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Need tech support for Francis/es

Special post tonight because I have a problem with Francis/es, specifically with the IGH on the back. The issue is not shifting, “ghost” shifting, and missing gears.

Here are the symptoms: Hard to keep in 1st or whatever gear I’m getting on the 1st gear spot on the shifter. Keeps trying to jump out of gear unless I hold it forward. When I try to get second I’m successful about 1/3 of the time, but when I go for higher gears I’m back in whatever gear that was when I selected 1st until I get to 5th or 6th when it goes into some really high gear that cuts my cadence down to about 30 RPM from over 100 (not exaggerating!).

This is the Sturmey-Archer X-RD8 8 speed hub with drum brake. An additional symptom I just remembered is the drum brake was good enough to lock the back tire when the bike was delivered, but now is only slightly more effective than dragging my feet.

So, is this fixable by a semi-competent bike builder with a limited tool kit, or should I be hauling Francis/es to the LBS?

PSA, Opus