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Open Carry and Free Beer, let’s really fix the RNC in Cleveland, and do we need a “No Drive” list?

LEO in Cleveland have been asking (pleading, begging, weeping) for a temporary reprieve from OH’s open carry law because it’s impossible to tell the “good guy with a gun” from the deranged maniac out to shoot up the convention. Not wanting to be accused of being anti-gun I have a suggestion: Keep open carry, and set up free beer stations on every corner. The ones not wanting to shoot up the convention will grab a pint or 12, and get happy. The ones wanting massive mayhem and body counts will eschew the alcohol while continuing to carry.

Obviously I don’t want to see someone shoot up the convention. After all those people have families that love them just like the rest of us. I’m just taking things to their logical conclusion. If more guns make us safer then making sure everyone has one means that everyone is perfectly safe, right? And if local (and Federal) LEO want to prevent open carry on the grounds of safety, how can those two statements be reconciled? I mean it’s almost as if more guns don’t make us safer.

I just want to know in the wake of the Nice terror truck attack when the US will adopt a “No Drive” list. Last report I read stated more than 50 of the 84 victims died from getting hit by the truck, and that most of those shot are expected to survive.This attack puts the Orlando Some Asshole to shame, much higher body count over a much larger area (more than a mile!). I mean seriously, how long will people be able to just walk up and put down a credit card and walk away with a WMD with significant room for explosives when you run out of steam from just running people over? I mean it’s like a 2-for-one murder weapon sale. Run over as many as you can, then detonate the massive shrapnel disperser in the back and go out in a literal blaze of glory destroying as many infidels as remain in the blast radius. Of course you will not be around to personally assess the damage…

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I’m so glad I quit hitting my head against that wall, and the Feed

I got a link in today’s Feed about the lack of credible action against a child-killer driver, that made me remember why I quit covering bike wrecks. I’ll put that link in the body of the post later. Also today Mrs. the Poet bought the plane ticket to go meddle in her birth family’s affairs (almost $100 cheaper than the bus!), and I bought more parts for the Sprint T, to wit the steering wheel and the support structure for the windshield. I bought those because I need the steering wheel to mock up the steering column, and I need the support structure to mock up the windshield. I got the 30° layback posts because using that and a set of wind wings leads to much less turbulence in the cockpit compared to the vertical mount. Also you notice I didn’t say anything about Mrs. the Poet’s meddling? That’s because I like closing both eyes when I sleep. 😉

Up first is Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: BOLO alert for El Segundo hit-and-run driver; Brit bike benefit-to-cost ratios off the charts

That link that brought back so many bad memories. Driver Kills 3-Year-Old In Queens, DMV Voids His Tickets If you aren’t like me and already inured to senseless violence and deaths, don’t click on the video. You’ll want to gut the driver and strangle him with his own intestines. More on the concept of not hitting pedestrians at DeBlasio’s official FB page. Vision Zero

Still in NY but Upstate, we get Infrastructure! news. SENECA STREET’S NEW BIKE LANES tl;dr The lanes are OK as far as they go, but getting to them is downright scary.

How to be a bike advocate in the ‘Burbs. Three Regional Advocacy Structures to Win Better Biking and Walking in the ‘Burbs Note that WoaB is none of those while we advocate for better bicycle infrastructure in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell.

How can a cyclist reduce his carbon footprint even more? This Solar-Powered Electric Bike May Be Even Greener Than A Regular Bicycle Basically the only way to have a smaller carbon footprint as a cyclist is to grow all your own food, and only wear natural fibers from locally-grown sources. I guess you could also wear leather from locally-slaughtered cattle if you really wanted to.

A Tesla outruns a SUV with 66 more HP by 0.3 in the 1/4 mile. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Pitted Against A Tesla Model S Notice the Benz has a tiny advantage at the light, but the Tesla is several car lengths ahead at half-track. That’s the effect of torque in the short run, also a motor controller that adjusts power out to just what the tires can hold traction with so the car accelerates as fast as conditions will allow.

And that’s all I got today.

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Trying to stay calm on Wreck-Free Sunday

First of all, before I get into this post I need to let everyone know I got the post on turning a Halloween costume mask into winter gear fixed. I got the right URL for each picture and loaded that URL into the post where that picture went, and Voila!, pictures in the blog post. I still can’t get the alt text to work, but that’s not as important as the pictures were.

At the moment I’m watching the Daytona 500 on the idiot box. I can’t help it, I love NASCAR. Some of those guys are family to me, and I’m a geek for technology and finding an engineering solution to a competition problem. The new car is a very small box to work inside metaphorically, and the crews are NOT allowed to “think outside the box”. I’m still trying to find out some of the changes that were made for safety in the new car. I have heard that there are new roll bars added to the cage front and back, but all I have seen so far is the front bar that goes across the top of the windshield just in front of what used to be the halo hoop under the roof. So what I can find out about the car is that the extra bars are to give more bearing area to keep the roof from collapsing into soft dirt in a roll over. This allows the roof to be lower without much chance of the roof getting into the driver’s head in a wreck.

I had planned to do a huge diatribe about how dangerous cars are with the release of the preliminary numbers from the government of the people killed by motor vehicles, but that would be redundant for this blog. We already know that motor vehicles are more deadly than guns, by about 6K per year last year. All told more than 36K people died as a result of motor vehicle crashes, while just over 30K died from getting shot. But the attention is on guns because children were killed at school by a man with a gun. Make no mistake Sandy Hook was a tragedy, but guns are not even in the top 10 of things that kill children in this country. What’s the number one killer of children in the US? car wrecks. Until recently with the introduction of infant car seats that are miniature crash cocoons that make an armored car even more armored for infants, that statistic went all the way down to birth, now car wrecks are the number two killer under the age of five. Guns are not even close at any age up to 35.

Back to the race, Danica (yes, only one name just like a real celebrity) led some laps under green to be the first women to lead green flag laps at Daytona after being on pole to be the first woman to be on the pole at Daytona. Two of the three JGR Toyotas had engine failures just a few minutes ago, one a big blow-up (Kyle Busch) and the other just a bit of smoke. And after watching the race instead of blogging, the race is now over and Jimmie Johnson has won the Daytona 500. Danica finished 8th after the fustercluck behind Jimmie sorted out, and Mrs. the Poet’s favorite driver Mark Martin finished 3rd. The driver I was cheering for was taken out in an early race wreck, sorry Smoke (Tony Stewart). It was such a good race that even Mrs. the Poet was glued to the tube watching it with me. She usually hates racing (“cars going around in a circle”), but this one was such a nail-biter that even she had to watch. My friend Mikey managed to finish 22nd (I used to hang out in Darrel Waltrip’s speed shop in Franklin TN, and bought kart parts from Bobby and talked to Mikey from time to time).

OK I don’t like cars on the roads, but I love cars on the track. AFAIK nobody has killed a cyclist on track during a NASCAR race.

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