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Things get weird when I don’t get my coffee

As the headline states, the trip to the Lab Rat Keeper was strange. Well not so much the trip as what happened when I got there. My BP was sky high as expected without my BP meds, what wasn’t expected was my resting pulse as tested with the finger on the wrist, oxygen saturation tester, and EKG. The high was 46 and the low was 42, with the last one coming in dead average at 44 BPM. The whole thing reminded me of a Flintstones newspaper cartoon from the ’70s where Fred is getting a physical and looks drunk or groggy with the “impaired” bubbles floating around his head. The doctor waits a beat with the stethoscope on Fred’s chest, then the last panel he said “I don’t care if it’s Monday, MAKE IT BEAT!” Then we had the fun of the blood draw with the slow pulse translating to a very slow blood draw. Final test was the caliper skin fold body fat test. I remember the measurements but I don’t know how to interpret them: Waist 109cm, bicep 16mm, triceps 12mm, scapula 38mm, iliac crest 28mm. After reviewing the test results (not including the lab tests) Dr. LRK pronounced my cardiovascular age as 37-38 YO.

I’m cutting this one short because I did a lot of walking taking care of financials after the LRK and also I had to fast all day for the blood draws, and I’m getting fuzzy around the edges of my mind.

Billed one McDonald’s double cheeseburger, Opus the Poet


The meds are working

My antidepressant in particular. My body is starting to get acclimated to not being depressed which is reinforcing. As I get used to not being depressed I feel less depressed, which makes me feel better so I feel less depressed… A virtuous circle rather than the vicious circle. And I’m actually getting other emotions that aren’t depression or anger. Some of them seem unusual to me, like fear, real compassion instead of the intellectual compassion I felt in the past.

Speaking of my body becoming used to not being depressed, my BP has changed. The systolic is still up there, but the diastolic, the measurement of how much my heart relaxes between beats, is the lowest it has been in over a decade. My body is remembering how to relax again. Even when I’m upset and there has been a litany of things to be upset about the last two weeks at Casa de El Poeta, I’m still mostly relaxed now. My heart is working more efficiently, it is having to beat less because every beat moves more blood with a more complete relaxation phase between beats. That is one of the big things happening as my body adapts to not being run by a depressed brain.

On the bike pump front I have been approved for a refund, contingent on my returning the broken pump by 3/31/17. Here’s where the problem is on that: I have to print a return label for the box they shipped it to me, and I don’t have access to a working printer. I have a printer but it doesn’t have any cables to connect it to my laptop. Some time between my youngest getting the printer for herself and putting it in her garage because she never had to print anything with it and giving the printer and a bag full of printer cables to me for my birthday the cables for that printer went bye-bye. So I’ll take any assistance I can get on that one.

On the hot rod front I found the actual weight of the Mopar 3.8L pushrod V6 – 413 pounds compared to the 545 pounds for an iron head SBC or 458 for the LS. The 41TE transaxle splits the difference between the TH350 and the 4T65E at just under 200 pounds by one source or between 150 and 200 from several sources. So for weight comparisons 3.8L/41te Mopar just over 600, 350/350 Chevy 675 plus 120 pounds of rear axle or just shy of 800 total, and the LS3/4L70E combo come to 625 plus that 120 pounds of rear axle for about 750 total. So assuming the 1700 pound dry weight for the Speedway kit is accurate my mid-Bucket will hit the scales right at 1500 dry.

And I’m running on 3.5 hours sleep because someone (coughmrsthepoetcough left the bedroom door open and Clint came in to snuggle about 90 minutes before I had my alarm set. I have been falling asleep all afternoon/evening even while I was trying to write this, which might explain the disjointedness of the composition as I was in a different frame of mind every time I woke up. I fell asleep 3 times typing the paragraph prior to this one.

Night-night, Opus the Unkillable