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How does a single party in control of both houses and the presidency shut down the government? #TrumpShutdown

Alternate title to today’s post was Charlton Heston’s line from Planet of the Apes. “You finally really did it,YOU BLEW IT UP! AH, DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

I don’t like to get political in this blog, really, but this level of stupidity just floors me. I’m seeing over on Twitter that some in the Senate are blaming the Democrats for this. Might I point out that when you were basically opening the Treasury to corporations and the 1% you didn’t need Democrats to pass it. But failing to keep the lights on and the bills paid is somehow on the Democrats. I’m still a bit hazy how the math works on thar, especially when there were two bills, one that had broad support, and one that was so bad even Republicans had to hold their noses but still could have passed. So, which one went to vote? Seriously, I don’t know. Did anything get presented for a vote before midnight?

And where is #CheetoJesus during this catastrophe? Getting ready for a “party” at his resort that has $100K/couple as the “cheap seats”, fawning distance requires a quarter of a million dollars per couple. A quick reminder that campaign contributions for federal elections are under $3K per family per election, so this can’t be for Trump’s 2020 campaign. So where is all this money supposed to be going other than The Donald’s wallet, in strict violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution?

I can’t take it any more, I’m going back to sleep.


Happy “We Kicked Out the British” Day, and the Feed

Yeah, not many people seem to remember that what we are celebrating on the Fourth of July is one of the first steps to kicking out the British from the original 13 colonies. Not that I object, seeing as how that led to my nativity in a circumlocutious way, but still, we began as a nation as the product of anti-government violence. Is it any wonder we have cuckoos of similar stripe trying to “run” the government now? Or did I leave an “i” out of that somewhere? 😉 So anyway, enjoy your hot dogs (german), apple pie (dutch), and fireworks (chinese), today while you complain about all the “immigrants” and “illegals”. And while this might sound “cynical” I’m just basing this on what I have been reading coming out of Texas and Arizona in the news lately, and a particularly bad incident in California. Let’s just say that there are times that I’m not very proud of my fellow Americans. And that I have been very much in agreement with the bumper sticker that states “I love my country, it’s my government I fear”.

Up first is another link to the travesty in CO. Driver Sentenced In Deadly Hit & Run That Killed Cyclist I’m sorry but a year’s work release is not enough punishment for killing a human being and leaving the corpse like so much litter…

Hit-and-run in NC. Cyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run The narrative is indicative of a hit-from-behind wreck with a law-abiding cyclist, because if there was anything the cyclist could have been found doing illegal it would have been reported by this media outlet. So lights and/or reflectors in use, riding with traffic in the correct lane position, the whole nine yards. Not enough evidence to say that the protocols would have helped, so that only leaves getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent a similar wreck.

Update on a CA wreck. Sad news, as 15-year old Canyon Lake bike rider declared brain dead; 50th SoCal cycling fatality this year I’m still trying to parse the wreck, as it appears the cyclist was blocked from entering a highway after he had reached a speed that he could safely do so, and hit the other vehicle hard enough to trigger the airbags. So, intersection? maybe the protocols would help. Infrastructure “up to Dutch” so that you don’t ride bicycles at highway speeds for motor vehicles to prevent.

Still in CA a wreck that could have happened to anybody, including a cyclist. Clovis driver admits to drinking, but says fatal collision was accident Driver with multiple DUI convictions kills someone while driving drunk (again). There is only one sure way to prevent repeat drunk drivers from killing, and that is to never allow them to own or operate a motor vehicle again. I favor doing this after the third DUI conviction lifetime. I do not think there should be a “shelf life” for DUI convictions that allows them to be discarded after a while. There are other convictions that stay with you for life, DUI must be on that list for people’s safety.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Have a great, safe 4th, looking for a bike riding stickup man, and LiLo crashes Citi Bike — literally

Stupid is as stupid does. Busted!

More about the guy killed riding Alp d’Huez. Daughter’s tribute after cyclist killed in French Alps crash

And this little thing looked like so much fun. Bicycle Therapy Yep, I could use a therapy ride myself. Ahh, the stress relief.

And that appears to be all the links I have today, fits or otherwise (although the “Busted” link was a lot of giggles.

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