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I was having a nice day playing games with my friends, then I checked Twitter

The RPG group took a break from Shadowrun to play board games today. We tried a game called “Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate” which was kind of fun. I won, so of course I would think it was fun. It was one of those games that plays completely different every time you play because the game map gets randomized during play, and because things change radically with different numbers of players. I endorse this game as it was easy to learn and fun to play with lots of twists and turns.

So on my way home I pulled my phone up to check the news on Twitter. And we have another mass shooting in the US with victims from the last one still waiting autopsy (not the Vegas shooting, there have been more since then). This one was in my state. There were 25 dead when I first read about it but the body count has risen to 27 the last I looked as wounded victims succumbed to their wounds, or people decided to jack up the number of dead for whatever reason. One thing agreed upon is there were more than 50 wounded in the shooting, which translates to more than 75 total victims. And what is the common thread with these mass shootings? Semiautomatic weapons with removable magazines, that’s the only way to send hundreds of bullets downrange to a gathering of people in a few seconds, and sending hundreds of bullets downrange is the only way you’re going to get more than 50 wounded in a few seconds. Even if you assume that most of the bullets fired hit someone that still translates to at least 2 magazine changes, probably 3 or more. Update just now as I was typing that they updated the count to 27 dead and 24 survivors wounded so a total of 51 victims which means all of one magazine and most of another even if this shooter managed to hit with every trigger pull.

And this is so ugh.


My hair is at the annoying length on a Wreck-Free Sunday

In case you didn’t know, I let my hair and beard grow during the winter to keep my head and face warm, and the hair bit has reached that awkward length that is long enough to get in my face but too short to tie back and keep it out of my face. In this picture you can see a stray hair that just refuses to stay brushed back and out of my face.

The RPG group met again yesterday and we played another session of D&D5. After leveling my warlock I had a selection of 5 cantrips or “at-will minor spells”: eldritch blast, prestidigitation, poison spray, save from death, and mending. Of those only eldritch blast and poison spray are combat spells that cause damage, and I finally have a healing spell in the form of save from death. Prestidigitation and mending are utility spells that make living as an adventurer much easier. The first cantrip does things like clean anything or anybody a small (1 sq. ft.) segment at a time, light or extinguish small flames like candles or campfires, and make food and drink hot or cold as appropriate and delicious. Mending repairs broken things as good as new as long as they aren’t too big. The spell list says the mend can’t exceed 1 cubic foot but is not clear if the mended item itself has to meet this requirement. Save from death does just what it says it does, takes a character who is near death and brings them back to 0 hit points so they regain consciousness.

I got a chance to use three of those cantrips during the game session as we journeyed back from an ancient library to research a sigil found on a magical archway excavated during a previous game session. We discovered the sigil is for an ancient mage or arch-mage, who founded a sect that believed that some forms of magic were just too dangerous to be left hanging around where anyone with magical ability could just pick it up and use it willy-nilly so they hid it behind a magical wall under a ditto arch. There were sigils for a deity and this mage on the arch and people praying to the deity pass through the wall and receive knowledge from the deity about the contents of the chamber behind the wall. Our current reports about what is in the chamber are incomplete because the deity kinda rattled the person who stumbled through who was not expecting what happened to her. At this point all we know is there are a number of magical items of some nature, whether these are weapons, or spell books, or something else entirely is not known. Neither is the criteria for what constitutes the situation that will allow these items to be released from the chamber. Anyway, the cantrips I used in the last session were eldritch blast, prestidigitation, and save from death. The save from death we didn’t even use on a party member, we used it on the only member of an ambush team that was sent to kill us on our return from the library that was in any shape to use it on. The rest of the ambush team were sniping from the surrounding trees in the forest and were too messed up to use it on so we had to interrogate the orc and hope that he knew enough about why we were being attacked to be useful. The lawful stupid paladin was back with the party just in time for the assault, so we don’t know if the ambush team was following him from the trade city we were working for, or if they were following us from the elf city where the library was located, but several of the archers had tattoos like the drow slaves we had encountered in previous adventures in this realm.

This was where the session ended as about half the group had previous engagements to attend to. And I have to attend evening services now, so I’ll cut it off at this point.

PSA, Opus the Poet (still an unkillable badass)