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Short post before I go to the doctor

I’m going to see my brain doctor tomorrow. Basically it’s a followup to check how things are going and adjust the dosage, probably up since it seems to be reducing the squeal in my head that keeps me from understanding speech, particularly if there is some other kind of noise nearby.

The main reason I’m on the gabapentin is it reduces the nerve pain in my leg that sometimes triggers a reflex reaction that makes my legs twitch at night. I hope to reduce that and not wake Mrs. the Poet because I just kicked her out of the bed. And I mean that literally, my leg will twitch sometimes hard enough to put her out of the bed.

I’m hoping someday I might be able to do something about my feet hurting, but it doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon.


Honest, I’m not really dead it just looks like it

I’m having some negative reactions to the gabapentin this week, including a fall into the dresser that gave me lots of bruises and scrapes. I already knew it was partially the fact I hadn’t eaten since noon Saturday and I had low blood sugar, but I probably also had an issue with the gabapentin, because I fell over backwards which is the opposite direction I usually fall. Usually I fall on my face, or at least my hands and knees.

This started with missing grocery shopping Saturday because my balance was wonky because I had been trying to time shift to be awake to play Shadowrun Sunday, and I ended up going to bed before dinner because sleepy and tired, then getting up basically 0500 Sunday and deciding I needed a shower because I normally take one when I go out and I didn’t go out Saturday so I was getting pretty whiffy. I started having issues standing up straight during the shower, and then I was having serious issues standing trying to get dry after the shower and then when I went to put my slippers on I fell over backwards and hit the dresser and the stereo and knocked bits off of both of them. And I had scrapes and bruises all over my back and the backs of my arms.

The reason why I think that most of the problem was low blood sugar was when I managed to get up off the floor and lean-walk against the wall to the kitchen and get food my balance got back to what passes for normal within an hour. I was pretty sure it wasn’t because I was tired, at least this time, because I had been sleeping for almost 10 hours before I got into the shower.

Anywho, we managed to get everybody online at the same time to do the stuff we normally do after completing a run, but that we had to do twice because the GM was sick or had to work before we took our break so we had a guest GM help us with a short run for those 2 weeks, but we couldn’t do the usual post-run until we finished the run we had already started. So we had Nuyen and Karma points to distribute from both runs and then we had to spend same on upgrades and equipment and living expenses (one of my expenses is ¥6K a month food and employees for the animal rescue in the 2nd sub-basement of my compound) and we decided that between the two runs about 3 months had expired so right off the top I had to drop ¥18000 on expenses. Then everybody found out I had over 90 unspent Karma that I should have been spending on skills upgrades but didn’t have to because my stats and skills were so high from chargen that I was pretty much reaching limits on all my rolls I didn’t glitch. I was hitting accuracy limits or other weapons limits on combat rolls or physical limits on the other rolls, so a group has been formed to “do something” with all my excess Karma points that makes sense given my character’s backstory (published here as Character Backstory: The Old Man) without making me so OP that I break the game.

And the reason I didn’t mention the fall last post was I didn’t hurt much and I had to rush the post to be ready for the game.

Then Monday I just watched the races I had recorded Saturday and Sunday, then Tuesday I went and deposited paper checks and got another massage to try to work out the kinks from the fall and found a bunch of bruises I missed because they didn’t show on the surface, and other injuries like I made my right buttcheek hurt somehow when I was trying to not-fall Sunday morning (don’t ask, I have no idea). Then Wednesday I had to access the messages from unemployment for the former tenant who can’t seem to find computer-literate friends at church anymore.

And that feels like enough words on the screen today.

Things are “normal”

And you know when I put a word in quotes I don’t mean it in the accepted dictionary form. In this case “Normal” means “at right angles to reality”.

First the good news. I filled the prescription and so far the gabapentin works against the leg jerking from the neuropathy. I haven’t been taking it long enough to affect the tinnitus, so the jury is still out on that. The negative news on the gabapentin is it took several hours to get my brain to go into sleep mode.

I’m constantly thinking about something all the time, last night was a battery-powered A-Mod SCCA autocross car using a 16 gauge steel monocoque as proof of concept for a carbon fiber tub car. I checked the weight of a high-performance motor that I’m familiar with its dimensions, about 160 pounds, checked the weight per square foot of 16 gauge steel, a smidge over 2.5 pounds per square foot and estimated the surface area of the monocoque. Then I did a quick SWAG about the weight of the rest of the running gear besides the motor including the wheels and tires and myself in safety gear, and subtracted that from the minimum weight of 900 pounds with driver and came up with a battery and BMS weight of 160 pounds to bring the car right to the minimum weight.

Speaking of my weight I weighed in at 192.5 with everything including my phone and supplemental battery pack that weighs more than my phone and several dollars in change in my bag Friday at the doctor that I have to pay for, not at the lab rat keeper. That’s the one that is more than a mile from the nearest bus stop and takes forever to get home from unless I take a Lyft. So that’s real close to the 188 I measured when I was naked on my bathroom scale before breakfast last week.

In other news I’m taking this laptop in to remove the bloatware that was installed at the factory but quit functioning except for constant annoying pop-ups that get in the way of doing things several times a day. My training in removing unwanted software was for Win 98se and Win ME when Win XP came out, and this laptop runs Win10. So I need someone familiar with 10 to know how to remove unwanted software. The methods I know are no longer applicable. I don’t even know how to find them on Win 10.

And I really need to get off this computer and get in bed, because I have to get up in the morning to get my computer fixed.

I can haz appointment

Going a little Cheezeburger on you to announce I have an appointment with the neurologist to get a prescription for what will likely be Gabapentin 300 mg to take a little bit before bed. That’s what I was prescribed for this the first time it happened after the wreck, except under the brand name Neurontin because IIRC there wasn’t a generic version 20 years ago. There might have been, but the doctor and payment provider didn’t “do” generic psychoactives at the time.

I’m either going to have to get up at 0500 to catch the bus, or summon a Lyft, because it’s another 3 hour bus ride with lots of bus changes, or about a 30 minute car ride, that I can stay in bed until 0800 and still get to the 0940 appointment.

This will mean delaying my appointment for my dentures for a few months, which in a functional country wouldn’t be a thing, having to decide which of two treatments to get because budget won’t allow both.