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After too much partying I’m (mostly) back

It’s a good thing I don’t have a birthday every weekend, because I would never get anything done. Many beers were consumed, much meat and cheese was consumed, and there was also pie and ice cream destroyed. I’m way over my daily average on caloric consumption (dinner yesterday alone was nearly 2000 calories when appetizers and beverages were included) and probably should take a day or two off from eating just to burn off some of those excess calories.

There was a pre-party on Saturday, I forgot what we had, just that there was too much of it, and I had a Sam Adams Oktoberfest to drink and a Shiner Oktoberfest with lunch, then on my actual birthday on Sunday we had 3 meat pizza and cherry pie with ice cream, and I think I had a Sam Adams to go with the pizza because there is nothing that pairs up with pizza like beer. Yesterday we went to Red Robin to get my free burger and ice cream. I had the Royal Red Robin with the egg on top and the short tower of onion rings for my appetizer, and a local beer by Lakewood Brewing that they modestly call their lager. The sandwich was messy and good, the onion rings were good when they cooled off enough to be eaten, and the only disappointment was the sundae was made with the hot fudge laying on the bottom of the parfait glass instead of between the ice cream and the whipped cream, but they did at least remember to put the cherry on top😁.

I got some money for my birthday so I’m going to get my toes done this week and a massage, too.

And I haven’t stopped thinking about and researching the Sprint-T, I got in touch with Hoosier about the best tires for when I’m running SCCA events, and what they came up with was the catalog number 09120 24″ tall 11″ wide with a very sticky rubber compound, originally made for the left front on pavement sprint cars and supermodified racers where physics dictates that there isn’t a lot of normal force when the tire is under side load because it is on the lighter end of the car and also the side that gets unloaded by weight transfer when turning. It fits a less expensive 15″ x 10″ wheel compared to the 17″ X 10″ wheel I need to run for the sanctioning body that requires a 300 treadwear tire because I couldn’t find a 300 TW performance tire for a 15″ rim that was wide enough to hook 400 HP in a 2000 pound car, the widest 15″ 300 TW performance tire I could find was a 205/50-15, most were 195/50-15. It was strange because I could find 100 TW tires all the way up to 275mm, but the 200 stopped at 245/40 and the 300 stopped 205mm, but the 400 and above went all the way up to 295mm.

Now when I look in 17″ rims I find all kinds of nice wide tires with 300 TW ratings and above and very high ratings for dry traction and handling. Not quite as impressive ultimate grip levels as the 200 TW tires in the same sizes, but still lightyears ahead of what was available a few years back when I started this process. The downside of running 17″ rims is the increased inertia because the diameter is 2″ more than it would be in a 15″ rim. The annoying part is this design procedure has become a moving target, about the time I settle on a tire it either goes out of production or gets changed to a lower treadwear rating. I think I need to just build the car and decide what tires to use depending on what’s available when it gets done.

And speaking of done, I think it’s time to stick a fork in this one.


Grocery day and free stuff

Another grocery day with lots of free stuff on my customer appreciation app. For some reason the free stuff all seems to be yogurt of some kind this week. Sometimes lots of yogurt, sometime a single serving. Interestingly enough the single serving has a higher regular price than the lots of yogurt package.

I have accepted that short of a miracle I won’t be riding a bicycle ever again, so I have put all my bikes on the for sale page of my bike club. At this point it has been almost 5 years since I last rode a bike without crashing at some point in the ride, usually getting on or off the bike and getting a foot caught in the frame. So I’m waving bye-bye with a tear in my eye. I came up with this one on my own, because it makes me sad to look at bikes that never get ridden. Bikes that aren’t ridden aren’t really bikes, they are a mutant cross between a bicycle and a kinetic sculpture with none of the advantages and all of the disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is when they don’t get ridden they get rusty, and I hate to see a rusty bike.

Something else that made me sad was the realization that I don’t have enough income to pay for gas and insurance to drive the Bucket even if I somehow get it built. I could have a free car and it would have to just sit in the garage because I couldn’t afford to drive it into the alley. This makes me angry at the guy that tried to kill me all over again, because his actions led to my not being able to work which is why I can’t have a Bucket now. And he’s still dead so I can’t recover anything from him for my losses or pain. But I’m not bitter, at least not now. I might have been bitter before, probably was early on. But now it’s just a sadness over lost opportunities.