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My fuzzy slippers arrived

The fuzzy slippers I have been wanting for 3 years now finally got here, today as I compose this, but probably yesterday or later when you read it.

This makes at least three years of trying to get fuzzy slippers that Mrs. the Poet has been trying to get through Swiss Colony that were repeatedly sold out, including this past year. So I went online and did a vendor search for fuzzy slippers and found some in-stock at Wish.com. They were not the cheapest I found, but they were the cheapest in stock, which is what I was looking for. In fact when I saw they were in stock in my size, I stopped looking. I had found so many vendors who had slippers but not in my size that when I found slippers in my size I jumped on it. I have been wearing them pretty much since we did the mail sorting this afternoon, and they are wonderful. So at the moment, I’m over the moon over these slippers.

In other stuff, I have the actual factual radiator I’m using in the Sprint-T. That means I can turn my 2 by 4 mockup radiator into an exact dimensional duplicate of the installed radiator. So, the mockup will be much better than when I was just guessing with the catalog data. This takes me a little further down the road to completion. So, that’s a good thing.


Black Friday deals on Witch on a Bicycle merchandise

Exclusive deals on plenty of nothing. Nine years at this URL and I still haven’t managed to even make a T-shirt. So I’ll tell you what. Make something with a WoaB logo and send me a picture of it to post here.

Getting back to the original purpose for this blog for a paragraph or two I have been checking out the parking lots of the local stores and strip malls, and as I suspected they are mostly empty, even though the stores are packed. The Beautiful Suburbs of Hell have way too much parking for retail, or to put it another way we could have tons more retail space without needing any more parking. We are zoned for tons more parking than we need. And in the current economy we have way more retail space than what we need, so making getting to the retail we have that much worse and more car-dependent. The stand-alone retail is over-supplied with parking so you can imagine what the half-empty strip malls look like.

The swelling is down on the broken toe and the bruising is starting to fade, and unless something presses against it the pain is mostly gone too, unless it gets cold. So I have been making sure I don’t get cold feet.

Fuzzy slippers FTW!  No painfully cold toes

I have been thinking about a custom cooking tool I need, a 2/3 dry cup measuring cup for making Beans and Rice. The problem is the 1/3 cup measuring cup likes to go walkabout when I’m trying to make beans, and I need 2 dry cups total of 3 kinds of beans. Going equal volumes of each kind keeps the black beans and the small red beans lasting about the same, while the lentils are on their own schedule especially since I’m also making lentil stew. But back to the problem at hand perusing Google gives me a dry cup is 14.4375 in3 so multiply by 2 and divide by 3 to get 9.625 in3 and ¼πd2*h for a cylindrical representation of the volume, solve for d=h. So 9.625 = ¼πd3, multiply both sides by 4 gives us 38.5 = πd3 divide by π gives us 6.1275 = d3 and ∛ both sides gets us 2.31″ base and height internally. Sioux you have permission to use this as a word problem for your adult math class, complete with showing the work. “Work” in this case consisted of pushing buttons on the calculator app on my phone, and moving things from one side of the equals sign to the other. The hardest part of the problem was getting the formula for volume of a cylinder correct.

I really need to have the traditional spaghetti after-Thanksgiving dinner now, so this is the end.