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More running around I didn’t get to Monday, and the Feed

Hard as it may be to believe I was not able to get done everything I needed to get done Monday in spite of spending more than 9 hours on the road, and after recovering from the trip yesterday I went out again today to complete my errands. There are a couple of bills that I have to pay in person rather than by sending a payment by mail or online, and I took care of them today. Ordinarily I pay these bills off by walking to the payment location, but since I had to pay them both off today I took DART. Because of headway issues I spent nearly as much time taking the bus as I would have just walking, but I had a lot less walking to do because of taking the bus. I did wind up walking the mile home from the last payment location because it was about 20 minutes quicker than waiting on the bus that I had just missed. This is one result from having only one bus on this loop that takes about 45 minutes to run.

Up first, what inevitably happens when a state has no laws against making up shit to write tickets about. Cops Ticketing Cyclists For Biking On The Left Side Of The Road NYC statute (and a large proportion of the bike lanes) are different from NYS statute, in that in some instances NYC cyclists are required to ride to the left on one-way streets over 40 feet wide. Some NYPD officers are unaware of this statute, with inevitable effects.

Our Daily Ted returns. Morning Links: New plan for Westwood Blvd removes nothing; Redondo Beach officials tear down that wall

Does this really work? Courteous Cycling Last I tested it trying to be courteous got my elbow smacked by the driver’s side mirror on an F-150 truck.

I don’t know if you will be able to see this, but it’s a Facebook repost of a Brazilian anti-drunk driving ad. Photos from Adam P Hunt’s post in I Love Bikes

And a little tidbit from the Beebe. Would these five changes actually help cyclists?

And that’s all I got today.

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My birthday present to me is coming, and the Feed

I went ahead and bought the body for the Sprint T (or the simulator for same) and the e-mail came in the order was shipped this morning and should be on my driveway by this evening. Yay! I will take many pictures of the box and contents when they arrive. And if it gets delivered before I finish the post they will be at the bottom of this post. I’m so excited I’m practically “squeeing” and jumping up and down, which is kind of silly for a person of my advanced years. Yes, I’m admitting I’m getting too old to act like a kid getting a new toy, but I’m still acting like a kid with a new toy anyway. So there! 😉

Up first is a report from Oz of a cyclist going off the road and into a tree, because there were so many links to the story. Well known doctor critically injured in cycling accident also Alstonville cyclist critical after crashing into tree and GP fighting for his life after bicycle crash at Alstonville Right now the cause of the wreck is practically a state secret, but such wrecks are very seldom this serious without a motor vehicle in the works somewhere. It looks like a “punishment pass” or maybe a “buzz job” that caused the cyclist to leave the road (not much difference between the two in practice, it’s just a different intent prior to the wreck) and they cyclist found a tree in his escape route while employing hit-from-behind protocols. Unfortunately life is not like Hollywood, where the stunts are planned in advance to the nth degree. Real Life™ is a constant series of “winging it” and hoping for the best, and sometimes that means you run into trees trying to get away from hoons in cars. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Next is from someplace I haven’t lived for at least 53 years… Bicycle rider killed in hit and run in Clarksville and Police find vehicle in Clarksville cyclist fatality Again LEO are not releasing the mode of the wreck, but the location suggests a hit-from-behind wreck, so protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Update on the bike-on-ped wreck from last week from the paper of record. Woman Hit by a Bicyclist in Central Park Dies OK now seriously, I would dearly love to see this much attention paid to any of the other pedestrians killed that week, but they were killed with motor vehicles.

A PA wreck from the police blotter. Sentinel police log for Sept. 23 You have to look for the report, but being a blotter report there isn’t much on the mode or anything else. The driver appeared to be sober at least.

A rash of wrecks in Chucktown SC. Pedestrian and bicyclist injured in downtown hit-and-runs The cyclist was hit by a right hook, so intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A CO wreck approaches closure. Driver who injured ex-pro cyclist pleads guilty Now a suitable sentence… like crushing his car and pulling his license for life.

A wreck in AK. Cyclist injured in Fairbanks bike-truck collision This report is so biased I don’t know what happened except the cyclist was hit riding on the road, “outside the area designated for bicyclists“, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Serious wreck in Canuckistan. Cyclist injured in crash on Sargent Avenue in Winnipeg It looks like the cyclist ran the stop sign, or stopped and went without seeing the car that hit her. That would indicate intersection protocols to avoid in particular the part about stopping at stop signs, and getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. The geometry and physics of this wreck are interesting. Notice the front wheel was separated from the bike in the wreck but there was little to no damage to that wheel, the lack of damage to the front of the weapon vehicle, the proximity of the weapon vehicle to the intersection where the cyclist was riding, and the cyclist’s shoe sitting in the street. Some of those point to a high speed at impact (front wheel separation, cyclist’s shoe) and others strongly indicate a low speed for the weapon vehicle. And all those cans with no damage are also an indication that the weapon vehicle was not going very fast at impact. I counted 11 of 12 cans with no damage in the picture. Very strange…

There is some question of was the rider even where he was supposed to be in this wreck in the Great White North. Five injured when Gatineau bus collides with cyclist I think the wreck was hit-from-behind, but no confirmation on that. I strongly feel that this wreck showed how badly this city needs infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent wrecks.

LEO on bike wreck in the GWN. SIU called in after Brampton cyclist seriously injured Because of LEO involvement the only thing we know is it was at an intersection so assume something in the intersection protocols will help avoiding or reducing damages, and getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” will prevent a similar wreck.

This little gadget could make a difference in the aftermath of a wreck. Polaroid’s Teensy, Cheap, and Durable “Cube” Camera Is Good News for NYC Bikers

Closing with this link. What to do if you’re hit by a car while riding your bike

And as of right now my order from Speedway hasn’t showed up yet.

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Back to the old composing page, and the Feed

As much as I like the streamlined look of the new composing page there is just too much missing from it for me to continue to use it. Automatic if you guys are paying attention we need to make getting to the classic composing page as easy as getting to the stripped-down new page. I don’t mind the missing tools as much as I mind that the new page strips out components of the site when I use it, or at least strips out components of the site when I access the site since I don’t know what other people’s experience is like. When I use the classic compose I get access to the share button so that I can send this to all the FB pages I have admin status for (not something I do every day, but something I do sometimes to specific pages that the post would be welcome at), but when I use the new page the share button is gone. This is not acceptable.

Also I spent an exciting hour watching Jens Voigt ride a bicycle in circles. #Shutuplegs indeed.

Up first, while I love being able to look at a crime scene picture and establish a narrative of the events leading up to that crime scene picture, I hate being right in this case. Cops: Audi on wrong side as bicycle hit The fact that the cyclist was hit on the passenger side of a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road (and sources I can’t link to tell me he was riding in the right hand side of the lane) point to the fact that the cyclist literally had no place to go to avoid the wreck.

I REALLY want to see how CA LEO go about not giving any kind of ticket or anything to the driver in this report. Bicyclist dies after being struck on Freeport Boulevard Two cyclists, one killed in the bike lane, and less than 24 hours after a new law making hitting a cyclist from behind a mandatory fine of nearly $1K went into effect with great hoopla. I mean c’mon, he was hit in the bike lane, if that is not “unsafe pass” personified I don’t know what would be. Hit-from behind protocols to avoid, and enforce the legal infrastructure to prevent. Or install physical infrastructure that’s “up to Dutch”.

A wreck in NV. Cyclist killed in North Las Vegas crash identified and NLV Cyclist killed in intersection was at fault The thing that always bothers me about these wrecks is was the cyclist caught by a stale green? Or in other words did the cyclist enter an intersection with the green light and just not have enough time to clear it before cross traffic started moving, but with the pictures of the weapon vehicle and the bike I think that’s not the case with this wreck. The bike is so badly mangled that determining of the bike had working brakes at the time of the wreck is pretty much impossible unless the brake cables have heavy corrosion indicating they had been disconnected for some time. So I’m going to have to go with NLV LEO on this wreck because there is no doubt the cyclist ran the red into traffic. Why he ran the red is another question entirely, not in my pay grade.

More on the “great guy” that was drinking and stoned when he killed a cyclist in NM. Suspect in cyclist’s death appears in court Interesting that the driver has two previous assault charges in the past 3 years. Also interesting is the second charge has not been adjudicated yet when he was arraigned for this charge.

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike tries to take out another cyclist. Cyclist critically injured in crash with Jeep in DeLand Another SWSS wreck with LEO accepting every word from the driver as absolute gospel. Protocols and Dutch quality infrastructure, and less gullible LEO, to prevent.

A PA cyclist collides with a stationary construction vehicle. Cyclist injured after crashing into truck in Murrysville No I can’t figure it out either. I have no pictures of the bike, and the picture I had yesterday of the truck is 404 now. I can tell you it was a Really Big Truck, about as large a vehicle as can be driven on the roads without permits and pilot vehicles, so I have no idea why the cyclist could not avoid it. Just pure speculation is that he might have been run off the road and into the truck but without some kind of witness to say one way or another I can’t say. I wish the cyclist a speedy recovery.

A deadly wreck in MA. Authorities Investigating Fatal Bike Accident in Malden, Massachusetts The cyclist was apparently having a medical emergency when he fell off the sidewalk under the garbage truck. This is a wreck that could be prevented with infrastructure, but in reality without universal medical care this would just result in the man dying someplace else from whatever medical emergency he was having when the truck ran him over. More Man struck, killed in Malden garbage truck accident

A spectacular wreck in the Great White North results in no injury for the cyclist. Cyclist not injured in supper-hour crash Intersection wreck that apparently the cyclist used the intersection protocols in to completely escape harm while scaring the driver half to death. Get that infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. Note to the cyclist, if you’re a reader could you post a comment and tell us how you managed to avoid getting hurt.

Apparently the right hook is not illegal in Canada, just be aware of that. No charges laid in collision that killed cyclist in Dartmouth

From the UK a taxi hit a cyclist and a pedestrian and I feel bad for the taxi driver, and if that doesn’t get you to click the link I don’t know what will. Taxi driver critically ill in hospital after crashing into cyclist and pedestrian outside Old Bailey

A cyclist in Oz wins a minor “door prize” Trigger Warning! Bike rider says she could’ve been killed when doored on Brisbane road

Interesting Infrastructure! news from CA. Dick Spotswood: Bike path accident leads to calls for bikes to slow down I keep asking if the MUP speed limit is faster or slower than the CA school zone speed limit but I never get an answer.

More infrastructure news from CA. Olympic cyclist sues over the death of his wife, Debra Deem This is about the free right turn lane that allows drivers to make right turns without slowing down.

More on the CA enacting of the 3-feet-to-pass law. Three-foot buffer law for cyclists now in effect

Until we can get every state and city to adopt the CROW manual (still only €90!) We will need lots of these guys. Bike Scholarship Winner Saw Cyclist Fatally Injured Not that every bike lawyer needs to watch someone die, just that we need lawyers who have skin in the game to stand up for us.

Infrastructure news from the Great White North. Sister of woman killed in bike accident wants more protection for cyclists Hey I didn’t say it was good news, just news. This is a response to that other article about the woman right hooked in Dartmouth.

I don’t find these “jokes” funny, do you? Why do we still hear people joke about hitting cyclists?

Lifestyle in NC. Des Ark’s Aimée Argote plans memorial bike ride Friday night Seeing someone killed riding a bike changes you. Especially if that someone is you, but don’t tell anyone I said that. And Cyclists ask motorists to share the roadways

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: The impact of CA’s new three-foot passing law; bike-friendly Brentwood poet passes away

And those were all the links I could find yesterday (this has been a Very Long Day).

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Overloaded with links and covered up in other obligations, and the Feed

Things have been a bit busy this week, and this is only Monday. Among things I can talk about I have a consultation with a surgeon this Thursday for removing the thing on the back of my neck that is making drinking soda from the can a painful and difficult proposition lately, and I had a discussion of volunteering for the Wendy Davis campaign this afternoon as well as a trip to the bank to pay for the new hat I’m giving myself for my birthday. The new hat is being custom-made by an Etsy vendor called “Steezy Workz” and hopefully will be ready by year’s end. And my spell checker thought “Steezy” was spelled right but not the “Workz” part of the name? WTF?!? Anywho, I’m having to order the hat over the Internet because there are no local vendors still making the hat I want. Also I am up to my eyeballs in the NDA project that is burning up tons of time as well. For a guy who doesn’t have a steady job I sure seem to have a lot to do…

Up first, despite all the predictions of mass carnage when bike share went into effect just about everywhere in North America it has been tried, those predictions have all come up negative. Why? Ideas why 0 bikers have been killed on bike-sharing bikes The hypothesis have been as many and as varied as the color schemes of the shared bikes, more so even. But as it stands now it’s all guesswork.

A NM cyclist is killed making a left turn. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run near NM 528 and Coors Bypass Apparent drunk driver runs over a cyclist moving to the turn lane as required by NM law to make that left turn, then left for dead. Modify the hit-from-behind protocols to take moving to the left into account to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Two links to a DE hit-and-run. Police ID bicyclist killed in Hockessin hit-and-run and Bicyclist killed less than mile from home Cyclist was hit head-on apparently riding on his side of the road, and from user descriptions of the road may have had less than a second to react to the oncoming vehicle. There are no protocols that will help you avoid a wreck like this and getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would only have helped if the cyclist was struck away from a residential area so that he would not be sharing the roads with a suspected DUI.

Wasting the court’s time in ID. Trial set for man accused of killing cyclist Changing your plea at the sentencing hearing is a serious “no class” move.

A drunk cyclist in PA. Sentinel police log for Sept. 12 Not a good idea but still better than driving while falling-down drunk.

Aftermath of a drunk driver hitting 4 cyclists head on driving on their side of the road. Cyclists stress awareness to stay safe I’m still at a loss how watching what’s going on where there is no escape route and a drunk driver is driving on your side of the road is going to do anything but leave you all tensed up when you get killed, like for those guys who died.

A hit-and-run in the Great White North leaves an injured cyclist in its wake. Police seeking driver after Dartmouth hit-and-run The driver just drove right through the cyclist leaving the stop sign. That’s not a wreck a human cyclist can avoid, and as the location appears to be the boundary between shared space and where cyclists would head to segregated infrastructure, so getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” is kind of a tossup depending on where the segregated infrastructure began.

Infrastructure! news from CA. Give cyclists 3 feet: It’s the law now The comments section is a war zone.

Infrastructure worries after a wreck on a group ride in the Great White North. Laurie Strano’s death sparks caution at Gatineau cycling event

Infrastructure worries in the UK. Shocking road stats warn of dangers for cyclists in Sevenoaks I think people are starting to get the message that recent reductions in overall KSI are the result of changes to cars and advancements in medical care and drivers are still as bad as they ever were.

Infrastructure news from Oz, as a driver comes to the shocking revelation that they are guiding tons of killing machine around fragile human beings. Peace offer in cycle war

Infrastructure news from Enn Zed. Cyclists, drivers urged to share the road and Cyclists get the helmet message The “message” received is that unless you exceed all legal requirements to make yourself visible and protected, even if those requirements don’t actually provide any protection aside from the placebo effect (for drivers). So every square inch covered in HiViz and a silly styrofoam hat, and maybe you won’t get blamed for the drunk driver that slams into you and crushes your fragile internal organs with 2-3 tons of speeding projectile.

Lifestyle news from the RGV of TX. Son of cyclist will ride in his honor

Lifestyle from GA. Atlanta police officers join charity night bike ride

Last link, the bike to have in the garage when the zombie apocalypse hits. Bug Out Bike – Apocalypse Bicycle Maybe painting the chain isn’t such a bright idea… but having a MTB with reliable components and lots of cargo capacity with medical supplies, food, and water pre-loaded along with shelter is a good idea for anything short of a kaiju invasion, and if you’re lucky enough to know which way the kaiju is headed then even for that. Good XC tires with airless tubes gives you the lowest possible rolling resistance with no flats. I need to get Francis/es sorted out (we are down to getting the fit right now) and then all I would need would be having all those things in one area with tiedowns to secure the load ready to go.

And those were all the links I got before 1800, those I’m saving for tomorrow.

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Trying to not be blinded by allergies, and the Feed

I’m still fighting with plants having sex in my sinuses, and today I also had to get a court date and visit the chiropractor. Starting with the first clause, I have been sneezing and sniffing and temporarily losing my vision to allergy whiteout all day long. The whiteouts seem to be hydration linked, if I have a lot to drink I can see and if I’m badly in need of a drink I can see, but when I just kinda sorta need a drink I can’t see. So, I need to stay really well hydrated so I can see, plus stay ahead of my medication curve so I don’t get sneezy and sniffly. The court date is about the tree branch that broke off back in the ice storm that we couldn’t see from under the tree or until we went to the other side of the street. Even knowing where to look the broken branch is not visible on-property. Now had the codes guy included the picture of the branch with the warning letters we could have gotten it taken care of, but since he included a bunch of non-pertinent information in the warnings (basically the entire ordinance with no emphasis on the violation, the ordinance also refers to trash and other “nuisances”) we spent all our warning time chasing after the wrong violation constantly policing the fence lines for blown trash since that was the only thing we could see from the ordinance. I had to skip lunch to get that done and then hit the neck cracker. The good news from the chiropractor is the injury to my left shoulder is pretty much healed, the bad news is because I didn’t keep moving the arm through its normal range of motions it is now painful to move it in some directions. This can be fixed, but it will hurt. I can do pain for a good reason so this is beatable.

Up first is a young cyclist killed by another drunk driver. Eight-year-old cyclist hit, killed in southeast Houston Since the child was crossing the street in an appropriate location and time I would say there was no way for a cyclist to avoid the wreck, and little chance that even Dutch-quality infrastructure would have prevented it as the residential location would be shared space there. The only thing that would prevent this wreck is somehow keeping drunks from driving…

Cyclist not riding in the street gets hit in Upstate NY. Pickup hits bicycle in town of Ulster; rider taken to hospital Someone help me on this one because I don’t know the answer: Are drivers required to yield to sidewalk traffic before crossing the sidewalk in NYS? Either way sidewalks make poor bicycle infrastructure, because drivers don’t look for bicycles there. I mean they don’t look for cyclists pretty much all the time, but on the sidewalks especially. As I constantly say sidewalk riders point to glaring deficiencies in infrastructure, so get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Another one killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Bicyclist killed in South Fort Myers crash This was a very difficult narrative to figure out with phrases like “killedy injured” thrown into the works, but if I’m parsing this correctly the cyclist ran a red from the right turn lane (where FL “bike lanes” die) and if I have the correct image there is no way to trigger a green from this lane. So bad infrastructure and bad SA from the cyclist and you wind up with a smashed car and a dead cyclist.

Out in CA a cyclist leaves his bike on the platform and walks in front of a train? Update: Man hit by light rail train in Rancho Cordova dies This is another one that nobody seems to understand what happened. Why did the man leave his bike, why did he walk in front of a train? Who was he talking to, voices in his head or someone on a cell phone? Just way too many questions about this one.

Another link to a CA hit-and-run or attempted murder. Cyclist Injured in Mission Hills Hit-and-Run This is the same wreck that the driver hit the gas after seeing the bicycle in the street. When they catch the guy I hope he “falls down” a few flights of stairs, even if that means they have to detour past a football stadium to find some stairs.

Legal Infrastructure! news from CA. Cyclist Who Lost Leg In Crash Inspires Hit-And-Run Bill I noticed the distance the cyclist was dragged has gotten much longer than it was a couple of months ago, from 600 feet to a half mile.

Infrastructure news from PA. Bicycle and pedestrian study open houses scheduled for Midstate Interesting comments, by which I mean totally self-centered and bitchy comments.

Our Daily Ted has interesting links. Morning Links: Petition urges tougher hit-and-run penalties; an LA cyclist says you’re not above the law, either Lots of good stuff there, Ted.

Lifestyle stuff from the Twin Cities. Bike Week Focuses on Rider Safety in Mpls., Crash Statistics Released

Lifestyle stuff from the Great White North. Vigil on St-Denis in honour of dead cyclist

A dogged good Samaritan finds the injured cyclist so he can return the bike that was removed for safe keeping after a wreck. Expensive bike returned to injured Surrey Hills cyclis

Last link, have you ever seen a bike securely chained and locked to a bike rack but missing several key components? Eight Solutions to Fight Bicycle Part Theft

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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Been doing some thinking, and the Feed

Interesting things have been happening here at WoaB! I have a student, and I didn’t even know I was a teacher. I have been approached by a person who wants me to teach them about magick (with a “k”) and religion (because they’re intermingled and inseparable in how I learned). The reason why I’m posting this is to warn people that Wreck-Free Sundays are going to get… “different” for a while. I’m going to post the public part of what I’m teaching on Sundays, starting with the ethics of magick (with a “k”) and just teaching religion in general. My student will have to tell me (or send an e-mail) what they understand I said about ethics, not just regurgitate word for word. Second thing: I’m thinking of changing the focus of this blog. As people have been telling me for years, it isn’t healthy to wallow in all this death and mayhem when there ain’t a damn thing I can do about it. As it is now I have probably read more wreck reports about bicycles than any currently living human. That number is so large I lost count years ago. I think it’s somewhere over 6000, but that’s just a SWAG based on the number of links average per post and the number of posts I’ve done. That doesn’t count the reports I read but did not link to because there wasn’t anything I could teach from them, so maybe 10K counting them? That is a crap ton of broken bodies and souls. And it just occurred to me that the last day in March would have a better time to make this announcement, just so that you could spend the next two days thinking that this was all an elaborate April Fool’s joke while I posted cat pictures to my blog and left recipes for love potions.

Anyway, expect the blog to veer away from wrecks and more into infrastructure, because I have discovered that more than 95% of the wrecks I post to this blog are either directly related to bad infrastructure, or could have been prevented by good infrastructure. That means I’m going to have to learn a lot more about creating good bike infrastructure than I know right now, which can be summed up as “Keep the cars away from the people riding bicycles.” I think the best metaphor I have for that is this picture I swiped and edited from Subnormality:
Cars are bullets

Up first is a blind driver running over a cyclist wearing clothes in CA. Cyclist Hit, Killed in Turlock and Bicyclist killed in fatal collision The cyclist was riding in the right side of the lane and the driver did not see him until just before hitting him, and instead of blaming the driver for not watching the road they blame the cyclist for “failure to wear glow-in-the-dark clown suit”. And don’t get me started on how they de-humanized the cyclist: “The report states Medina didn’t see the bicyclist until it was a short distance away.” Last I checked the AP style sheet required referring to members of the human race by either gendered pronouns when the gender of the subject was known, or as “they” when gender was unknown. In this case not only did they have a gender, they had an age and a name to go with that gender, “39-year-old Jose Borjes“. Also note that the lights and reflectors on the bike were never mentioned just the cyclist’s wearing normal clothing. TANJ!

Up in MN a cyclist was doing everything right (including the glow-in-the-dark clown suit) but is still dead. Bicyclist fatally run over was new to Minneapolis, careful about bike safety Hit-from-behind by a drunk driver with snowbanks cutting off the escape route, which moots the protocols. There was infrastructure present, under the snowbanks. This demonstrates that if you want the infrastructure to do its job it has to be maintained.

A driver is convicted of killing a cyclist in FL. Driver guilty in accident that killed bicyclist in Tampa Now to see what kind of pansy “sentence” he gets. He was also convicted of driving without a license in the wreck which should be an aggravating circumstance especially as he was racing on the street at the time, but I have my doubts since the victim was a cyclist riding in the bike lane in a park…

What appears to be a SWCC in NC. Police: Bicyclist injured in wreck The “crossing west into the southbound lanes” combined with “Hit in the inside southbound lane” has the cyclist coming from the left when hit, but no place for the cyclist to have come from. As you can see from the Street View this was an undivided 4-lane highway in the middle of a residential area.

A weird wreck in Jolly Olde. Cyclist’s lucky escape as bike skids under bus Not sure how this happened but kid, bus, crushed bicycle, and no blood makes it “not bad”.

An unknown type of wreck in Oz. Australind cyclist injured in mystery crash The cyclist was found on the ground with head injuries and an undamaged bicycle, pretty much the calling card of a buzz job. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

What to do if you’re first or one of the first on scene at a bicycle wreck. Guest Column: Bikes Have Rights™*

A conflict-free commute on You Tube. Count the number of moving cars in my bike commute video Yes, it happens.

As someone pointed out if you have an activity that demands you be crazy to participate, you get people being crazy, but if you make the activity appear safe enough for everybody to do it, the ratio of crazy to not declines from over unity to under. NYC Cyclists Are Getting More Considerate, Study Shows And you get results like this.

And those are all the links that I could find about bicycles, that may or may not have given me fits.

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I’m back from the Doctor and the news ain’t good, and the Feed

OK I went to my scheduled trip to the chiropractor today, and that little fall I took Sunday turns out to be not so “little”. I had dislocations in 2 ribs and my right clavicle. They would have eventually worked their way more or less back into position but getting them back sooner was better in the long run. Add that to the bleeding problem I had Sunday and yesterday and that was a very expensive bike ride, at least in pain if not in actual money. Fortunately nothing was actually broken, just not where it should have been. I knew something was “off” because my other shoulder hurt right behind the shoulder blade when I woke up this morning. Anywho, everything is back where it should be and all I have to deal with is the lingering inflammation from the injury that should clear up by morning.

Up first is a man getting killed about as far south as you can go and still be in Texas. Cyclist hit, killed and Cyclist killed was peddling to work I don’t know what he was peddling, but he was pedaling a bicycle. Intersection wreck and they aren’t blaming the cyclist in this one so maybe the driver of the weapon vehicle ran a red light and it was caught on a redlight camera. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate injury, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, assuming the driver did not run the red light, because if that was the case no amount of infrastructure can “fix” this as the wreck would have been averted by simply using the existing infrastructure correctly.

And it seems Houston cops can’t be bothered to enforce a law that protects cyclists as a string of the exact kind of wrecks the law was enacted to prevent happens with zero tickets for breaking the law. Houston bike riders upset by cycling deaths No tickets for breaking the 3-foot passing law in the entire 6 months the law has been in effect? They are not looking very hard, I got passed within a foot 3 times in 7 miles Sunday.

More on a cyclist death in FL. Police: Driver was drunk in September crash that killed cyclist The cyclist had no chance of avoiding this wreck, I’m more and more certain every time more information is released about it. And since he was hit riding in a park designated as a place cyclists could train for long bike rides and races the only infrastructure that will help is the legal kind that takes bad drivers off the roads and away from motor vehicles.

Even cops can’t avoid people trying to run them over when they ride their bikes in UT. Las Vegas man arrested for evading police, nearly hitting bicycle cop with car OK this does not fall into any of the usual categories of wreck I cover, but I’m including this because, well because I wanted to. Ordinary cyclists would not be trying to pull over a car full of potheads.

And speaking of bike cops… MPD officer chooses bike over squad car during cold snap There are great tips about riding in extreme weather in this bit.

Sometimes even barrier protected bicycle infrastructure isn’t enough. Cyclist falls from overpass after car collides with jersey barrier Since the cyclist was parked and admiring the view when the barrier was hit and knocked him over the side I place this in the category of unavoidable wreck. And since it was on a barrier protected bike lane that pretty much excludes physical infrastructure from preventing another wreck like this. The only thing that could work would be legal infrastructure that takes away the cars of stoopid drivers, hopefully before they hurt someone.

Update on a CO wreck. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash near Windsor identified Still a hit-from-behind wreck, still use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Up in Canuckistan a cyclist is hit-and-run. Cyclist in critical condition in Calgary hospital after Sunday-morning suspected hit and run There were bits of the weapon vehicle left at the scene and an injured cyclist so they “suspect” a hit-and-run? Since this was in the middle of a bridge that pretty much moots hit-from-behind protocols because there was no escape route, infrastructure that protected cyclists behind a barrier would most likely prevent the wreck (see the Seattle story earlier in the post).

I don’t know how a cyclist is supposed to avoid this. Cyclist injured by flying shed roof OK first of all he wasn’t even riding when he got hit, he was trying to hide in the shelter of a bus stop. Second since the bus stop was virtually cleaned off the pad by the force of the impact it was good it hit him while he was in the shelter instead of out on the road.

Still in Jolly Olde, justice for a dead cyclist goes to the hands of a jury. Jurors retire over Southampton cyclist death crash verdict The jurors have to decide if driving while blind and killing someone is careless or dangerous or just one of those things. As there are no cyclists on the jury I suspect the driver will be “just one of those things”.

A SA cyclist is mugged for his bike and cell phone. Cyclist down but not out after mugging I guess this would be a bike-jacking?

Better news in another stolen bike story in this country. Velo Posse Recovers Stolen Bike. Thieves Beware Too bad they couldn’t let the thief “fall down” a few times as they already had him locked up when they recovered the bike.

Surprising news from Jolly Olde on the relative morbidity and mortality of bicycles and motor vehicles. Motorists and cyclists create army of walking wounded Actually motorists create the army, cyclists create a small platoon, and when it comes to mortality drivers are far better killers than cyclist both because the vehicles are more deadly, and because they spend more time on the road than cyclists. Last year the ratio was 253:1 in favor of the cyclists, while in the last 10 years the ratio was 145:1 in favor of the cyclists.

A little infrastructure news from MD. Maryland proposal increases distance between drivers, cyclists I like seeing laws that make hitting cyclists a crime, but I like seeing those laws enforced even better.

Some mixed good and not-so-good news from BikingInLA. Help a badly wounded rider get back on his feet, BAC Bikeways subcommittee minutes, and ride with Greg Laemmle

Last link is a funny. How To Be A Road Biker At least I think it was supposed to be funny, I have so many tabs and windows open right now that the video crashed repeatedly while I was trying to watch it, but other people who watched it thought it was amusing.

And those were all the links that made me laugh or cry or pitch a fit.

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Just about the time we warm back up it gets cold and precipitative, and the Feed

The back yard here at Casa de El Poeta does not drain well and has been a swamp since last week’s Icepocalypse here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell (does that mean Hell froze over? I’ll leave that discussion to y’all) and had just about dried out enough that I could get enough traction to actually start on the remains of the live oak. But today I awoke to the lovely visage of freezing fog and drizzle, meaning the drying out process in the back yard was halted and most likely reversed. So I still have a back yard full of downed tree limbs that I can’t move enough to get the chainsaw to them to haul them away… Oh, and during the week when it finally warmed up a bit the ice didn’t just melt away and run off as water, it separated from the trees and buildings and bridge superstructures in large chunks. Some of those chunks were big enough to crush cars and cause casualties among pedestrians on sidewalks. Fortunately because nobody walks here pedestrian casualties were minimal, and because our LEO were actually on the ball streets and highways that were under areas of falling ice were closed until the ice cleared. So, except for the first few people who were in the line of fire when the falling ice began civilian casualties were minimal among the automotive group as well.

On the personal front this weather has been playing hell with my injuries. Specifically the cold has triggered “phantom pains” in my injured leg. I’m talking 8 on a scale of 10 pains in my foot that nothing I did made them go away except suffer through them. I have hydrocodone pills to deal with actual residual pains from the wreck, but opiates are useless against this kind of pain. Things like this are one reason why I was so upset to not get on the study of medication that specifically treated this kind of pain. What they had been giving me before I couldn’t wait until the onset of the pains to start taking the meds and the side effects of the meds we awful, from strange and disturbing dreams to altered senses of taste and smell. I couldn’t live with the side effects so I have to live with the pain.

Up first is a disturbing update about the Milt Olin wreck. Sheriff handling own investigation into cyclist’s Mulholland Highway death No way this could ever be a cover-up. These guys have no reason to hide any information from the public, like how the cruiser that hit Olin “just happened” to not have a dashcam even installed, much less functioning at the time of impact. Like how there are no skid marks at the scene aside from the one in the bike lane where Olin was hit. Like how the cruiser was at high speed in a residential area without the lights and siren going. Like exactly how fast the cruiser was going (I have seen pictures from the scene, and some show roof damage to the weapon vehicle and some don’t). And an editorial on the subject from the same media outlet. Cyclist’s death renews controversial debate

Update on a door prize in L.A. CA. Cyclist Critically Injured After Clipping Opened Vehicle Door in Brentwood Clarifying that presenting a door prize to a cyclist is a against the law, with possible fines and loss of license.

A blotter report on a bicycle wreck in PA. Sentinel police log for Dec. 12 The report is the second one after the “Middlesex Township Police (249-7191)” headline. Nothing on the mode, but since the driver was given a ticket we know who was at fault here. Infrastructure to prevent.

A hit-and-run in NC has a quick resolution. Woman charged in hit and run that injured cyclist They found the weapon vehicle and arrested the driver before the first media report could come out. Hit-from-behind wreck by a driver that left the road to hit the cyclist, reasons for leaving the road not yet published. Since the driver left the road protocols are mooted as the driver was using the cyclist’s escape route. Not sure if infrastructure without some kind of barrier would have helped here either. One thing that would have helped is making sure drivers are capable of driving in all conditions and that vehicles are capable of responding to emergency changes of speed and direction to avoid obstacles i.e. legal infrastructure changes.

Sort of infrastructure-ish news from NYC. Citi Bike Still Popular In The Cold Go CITIbike.

Lifestyle from CA. Mourners pack service for San Jose teen killed while riding bike

And another helmet article (that looks like a copy and paste from last year’s article) from west of the WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Planning to give a bicycle for Christmas? Don’t forget the helmet for goodness sake! >sigh<

And those were all the links that gave me fits, or not, about bicycles today.

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Last night was a killer, and the Feed

Last night I didn’t get home until after 2100 because of the snafoodle with the local mass transit agency, and we didn’t even get to stop for dinner along the way, so lunch was a cup of coffee about 1300 and I didn’t get anything else to eat or drink until 2200. Needless to say the reheated leftovers were the best food I had in ages…

First up, more on that entertainment industry lawyer killed by a LACS deputy over the weekend which is still the Big Story. Former Napster Executive Fatally Hit By Police Car While Biking also Ex-Napster COO Milton Olin Jr. Killed After Being Struck by Sheriff’s Patrol Car and Former Napster exec killed on bike after being struck by sheriff’s patrol car LACS has seriously screwed the pooch on this one, not only did they kill a lawyer, the killed a lawyer with a multi-million $$ PR firm under retainer, and hey, they killed a lawyer who was minding his own business. And hey I found some more links. Milton Olin RIP, and a San Jose memorial ride also LASD Sheriff Strikes and Kills Cyclist in Bike Lane with Police Cruiser and from the UK Former Napster COO, 65, killed after his bike is struck by sheriff’s patrol car

More on that MI SWSS wreck from yesterday that I only had a blotter-style report of. Bicyclist killed after swerving in front of truck and Bicycle rider hit by truck, killed Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate injury, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

I’m still trying to figure out how NYPD can tell e-assist bikes from regular bikes and illegal bikes from legal electric mopeds. Video: Delivery Workers Plead For Relief From Electric Bike Ban

And last link is a bit of privately created infrastructure for S.F. CA cyclists. The Ingenious Way One San Francisco Bicyclist Is Making It Easier to Commute Having good bike routes is nice, but generally useless unless people know they are there and where they go and how to get to them. This solves some of those problems.

And those were all the bike links that gave me fits today.

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Late post today, and the Feed

As I type this I’m getting ready to depart on a rather lengthy trip to procure that danged music wire and to pay the communications access bill (everything comes bundled in one bill to save money, but if I forget to pay that bill I lose all contact with the outside world except my cell phone). So the rest of this post will be coming late again. And it looks like tomorrow’s post will be late as well, because out of 3 objectives for today’s trip I managed to only succeed in performing one, the purchase of a Powerball ticket for tonight, the music wire was sold out and the place to pay the communications bill was closed. So I got hot and tired and walked miles to and from several bus stops to accomplish almost nothing. And I get to do almost the same thing again tomorrow…

A SWSS of a 70 YO cyclist in OK. Elderly Tulsa Bicyclist Injured After Struck By Car All I have to say is if the cyclist turned left, why is the damage directional from the right? Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The Dutch have ages 8-80 using bicycles safely, why can’t the “advanced” United States?

A report that just leaves me shaking my head. Dad Who Cops Say Drove On Methadone With Kids; Hit, Killed Cyclist, Back in Court Words cannot do this justice, the killer is still wandering the streets after killing someone while on drugs with kids in the car. For those who need their memories jogged, this was the driver that crossed an entire highway and hit the cyclist head on in the bike lane last year.

A bad wreck in CA with a death that could have been prevented. Cyclist dies after being struck by two vehicles in Boyle Heights* The dead cyclist was struck while incapacitated from the first wreck, which could have been prevented has the first driver not left the scene of the crime. Hit-from-behind the first time, so use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The second wreck was pretty much outside of any cyclist’s control after being knocked from the bike making reflective clothing about the only thing a cyclist could have done to avoid the second wreck, and I can’t believe I’m actually endorsing the glow-in-the-dark clown costume to avoid a wreck.

And another CA cyclist is sent to hospital by contact with a motor vehicle. Cyclist air-lifted to Reno after being hit by car in Truckee Location points to a hit-from-behind wreck but nothing else in the narrative supports or refutes that, but getting the infrastructure right will prevent a similar wreck, I hope.

Another link to the act of terrorism that could have decapitated a cyclist. Cyclist’s neck gashed in possible prank on Folsom trail

Another CA cyclist is hit from behind in the bike lane. UPDATE: BPD: Driver at fault in fatal crash involving bicycle Apparently the driver was in zombie mode due to the telephonic device stuck in his ear. Worse than a drunk driver. Hit-from-behind protocols for what good they could do to avoid or mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is hit from behind by a school bus in Canuckistan. Cyclist struck by school bus in Lethbridge And yet another article that feels the need to point out that people inside a heavy vehicle with light armor are uninjured in a collision with a cyclist. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is killed in the Great White North. Female cyclist struck and killed in Etobicoke This is a breaking story as I link it with nothing aside from the gender of the cyclist known at the moment…

UK link about a driver going into road rage after nearly hitting a cyclist. Impatient soldier fined for road rage attack on cyclist The driver was close enough to the cyclist that cyclist could touch the car not once but twice, and then went over the edge when the cyclist “tapped” on the car to warn him away.

Another form of wearable ID. Cyclist encouraged to take part in Rider Alert Program

Infrastructure! news from South TX. Alice Elementary School Launches New Bicycle Course About the only thing I object to is the pushing helmets. Should the reaction to the Sandy Hook shootings have been providing bullet-proof vests to kids or getting mentally ill people treatment before they shoot up a school? Then why are we making kids wear foam hats to protect them from crappy drivers with killing machines? And make sure drivers that kill get more than a slap on the wrist.

Infrastructure from Enn Zed as their cyclist-killing season begins. Wellington ‘worst place in NZ to ride’ And the blame game from drivers began about 30 seconds after the article was posted…

And those are all the links that gave me fits about bicycles.

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