen as it feels. Seriously if my foot was as visibly swollen as it feels I shouldn’t even be able to get socks on, much less shoes, but I can get shoes on no problem. It feels like it’s about to burst at any second the skin is so tight, but when I look I can barely tell it’s any larger than normal. I’m going to blame this on the nerve damage from the wreck. Or maybe some reaction from the toxic ant stings. Mox nix, it hurts and doesn’t show and why it doesn’t show doesn’t matter.

Now as to why I haven’t been posting, you will kindly notice the tags attached to the post, the ones that aren’t about my foot. Yes, I am distracted by the drama of what is going on in out government, specifically the mob boss in the White house. I have been trying to keep politics out of this blog pretty much from the get-go, except as politics specifically intersected with bicycle safety. Which was constantly for a while, then not so much, and now constantly again, only peripherally as certain people had an agenda that anything “good for the environment” no matter how minor was “bad” and “socialist”. Since I stopped covering bike wrecks that faction has only gotten worse to the point that we are unbanning known carcinogens and neurotoxins and chemicals known to cause birth defects up to and including fetal death, that didn’t fall under the first two classes of harmful chemicals I listed.

Well just because I don’t mention politics in my blog doesn’t mean I’m not involved with politics, I just try not to mention my politics here. And I’m involved in politics up to my elbows as measured from my feet. I have been writing e-mails and signing petitions pretty much as much as I can, since the only way out of the house is by bus and the people in charge have been careful to locate their offices in areas not accessible by transit. So I can’t camp outside those offices to buttonhole the people in charge to let them know up close and personal what I think of what they are doing to the environment and because I live in the environment what they are doing to me. But this is merely prologue to why I haven’t been posting. You might have been reading about if not actually reading something called the Mueller Report. The author of this report testified today in Congress that the only reason Trump isn’t in jail today is the restrictions in the Constitution requiring only Congress to take action against a law-breaking President. Well in advance of this testimony and because I read the chapter summaries in the Mueller Report (basically the Cliff Notes version of the report but written by the original author and appended to the original report) I have been e-mailing my congresscritter and both my senators for all the good it does to send e-mails to Ted Cruz and John Cornyn without 6 figure checks attached to them, and signing petitions to Congressional “leadership” whenever I find a new one to sign. Well all this political “stuff” takes time, and despite my best efforts I still have to eat and sleep to remain functional so what had to give was posting to this blog.

And because I wasn’t physically working on the Sprint-T or the Mini Sprint-T during this every time I tried to sleep my mind was trying to improve the design for the frame instead of shutting down and letting me sleep, so I have much to discuss on that subject when I get back to semi-regular posting.

Getting antsy waiting for my foot to get better

Still waking up feeling like someone has been beating on my foot, but the swelling is starting to come down over the ball of the foot so I’m doing better, just not “better” enough yet. I so want to go for a walk right now while the weather is still shorts-and-t-shirt warm. But I’m still not recovered enough to just go for a walk I don’t absolutely have to take. Discretionary walks are still out of the question, no matter how badly I want to take one. The condition I was in after the trip to the lab rat keeper last week confirms that. But there are Big Point captures I can get out there now for my phone game that require walking to get, or a bus ride. And spending $5 to make <$1 is not good economic sense. So I can only collect the Big Bucks when I have to go someplace by bus that I can't avoid having to go to, like going to the LRK or buying a presta adapter at the LBS.

More to the point I want to get out of the house, but I can't just walk someplace because of my foot being messed up. And not being able to leave the house is what is making me feel antsy.

Also making me antsy is I have reached a point where I can't do anything more with my hot rod until I get actual things to work with. I can't decide which brakes to use on the front until I know which brakes I have to use on the back, which requires actually seeing if the e-brake calipers will physically fit the Chrysler knuckles, and by that I mean bolting the brackets to the knuckles and not welding them. And that is just one of the many decisions I still need to make but can't because I lack the parts in my hands. On the e-brakes I'm pretty sure there is enough room for the caliper to fit after I remove some bits that locate the OEM caliper and maybe grind a bit more away from the knuckle, but again that's from looking at pictures on the Internet not having the actual parts to physically compare them. I know which calipers I'm going to use for the e-brake, what I don't know is which end of the car they are going to be mounted on, and whether I'm going to use them for doing burnouts or bootleg turns. Also still waiting to find out about the plasma gig in 2 weeks, that will pay for parts and raw stock. Things might get a bit tight without the plasma gig.

And Mrs. the Poet just took a hard look at the bottom of my foot to see how the recovery is going and it's… going. The swelling is way down but still there, so I have a bit to go yet.

I'm going to try to head out again tomorrow to pick up that presta adapter so I can get back to riding my bike to pick up those big points with my game that I can't reach on foot.

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Still dealing with pedal extremity edema, and the Feed

Well the swelling went down in my good foot, the one on the end of the leg that didn’t get mangled. The bad news is the one on the other leg the swelling did not go down. It’s uncomfortable to walk with it and I still can’t get a shoe on it. 😛 And now I have these tiny divots under the scars where my shoe got ripped off my foot in the wreck. They look very strange…

Up first is Our Daily Ted, Part One. Morning Links: LA advocates sue over Glendale-Hyperion redesign; bike lanes and bikeshare dominate the news The number of unanimous votes from the council is not out of the usual for here in TX as most issues are pretty cut-and-dried before they ever get to a council meeting, but the unanimous votes for a general plan then voting against specific parts of that plan when it comes time to implement them is kinda dodgy.

Daily Ted, Part Two. Guest Post: Provoking, Scaring and Piercing the (Driver’s) Reptile Brain Part 1

It was a wreck like this that caused me to stop doing wreck analysis in this blog. Family and friends mourn bicyclist killed in hit-and-run on Elysian Fields Avenue Sounds like a genuinely nice guy. I’m sorry to hear of his passing, the world needs more artists to show us what is beautiful in this world. More Police search for driver who killed bicyclist and fled

And 3 days ride from WoaB LEO blame a cyclist for crossing an exit ramp on a highway built more like a freeway and the only way through for the cyclist. BCSO: Fatally struck cyclist may have been at fault I can’t get an accurate location, just “Hwy. 90 west of San Antonio” so I can’t say if there was a route that kept the cyclist off the highway. But to blame a cyclist for not seeing a turn signal on a vehicle behind him by more than a quarter of a mile is absurd. At that speed (60 MPH) a vehicle would travel almost a half mile in the time it takes to cross an offramp.

One got away in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Bicycle may have saved boy in van crash Apparently the bike made the kid a little more mobile than he would have been afoot and prevented the stolen van from running him over.

And in another neighborhood, a child cyclist’s death is met with “You want infrastructure, you have to pay for it.” Rubonia faces cost of sidewalks after child’s death Now where are they going to get that kind of money, and why aren’t tax dollars being spent on the commons? (Aside from the fact that this is a non-white neighborhood?)

Remembering a cyclist killed in the Great White North. Oakville cyclist killed in Milton remembered for his passion and devotion to his family and teaching

Road.cc weighs in on the laughable sentence for the driver who killed a cyclist while texting non-stop behind he wheel. Driver who killed cyclist had been checking WhatsApp messages leading up to collision

Why the UK needs better bicycle infrastructure. Cyclist deaths: Why you are 17 TIMES likelier to be killed on a bike than in a car And that picture of the remains of deceased cyclist Ying Tao was just horrifying.

They came desperately close to killing another cyclist in London. Cyclist injured in west London crash as bike snaps in two under wheels of lorry Did you see where the cyclist was hit? In the “bicycle box” at the front of the intersection, exactly where he was supposed to be, and on the driver’s side of the truck.

Really now! Injured cyclist has bike stolen while being treated on ground

After reading the contents of the last three links I certainly can believe this headline. Law firm calls for protection for cyclists after nearly 500 injured on roads in Bath, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire And with 3 out of 4 cyclists not at fault for their wrecks something needs to be done.

An act of terrorism against cyclists in Oz. Wire strung across road could have seriously injured This could have been fatal if the rider had been a few inches shorter or the wire a few inches higher. I hope they charge the miscreants with acts of terrorism meant to kill.

And I’m all outta links again. I’m going to go elevate my foot.

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