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Still cold, hands still not working right

And we may not be going shopping if the roads refreeze tonight. The roads got better during the day because they were in mostly full sun until sundown, but the temperatures dropped like a rock in a still pond as soon as the sun set and as I compose this post it’s 25°F a full 10° colder than the high for the day. (For my SI readers that is -3.9°C and 5.5°C).

The window next to my desk where I compose these posts is leaking cold air over my feet and also my hands so I’m freezing now. The thermometer on my desk says it’s 63°F up there by the wall, but the softdrink under my desk says it’s significantly cooler than that. The soda is significantly cooler than my mouth and cooler than the room temp on top of my desk. In fact I’m thinking about putting socks on inside my slippers to keep my feet a little less cold. BRB. That’s better, not toasty, but less cold.

I’m still trying to find the right transmission for the Sprint-T. I have to keep my budget in mind, as well as the output of my most-likely engine, and also trying to maximize the result of M=f*a by reducing the value of “M” and increasing the value of “f” to get the largest possible value of “a”. And at the same time getting the highest possible final drive (lowest absolute value) for best fuel mileage on the highway, and a first gear ratio that tops out at 40 MPH in first gear. That’s a lot of conflicting values that have to be juggled. I’m still finding different transmissions that will bolt to an LS engine.

And I’m starting to get tired and ready for bed, because sleepy, so I think this is a good place to put this post to bed, then me.


My hand is improving

The numb spots, or the spots that used to be numb are now uncomfortable to the touch, and it takes much longer typing before my hand gets too painful to use the keyboard. so, improvement and definite signs of healing. I have equal spread from my left hand compared to the right again, another sign of healing.

While I was looking for something else on the web I found a couple of images that were… interesting

looks like a Modified chassis.

Yep definitely from some kind of Modified class oval track car.

If you look close you can see Wide 5 hubs on the front suspension, but unlike recent NASCAR Modified class cars it has a 5″ coil spring and a separate shock absorber on the lower A-arm. I guess it could be an IMCA or other sanctioning body car that has been changed over to Wide 5, or it could be a Late Model car. Either way that body has been widened a ton, at least a foot if not more. The deets on the build are here . I also found some more pictures at the original listing, that I might put up later.

And the hand is starting to hurt again after downloading all the pictures I didn’t put in the post today.

I tested fair fare today

I went to the State Fair of Texas today and test-fit some cars that Mrs. the Poet and I both liked. Interesting thing is Mrs. the Poet didn’t get in a single car, but there were a few that she insisted I get in and out of because she liked them. What I ate was not typical Fair fare because it wasn’t fried. Mrs. the Poet and I had pulled pork Frito Pie, separate portions, and split a Nathan’s hot dog. I never want to eat a $0.99/package hot dog again after having a Nathan’s.

And my hand is acting up again, so I have to cut this short.

Mrs. the Poet is out of town on grocery day

My daughter got concert tickets to an out-of-town venue that will require them to spend the night away from home, and the concert is not suitable for our 5YO grandson. So Mrs. the Poet is spending the night with the grandson, and I’m doing the grocery shopping. This is kinda last-minute as my daughter only found out about the tickets yesterday. That also means I have to make breakfast tomorrow

I have been thinking about the cooling on the TGS2, specifically getting the hot air away from the radiator. My initial idea was to use side vents, actually to have the nosepiece as wide as the frame and have the bodywork to narrow down as it passed the driver’s feet to leave room for the hot air to get out. The alternative is to have an extractor between the radiator and the cockpit on the top surface of the car. This would generate more downforce, but would make summer driving less comfortable as the engine heat would be blowing back into the driver’s face for the entire trip. So potentially driving to the AZ Goodguys round could result in heat injury for me. I mean I can handle some heat but 100+°F ambient plus the heat from the radiator would cook even me.

And my hand is bothering me again, so no more typing,

Cleaning parts until I couldn’t use tools any more.

I managed to find where Mrs. the Poet hid put away my angle grinder after looking for a few hours so I could then use it and the new cup wire brush designed for angle grinders to clean the paint and rust off the welding job. I got almost done with that when I had to quit because the vibration and jerking of the angle grinder when the brush caught the edge of the workpiece had made it so I couldn’t work any more because my hands were not working. So welding will have to wait until tomorrow, and so will more blog posting because reaching for the edges of the keyboard is hurting my hands.