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I’ve been a bit preoccupied

And by that I mean Mrs. the Poet is in the hospital again for round 2 of her digestive issues. This time around the antibiotic she was getting for the UTI and to head off any opportunistic infections destroyed her gut biome leading to a C. diff infection. I mean C. diff is supposed to be there but if its the only thing left of her gut biome it just makes a mess (in more ways than one).

What they’re saying now is they may move her to rehab until she gets strong enough that I can care for her again, because I hurt myself trying to get her off the floor when she fell on Monday night. And I’m still hurting. So basically she needs to be able to get in and out of bed and on and off the toilet, by herself, because I can’t lift her anymore. My back has been in a fragile state pretty much since I got off the walker back in 12/01 and started using the cane. Working hypothesis on that is somehow the broken hip didn’t go back together right leaving one leg way shorter than it was before the wreck, because as I recall it was my right leg that was the short one up to that point because my bobbing up and down on my short leg drove my drill sergeant up the wall, because I stood out like a sore thumb, and there was nothing I could do about it. But anywho, short leg, bad back, can’t pick up Mrs. the Poet.

So she’s staying until Monday when we will see about getting her in a rehab bed, which are almost as scarce as hospital beds. This means we get to use the long-term care policy I’ve been paying for for over a year now, if I can find where Mrs. the Poet hid the policy.

Well I’m starting to fade so it’s time to put this post to bed and me shortly thereafter.

Well, I’m better

I can say I’m better, but not recovered.

After about 14 hours in bed most of which I was asleep, I can move better, walk almost normally (for me), headache is mostly gone, and I don’t fall down trying to pee. Sleep schedule is still borked, but I will try to power through the day until I can sleep at night again. I pretty much “lost” Saturday and I’m trying to not lose Sunday as well, but it’s feeling like a losing battle .

Also I think not getting good sleep was a major part of why I was having problems. That hypothesis was brought on by the fact I spent the majority of Saturday in bed, mostly sleeping. And verified by the headache coming back first as I get tired again.

This is another post cut short by health issues.

Having balance issues again

Seriously having balance issues after yesterday’s trip to pay the phone bill. As in trying to urinate in the toilet and falling backwards spraying a large part of the bathroom floor. I think I’m having another flareup of that issue I was having at the beginning of the year where the connection between my eyes nd my inner ear was bolluxed up, as in ear saying one thing but eyes are reporting something about 30° or so different. And I’m getting it even when I’m sitting in my chair.

Like I wrote the worst thing is it sometimes hits me when I’m trying to use the bathroom, which results in bad aim. And floors that need cleaning. Another bad thing is it’s giving me a headache. And I’m trying to fall out of my chair at the computer, so there is lots of bad news to go around tonight.

Rather than try to fight it I’m just going to go ahead and call it a night and hit the sheets.

A little under the weather

I got to bed at the usual time this morning, but when I woke up I felt like an assault victim. My face hurt like I had been punched, my head hurt from the base of my neck across the top to my face and my lower back was all in knots. I have been sleepy all day, even after I got my morning cuppa. We were out of coffee so I had tea instead, but there is almost 2/3 of the caffeine in tea as there is in coffee, so I’m not too behind in that.

Speaking of which I have been tracking my average fluids intake, and it’s been a bunch. Depending on which cup is clean I get a minimum of 24 fl. oz. of coffee to 32 fl. oz., and I go through 3-4 2 liter bottles of diet cola a week, so roughly 1.8 liters fluids each day. And I’m fading here, so I’m going to go drain my bladder, again. Then I’m going to go to bed.