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Grocery day, and the Feed

One thing Mrs. the Poet and I have never seemed to come to a consensus on is my desire for salty snacks. I mean sure she lets me buy them most weeks, but every so often I can tell she just does not understand why I want those snacks. Personally I feel $4 for a pound of cheese balls in a reusable and resealable container is a bargain, particularly when name-brand cheese puffs cost nearly that much for half as much by weight and they come in a bag that lets the uneaten snacks go stale in a couple of days. I mean look at it this way, not only am I getting a full pound of snacks, I’m getting a free cookie jar for her snacks. Also we are getting 10 quarts of Powerade for $0.69/qt because, reasons. And I’m also having difficulty persuading her to get the salt that is 50/50 sodium chloride and potassium chloride to deal with my potassium deficiency, because she can get store brand salt for $0.59 a pound and the potassium mix is like $1.50/4 oz.

Schadenfreude over a man who has done everything in his power to endanger cyclists with bad infrastructure. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Hospitalized With Suspected Tumor Not wishing Rob Ford to die soon. That would be too kind… And really I don’t wish him to suffer, much (a few days, please?) because really if he was to get an equal amount of pain for all the pain he has personally brought on Toronto cyclists with his policies he would be in agony for pretty much the rest of his life. For those with (blessed) short memories Mayor Ford compared riding a bicycle to swimming with sharks, and said that all cyclists deserved to die horribly in a wreck with a motor vehicle. I guess all I really have to say is “Ain’t karma a bitch, Robby?”

Another hit-and-run killer, this time in WV. Man Arrested In Connection With Death Of Boy Struck, Killed On Bicycle The story actually changed as I was creating the link, first it was just a hit-and-run, then it turned into an arrest report. Congratulations to the LEO who tracked him down and arrested the driver of the weapon vehicle. Hit from behind wreck of a cyclist not even riding on the road, protocols moot, so infrastructure “up to Dutch’ to prevent. And crush the vehicles used to commit hit-and-run as part of that infrastructure.

OK strange story time in IN. Officials: Muncie man killed in bike accident; sister found dead in home next day by deputy coroner SWCC wreck for the cyclist, who knows what happened for the sister. The infrastructure that got the cyclist killed was obviously not “up to Dutch” or the cyclist would not have been able to be hit when crossing the intersection of the bike path and the road.

A SWCC wreck in CA. Cyclist killed in crash on San Juan Grade Road at Crazy Horse Canyon Classic SWCC narrative claiming a cyclist pulled out in front of a speeding car just as the car came along to hit him/her. Since there is an intersection nearby protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Another wreck in CA, this one hit-from-behind. Long-haul cyclist injured in Highway 1 crash near Santa Cruz Hit from behind 2 feet off the road, not the cyclist’s fault or much she could have done to avoid it. I’m going to blame this one on CA not being the Netherlands.

Right hook in West Canuckistan. Cyclist injured Intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. I like wrecks with survivors who will recover and simple-to-solve problems.

I can’t believe they posted this in a UK media outlet… Cyclists airlifted after van crash between Swindon and Royal Wootton Bassett As the story reads now the cyclist were hit by a van that crossed the centerline into the cyclist’s side of the road. I don’t know how long that will stay up. As the story reads now there was nothing the cyclists could have done to change the outcome of this wreck, leaving only getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Hit and run by a distracted driver in the Emerald Isle. Cyclist knocked down and killed by driver who was using his laptop at the wheel and Driver who fatally hit cyclist (19) with car and ‘callously’ drove away without ever taking foot off accelerator jailed The driver did not get anything close to the sentence he deserved, but as I understand it Ireland no longer has a death penalty. Pity, because hanging, drawing, and quartering barely covers what happened in this wreck. Three years in prison does not even come close for a wreck and subsequent behavior like this one.

Update on a wreck in Enn Zed. Injured cyclist remains critical Still hit-from-behind on the shoulder of the road by a driver that could not keep in the proper lane, still infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A fatal wreck in Oz. Young woman killed in South Brisbane crash Killed while waiting for traffic to clear to make her turn, surrounded by sub-standard bike “infrastructure” that failed to allow for cyclists wanting to turn. And why didn’t the driver of the semi just wait behind her? Get that infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent another wreck. More Brisbane, Fast, First: Cyclist dies in collision with truck and the latest breaking news – September 11

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: AAA promotes 3-foot law they previously fought; Brown legalizes triple bike racks on buses Good stuff.

Infrastructure! news from Oz. Clover’s deluded death wish list for Sydney’s cyclists Really, jihad against cars? Bubba, you ain’t seen jihad if you think making a little (tiny bit) of space for some other mode of transportation is a jihad against cars.

Lifestyle from IL. Jacob Bass, Bridgeport Cyclist Killed, Has Music Scholarship Named for Him

And this review of a revamped A2B e-assist bike. A2B launches Entz e-bike with frame-integrated motor and gearless shifting

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today, plus shopping for groceries. You would not believe the amount of food we bought today. It completely filled the back of a 2010 Honda Insight.

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I mowed the lawn this morning, and the Feed

I know for most people mowing the lawn is no big deal, but with my allergies it can be dangerous. Someone has to do it, and as the choices are me, Mrs. the Poet who can’t pull the start rope because she’s left handed and you have to use your right arm to pull the start rope, or paying money we don’t have to someone else to do it and from the way that clause was constructed you should see the problems with that. I started to do it earlier in the week but had to quit because of back pains (standing bent over the mower to fill the gas tank and clean the dirt off the air filter caused it to go into spasm and it never quit spasming). Then it rained, then I had more back pains, and today I had no back pains and good weather to mow. So the rest of the lawn got mowed.

On another front, my Death Day celebration is coming up on the 31st. You know what is a good thing to give a guy that died and came back from a motor vehicle wreck? Amazon gift cards, or a Logitech steering wheel for the PS2 that is compatible with GT4, or a USB steering wheel and a copy of GT3 since you can grab a good new USB PS2 steering wheel and pedals that will work with GT3 and a copy of GT3 for less than the price of a used Logitech wheel and pedals. I just want to have a controller that works so I can build a virtual Sprint T and drive it, since it is looking less and less likely that I will ever get the chance to build the real thing. I’m trying to find out the file format for cars in the GT games, because I have read that GT3 cars can be imported into the GT4 game by putting them in your garage, and that you can connect a PC via the LAN connection on the PS2 and convince it that you are downloading your GT3 garage to the GT4 game garage… Can you tell I’m trying anything that would let me drive this car I have been thinking about for over a year now?

Up first from the Great White North, why use an entire car to hit a cyclist when just a wheel works just as good? Runaway car wheel strikes cyclist, sends him to hospital Um, OOOOhhhh Kaaaayyyy then. Moving along…

Moving closer to WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, a cyclist hits a car head on. Cyclist killed in collision in northeast Arkansas OK there are only 2 ways for a bike and a car to hit head on in the road, somebody was on the wrong side of the road. Problem is the narrative leaves that information out, but does mention the driver of the SUV the cyclist ran into (or that ran into the cyclist) was uninjured. So… Don’t ride salmon?

Update on a CA wreck. Wife of paralyzed cyclist thanks community The cyclist is now officially paralyzed from the chest down, and there is still some question about the condition of his lungs. WoaB wants to remind everybody to send this victim some positive energy to use as he needs.

A SWCC left cross in GA (too many acronyms/abbreviations). Cyclist injured in bike vs. car accident Cyclist allegedly hit while running a red light, but did the driver not see a car and assumed the road was clear to make the turn? Because I don’t see any mention of any other witnesses except the driver of the weapon vehicle as the cyclist was transported by ambulance from the scene. Anywho, this is an intersection wreck so protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A LEO-involved bike wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Sheriff’s deputy car collides with Cape teen cyclist Nothing about the geometry of the wreck, but the intersection appears to be a 2-way stop. Since the directions of travel were not given, and they aren’t blaming the kid for running a stop sign or riding without lights before sunrise, I would say there is a very high chance the Deputy did a “Not See” on the bicycle and ran the stop or stopped and went when there was no car in the intersection. And failed to miss the cyclist he didn’t see.

Moving to the north a KS cyclist wipes out on a steep trail because she was too short to see the warning signs. 9-year old injured in bike trail accident OK unless this was a technical off-road MTB trail I call this really bad infrastructure, if it was an off-road MTB trail and the signs were too high for this rider to see them it’s still not-very-good infrastructure. OK the video finally played so I could see the facility in question and whoever built the thing should be in jail. Imagine a street with a sign “Next 700 feet undrivable, get out and push”.

Update on the unlicensed cab driver that killed a cyclist in NYC. Police: Driver Who Allegedly Struck, Killed Cyclist Was Not Licensed For Livery Cab The initial report was no license, not just no commercial license.

A pair of red light runners collide in Paradise. Cyclist injured in early morning crash with sedan the weapon vehicle was making an illegal right turn on red (no stop) and hit the cyclist crossing in the crosswalk against the DONT WALK sign. If the DONT WALK sign was still flashing then the cyclist was technically running a yellow (or not even that, as most pedestrian signals only flash during the latter part of the green phase). I am not entirely certain about HI traffic codes on cyclists crossing in the crosswalk and which set of signals they need to obey. The one thing I do know is that even with infrastructure “up to Dutch” that would not prevent the driver from running a red light at 0246.

An apparent BUI in AK. Bicyclist critically hurt in collision with SUV in Midtown Anchorage Cyclist was weaving through traffic and apparently disoriented when he cut off an SUV and got clobbered. Not much I can say except don’t ride impaired, and that even drunk cyclists are safe from wrecks with cars with the infrastructure “up to Dutch”.

A cyclist is dragged through an intersection in the Great White North, and blamed for not wearing a helmet. Bradford teen cyclist airlifted in critical condition following collision In one picture you can see the cyclist being extracted from under the driver’s side of the weapon vehicle. The narrative seemed more concerned about the cyclist’s helmet or lack thereof than the geometry of the wreck. That only leaves me with the advice to get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent a similar wreck.

A buzz job kills in Jamaica. Police seek truck driver in death of cyclist Hit from behind protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Another infrastructure wreck, this time on camera in Scotland near where my daughter lives. Cyclist helmet cam video of tram track crash You can see from the video what looks like zero warning before the wreck, one second riding along normally the next sliding on the street…

Another Aussie cyclist gets buzzed. Witnesses sought to Caulfield South cyclist crash Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Sad Fiesta Island news, for and against the 3-foot law, and a new reflector could stop cars sooner

Lifestyle from CA. Family of Slain Rider Wants Drivers to Change Lanes to Pass a Cyclist

Lifestyle from the East Coast. Danvers woman conquers Washington in honor of friends killed by motorist For those who are not familiar Mt. Washington is the Pikes Peak Hillclimb for the east. And there is an event for e-assist cycles in the early fall, late summer called the Alternative Energy Regatta or something like that. They have never had more than 2 e-assist bikes make the attempt in the same year because of how tough the climb is. Just completing the climb is a serious test of battery capacity and motor cooling.

Lifestyle from the Great White North. Cyclist killed in collision commemorated with ride fundraiser

A new approach to making bikes theft resistant. Coming Soon To A Pole Near You: A Bike That Locks Itself If this becomes widespread this will be the first major change in bicycle design in almost a century. I don’t count all that crabon bushwah, that is just a materials thing

Battery breakthrough for a low-cost high rate cell. Energy Breakthrough, A Supercapacitor Battery Made From Hemp Supercapacitors are not really “batteries” but they have enough energy capacity now to be considered as a competitor for chemical storage. Where supercaps have it all over chemical storage is charge/discharge rates, making them really useful on systems that have lots of regen and energy recovery. And naturally lower-cost energy storage for large passenger and truck EV means lower cost energy storage for e-assist bicycles.

And going the other way for capacity and low weight over low cost. Tesla Developing 500-mile Graphene Battery? And this is also good for e-assist, lighter cells of the same capacity means better performance without assist, or the same weight means longer assist.

And because I haven’t linked a cat picture lately… Here’s what happens when you get an inbred cat

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Leftover Bean Day, and the Feed

Thanks to getting the power feed fixed earlier this summer the fridge is now quite good at keeping leftovers from going bad, meaning that since we didn’t have any of the beans during the week there is enough to have for dinner tonight and i don’t need to cook today. Not that this is any great problem other than keeping track of the time and adding ingredients at the proper time in the cooking process, but it does mean I have less to distract me while I’m SQUIRRELL! trying to write the blog. I think I might have mentioned a time or two that having brain damage has done nothing to improve my ADHD… and that pulling back my focus to something I was doing before distraction is sometimes physically painful. So, anything I can do that will allow me to not lose focus on writing is a Good Thing.

And I really wish I had the tools to let you follow where my mind goes, as in yesterday’s post where I put up the pictures of a specific kind of T-bucket and some sprint car frames but I didn’t have any way of showing what my mind synthesised those two things into. Add in the lack of fine muscle control that destroyed my art career back in my teens (I could see what I wanted to draw, but I could not make my hands draw what I saw in my mind) and well that is another thing that makes me frustrated. If someone ever makes a mentally-controlled CAD program I want to be in the beta test…

Up first, what kind of company goes around stealing bikes parked just off their property? Private real estate company steals bikes from public property in front of their buildings and Toronto property company stops cutting locks and seizing bikes after cyclist complains Seriously, who does this? Since this has happened many times (4 or 5 times a day according to one link) this has to be policy from on high, not just some random bike-hater…

Moving on with lots of updates today, first is one on one of the cyclists hit by the driver that was drunk and high on meth driving the wrong way on a one way street on Fiesta Island in SD. Fiesta Island Cycling Crash Victim Paralyzed, in Critical Condition The laundry list of injuries … And there is a link that I’m not going to share about where the driver hid her stash of meth…

Still updating wrecks from CA, they pulled life support from a cyclist injured by a driver in a stolen vehicle while he was locking up his bike at the end of that leg of his trip. S.F. man, hit by stolen minivan, dies Yep, in TX that driver would be facing a Capital Murder charge right about now as both stealing the vehicle and running from police are felonies here and any death in conjunction with a felony can be charged as Capital Murder.

Still updating, and also still in CA. Cyclist Killed Remembered as Randonneur This was the guy who was killed in a buzz job by a 16 YO driver pulling a livestock trailer.

Still in CA a young cyclist is killed. Teenage cyclist killed in Selma identified The narrative in this wreck makes no sense. If the cyclist and the weapon vehicle were both travelling in the same direction, and the driver of the weapon vehicle moved to the next lane to pass, how did the weapon vehicle hit the cyclist? Anyway, treat it as a hit-from-behind, protocols to avoid or reduce damages and infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent future wrecks.

Another wreck where the only witness was the driver of the weapon vehicle. Bicycle rider struck and killed by box truck About all I know from this report is the box van struck the cyclist at night, but since cyclist lighting is not mentioned then assume it was up to legal minimums and since it was not mentioned that the cyclist as riding against traffic it has to be assumed he was riding with traffic. Basically since there was no mention of anything the cyclist did to contribute to his death assume he didn’t and they are just handwaving the death away.

And another updated report, this time from CT. Fatal accident, bike safety discussed in West Hartford This wreck seems as much bad infrastructure as it is bad cycling or driving. The wreck location as described in the comments is a left exit from a high-speed highway that is a freeway in everything but name, with the requirement that cyclists move from the right shoulder across all lanes of travel to get off the highway at that point, and that this is the only non-restricted against cyclists route through the area. If so then this would be considered a case of corporate manslaughter in the UK because anyone with a modicum of sense could see that as the only cycling route there would be cyclists using the road, and that forcing cyclists to cross the main lanes of travel would result in conflict… there is nothing a cyclist could do about this wreck except to be really quick, or wind up really dead. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent, a rather tall order for this location.

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike takes another life. Bicyclist killed on SR 78 in Glades County Near as I can tell this is the intersection described in the report, which means the cyclist was likely leaving the C-store in the background going to one of the houses off County 721 to the north, or the right in the picture. Using the scanning function of Street View I was able to find a 50 MPH speed limit sign just before the small community at the intersection, so assume 50-60 MPH for the first weapon vehicle as it was coming over the slight rise from the canal bridge about a quarter-mile away, or about 15-20 seconds clear view. Yep the cyclist should have been able to get across the road unless there was something blocking his view. So intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Another update on a KS cyclist hit head on by a driver passing another car. Bicyclist killed Wednesday in Douglas County was 66-year-old man Nobody has any patience today and people are dying because of it. I wonder how many seconds the driver thought he was going to save with that pass, when he ended up losing an entire day over the police reports and questions.

I’m going to chalk this one up to another blind driver. Cyclist dead after pickup strikes bicycle Cyclist hit from behind around sunset, most likely the driver was driving too fast for conditions. Most likely outcome will be a consoling pat on the arm from grief counseling… Be extra aware of cars coming from behind as you ride into the sun around sunset. That would be the hit-from-behind protocols on steroids to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Another OMG moment in NYC. Park Avenue In East Harlem Is A Cyclist Corridor Of Death Cyclist was riding on the left side bike lane when the unlicensed driver of the cab made a left turn, smashing the cyclist against a stone wall. More Bicyclist Killed By Livery Cab Driver In East Harlem

An OH bike-on-bike wreck (they happen!). Men injured in bike path accident I tried to find the location on Google Maps, but I could not see which particular set of s-curves they were alluding to in the article. The accounting of the injuries was also interesting, chest pains and a head injury. Also missing was any other traffic on the MUP at the time. This one I’m going to blame on the cyclist. Which one? does it matter?

What appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist injured Nothing on the mode of the wreck, but there is a bike lane next to the bike, and the description of the weapon vehicle is consistent with mirrors hanging way off the side of the truck and a bed that extends way off the side of the truck also.

A wreck in Enn Zed. Woman killed, cyclist injured in crashes Nothing on the mode, but a heck of an impact as the cyclist has severe pelvic injuries.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: New e-book from bike writer Rick Risemberg, conviction in Phillip Richards hit-and-run case Mrs. the Poet is upset at Mario Cippolini’s wreck, he was her favorite cyclist when he was riding as a pro.

This infrastructure report comes a few miles from where the Poets spent part of their vacation this summer. Signs point to trouble if drivers and bicyclists ignore rules while sharing the road

And the last link is this missive from a cyclist who was buzzed, gently. Dear Driver of the Silver SUV who ran into me on my bicycle this Saturday… I say “gently” but even when there’s no big impact from behind getting hit with a car is never “gentle”. Voice of experience speaking.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today/night, and they took a long time to filter and collect. I hope that they provide you with the knowledge to prevent you from making the news some day.

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Slippers are completed, and the Feed

I found some glue and a hunk of webbing that was the right length yesterday, and used the two to put a strap on the back of the lifted slipper to keep my foot from sliding off the back. I tested it this morning and had no problem getting the slipper on (that I wasn’t having before I installed the strap) and was able to walk pretty much everywhere in the house and out to the mailbox without having to stop and pull the slipper back on. I was able to walk normally while doing this, so I call the slipper project finally a success. They’re ugly, they’re warm enough without being too warm to wear in the summer, and they stay on my feet when I walk while protecting my feet from pokey things on the walk when I get the mail. All design goals have been met. And yes, being ugly was a design goal.

Up first is a bicycle race video with on-board cameras. Wolfpack Hustle | The All Out War Format You may remember Wolfpack Hustle as the group that raced a jet airliner in a cross-town challenge during Carmageddon a couple of years ago and won. Well they also stage races and bicycle-centric social events in the Greater L.A. area. And what does this have to do with the normal subject matter of this blog? Nothing, I just liked the video…

Update on a PA wreck that was charged as a deliberate assault, but not assault with a deadly weapon. Police: Man drove vehicle over boy’s bicycle after argument in Carlisle So even though the assailant used a weapon that is classified as a WMD by the Geneva Convention against an unarmed person, it wasn’t assault with a deadly weapon because, frell you, cars. Everybody got that? Good. When is the protest against the prosecutor?

Update on a KS wreck with staggering medical bills. Driver Charged With Hitting Girl On Bike In May | Medical Bills Top $500K Two things stand out about this wreck, the first is of course the size of the medical bills, that dwarfed the ones from my wreck. The second is the length of time between the wreck and the filing of charges. The kid was not even in the street but riding in gravel beside the road, and it took from May to November to get charges filed because? I know, I know, “process”.

An AZ cyclist is not out of the woods yet after getting hit from behind by a suspected drunk driver. Bicyclist badly hurt in Scottsdale collision Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the drunks off the roads to prevent. Oh yes, infrastructure!

A CA cyclist is hit from behind in an intersection. San Jose: Bicyclist killed in collision with SUV And the report has been updated since I filtered it last night and the cyclist has died. I think it’s safe to say the driver violated the 3-feet-to-pass law signed by Gov. Moonbeam this summer, but is that law in effect yet?

Another link to the cyclist hit by someone driving backwards at a high rate of speed on the sidewalk… Cyclist hit by reversing ute “Ute” is not a Native American tribe from the Intermountain Region of the US in this article, but Aussie for “pickup truck”. And what’s the deal with warning cyclists to be careful, when the driver in this case was so clearly not just at fault but criminally wrong?

And more evidence that Aussie drivers are “entitled” as a cyclist is severely injured after getting hit by a car on a closed race course. Cyclist hit by car in triathlon chaos Seriously, closed roads and they still get hit by a car? WTF, man?

More on the SA judge that hit a cyclist allegedly DUI. Calls for SA Judge to step down after hitting cyclist under the influence

Last link, a WA cyclist recovers her stolen bike as it was enroute to a sting against the thieves… Woman spots her stolen bike on front of a Metro bus, gets it back WoaB does not suggest this as a method of recovering a stolen bike.

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits (including fits of giggles) today.

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Actively building new slippers, and the Feed

As I type this I am between steps of building my new slippers. If it wasn’t for the added lift on the left foot I would be describing this as “making” new slippers, but with the added lift “building” is a more accurate description of the process. I purchased two pair of lime green flip flops because the craft store was sold out of the white ones, and I wanted to be able to find my slippers easily… 😉

There weren’t many wreck reports today, which I see as good for what few shreds of sanity I still cling to. Seriously I think it’s amazing I haven’t gone down to the cop shop with an axe handle to beat some sense into some car-head cops…

Up first is a “comedy” post… HOW TO DRIVE HOME DRUNK! I suggest riding a bicycle instead. First you present much less of a hazard to others when guiding a 35 pound BSO than a 3500 pound Crossover or a 4000 pound SUV. Second it has been proven that the physical exertion of propelling a bicycle will burn of the alcohol at an accelerated rate making you less drunk by the mile. Also if you force yourself to wait until you are sober enough to keep a bicycle upright you aren’t that drunk when you leave. So if you must travel drunk leave the car at home and ride a bicycle to and from your drinking.

I don’t know how to classify this report. Tennessee Town Cites Grandmother for Letting Grandkids Bike in the Street The street in question is the one in front of said Grandma’s house. Grandma was watching the kids she was supposedly allowing to play “unsupervised” in the street. And as Mrs. the Poet expressed so elegantly, “Where are kids supposed to ride bikes when there’s no sidewalk?”

More on the El Tour de Tucson fatality. Possibility of medical condition investigated in collision that killed Tucson bike racer

A wreck report on a hit-and-run in Oz. Cyclist severely injured in hit-and-run crash on Nepean Highway, Brighton East Hit-from-behind so protocols to avoid and get the freaking infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from OR. City of Bend wants input to improve road user safety My suggestion is to take a hard look at what is causing deaths and crippling people on the roads, then figure out how to stop it, so control the cars.

More infrastructure news from OR as ODOT hits a social networks clinker. After another fatality on Barbur Blvd, ODOT tweet hits a nerve and the raw Twitter feed at @oregondot

And suggestions for changes to the legal infrastructure in UT. Letter: Drivers who hit cyclists should be punished

Infrastructure from the Great White North. Op-Ed: Cars don’t own Main Street Damn Straight they don’t!

Infratructure from the UK. Mother of Northumberland cyclist killed by HGV horrified at new bike deaths and London cyclist deaths: Officers at dangerous junctions also London cyclist deaths: 150 fined in road safety scheme

A bike wreck saved a guy in UT. Cancer survivor counts getting hit by car as blessing

Last link, something that’s near and dear to my heart. COOL NEW CARGO BIKES

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits, or not as the case may be, today. BTW those slippers are about 2/3 done right now, if I can keep from gluing my feet inside them.

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Election day, and the Feed

Things are being decided today in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, and after I finish the post I’m going to try to vote. I say “try” because my voter registration card was in the wallet I lost back in June (along with nearly $500 in cash and gift cards), and I don’t know if being on the rolls for that precinct and having valid photo ID would be enough to let me vote.

Lots of non-wreck links today which is fortunate for my sanity. Too much death and CARnage makes me edgy and prone to violent outbursts.

Update on the CA cyclist hit head on in the bike lane. CHP: Dozing driver struck, killed bicyclist north of Santa Cruz And Officials ID bicyclist killed in Highway 1 crash north of Santa Cruz So he fell asleep with his cell phone in his hand? Because there are several published reports that have him clutching the cell phone as he emerged from the wreckage.

Update on the fatal wreck of a cyclist in NH. Driver had been in relationship with bicyclist in Keene fatal “Just happened” to hit your ex? I’m sorry but that is too much of a coincidence for me, charges should be upgraded to murder.

Another report on the cyclist killed by an 80YO woman driving an SUV in AZ. Bicyclist killed in Sun City West I’m seriously confused by this wreck as the pictures from the crime scene show the cyclist in the center lane of 3 with the weapon vehicle parked crossways to traffic and away from the intersection. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get access to the precise location of the wreck to be able to construct a geometry of the wreck and figure out what happened.

A child cycling in NY is killed. 11-year-old dies after being hit by minivan while riding bike and Bridgewater boy, 11, dies after being struck while riding bike Cyclist left the driveway and hit the side of a minivan in the highway, which makes this at least partially an infrastructure-related wreck as high-speed highways and residences do not go well together. Particularly if there is some king of vision obstructing vegetation on the side of the roads.

Blind driver hits ninja cyclist in NC. Bicyclist hit by car in west Charlotte Nothing on the bike lights, just the clothing color. I smell a cover up.

Good news from NYC. No Riders Killed in First 5 Months of New York City Bike-Share Program

Significant Infrastructure! news from Delaware. Delaware Drops “Share the Road” The “Share the Road” signs are interpreted significantly differently by cyclists and drivers. Cyclists see them as “allow bicycles safe passage” and drivers see them as “bicycles get off the road”. Of course the latter interpretation is the exact opposite of “sharing” a road.

Infrastructure news from IA. Do Bicycle Lanes Help Prevent Serious Injuries? The answer is “maybe”. If you consider the CA wreck posted near the top of this post, then the answer is “not so much”.

A bike plan with no funding source is not a bike plan, it’s a wish list. 64-Million Dollar Bike Plan in the Works for SLO

A problem that is not common for bike paths, fortunately. Chew on this: The bike path beaver is back

Infrastructure news from Oz. Safer cycling in the spotlight as roundtable meets at Campbell Town

And just general bad news from the UK. Bath lawyer warns that cyclists who don’t wear helmets could have crash compensation cut

A Dia de los Muertos altar for cyclists in L.A.

Along those same lines, a Ghost Bike in OH. All-white two-wheeler honors bicycle accident victim

A really cool kid on a bicycle. Berkeley 12-year-old bikes entire West Coast to combat climate change

Some days I feel sorry for cyclists in the Great White North. Crack-Smoking Aside — Does Rob Ford Have a Drunk Driving Problem? Toronto has a crack-smoking, drunk-driving mayor that hates bike lanes. And Toronto cyclists have my pity, for what it’s worth. And that’s coming from a guy living in a city with less than a mile and a half of bike lanes if you count both directions.

Last link. How to use bike share to evade zombies in a post-apocalyptic world

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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I have to buy hammers and horseshoe pins, and the Feed

I am part of the Patron Selection Process at my church this year because one of my nominees made the finals in spite of some dirty tricks trying to bring some of the other nominees into the game. So I will take a break today and go buy altar decorations from either the nearby home store or Harbor Freight (I already have the anvil, but I need some BFH to go on the altar next to it) and bribes from a party store.

Up first is a prominent political figure killed riding a bike in UT near where I used to ride. Utah Judge Anthony Quinn killed in canyon auto-bike accident and Utah judge killed in auto-bike accident also Utah judge killed in bike accident Cyclist killed by driver that veered all the way across the road and on the oncoming shoulder, not a wreck that human cyclists could avoid, and one that infrastructure would not help prevent without a barrier which would be highly unlikely for this area in the Dutch model.

An update on a hit-and-run wreck in OH. Licking Co Prosecutor To Look Into Hit-And-Run That Killed Teacher From the comments it appears the family of the driver in this case is too well-connected politically to prosecute at the local level so they had to move to someone who could not be harmed politically.

Update on a CA hit-from-behind. Bicyclist dies in Yuba County accident Now they are saying the bike had non-working lights instead of none at all. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Include hitting another vehicle from behind as prima facie evidence of driving too fast for conditions.

Update on a MA wreck. Family of cyclist killed in Boston files lawsuit If you can’t get a criminal prosecution, go for the wallet!

And last links are from Jolly Olde. ‘First aid’ penalty notice scrapped and ‘Good Samaritan’ gets parking ticket while helping cyclist I have already heard mutterings about a “police state” mentality concerning this one, and I agree ticketing people pulled over to help at a wreck seems a bit on the extreme side…

And those are all the new links that gave me fits about bicycles today.

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Possible changes to the contest, and the Feed

I have been getting feedback about tattooing over skin grafts both through this site and IRL from people that have tattoos and some tattoo artists. The artist I have tentatively chosen wants me to do a test tat on the graft to determine if the graft will take ink stably or if the ink will wander around in the graft. This will determine what kind of tattoo I get, but not the winner of the cash prize. I can see the question marks popping up over people’s heads. The contest was for the tattoo I liked best not the one that gets used. If they are different then I will pay the artist that designed the usable tattoo going market rates… Note to contestants, designing a tat that has intentional blurs inside the skin graft area would enhance your chances of being the winner.

Police in GA are looking for a cyclist’s killer. Police looking for person who struck, killed bike rider and Cops: Hit-and-run driver strikes bicyclist, drags him also Atlanta cyclist struck, dragged, killed From the description of the wreck and the condition of the victim’s bicycle I would say this was a buzz job gone very bad. Someone could have ridden the bike away from the scene, but the cyclist was dragged a considerable distance down the street. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, but as the wreck was on the same street the victim lived on this would be shared space under the current best practices for bicycle infrastructure so the only infrastructure that would have prevented this wreck would be the kind that keeps idiots that buzz cyclists riding bicycles instead of driving motor vehicles weapons of mass destruction.

In AL a driver is convicted of killing a cyclist. Brother of Killed Cyclist Comments on Guilty Plea The driver plead guilty to killing the cyclist and has been permanently banned from driving for the rest of his life, with a possible one year sentence every time he gets caught and making him eligible for the three strikes law if he gets caught more than once… I was shocked.

A rare UK link for a cyclist that was hit head on on his side of the road. Witness appeal after Lancaster cyclist injured in weekend accident, closing road Given the charges the driver was arrested for, and the level of injury suffered by the cyclist, and reading between the lines I would have to say this was not a wreck a human cyclist could have avoided. Infrastructure that separated the cyclist from motor vehicle traffic and more stringent testing for drivers of large and/or heavy motor vehicles would have prevented this wreck.

From Enn Zed, a cyclist is hit from behind during a group ride. Cyclist hit and killed by truck near Taupo and Husband watches wife go under truck oh, it was the road that killed her, not getting hit by tons of metal moving at high speed. Notorious road claims cyclist AFAICT this wreck was the epitome of a buzz job gone bad as the cyclist was hit in the front tire as she stood on the pedals to climb the hill. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and make wrecks like this equivalent of “accidentally” shooting someone to prevent until segregated infrastructure is in place.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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I just made a massive change in my browser, and the Feed

One of the features of my OS is they use an open-source browser that gets frequent updates as security holes are found and corrected, or as non-standard web sites cause the browser to break. Up until today I was on a custom-for-the-OS version of Firefox3.6. This afternoon I’m running FF9.0.1 for Ubuntu, with a new spell-check and a bunch of other features I still haven’t figured out yet. I haven’t quite got the handle on things yet so this might take a bit longer than usual to write.

One of the big stories in the Feed today was the 65YO cyclist that shot two of the three teenagers who were assaulting him. As this was not a wreck but an assault by pedestrians on the cyclist I won’t be linking any more articles about this, but I thought I would let you know about it.

Up first is a teenager hit mid-block in AL. Teenage Bicyclist Killed in Accident The odd thing is the pavement markings indicate the cyclist was hit in the inside lane of a divided highway, but the bike shows signs of being hit from the right, like he was crossing the road or someone drove at him deliberately as they passed.

A CA rider is at fault for being hit from behind because he wasn’t wearing a glow-in-the-dark clown costume. Man riding his bike at night hit by car, injured Obviously having more reflective material helps drivers see you, but I’m getting sick and tired of drivers driving faster than they can see to stop and then blaming the cyclist for what was the driver’s fault.

A wreck murder in NJ. New Brunswick Man Killed in Hit-and-Run Wednesday Have I mentioned lately how much I hate hit-and-run drivers? How about hit-and-run drivers that cross into the oncoming lane to hit a cyclist head on? There was no way to avoid this wreck short of riding somewhere else, this was either a driver so drunk they couldn’t stay on the road, or a deliberate attempt to kill a cyclist. More Driver sought in fatal hit and run in New Jersey and Driver Sought In New Brunswick Hit-And-Run Fatality another one Driver wanted in deadly NJ hit & run also Family Man Headed Home From Work Dies In Hit And Run not done yet Search For Hit-And-Run Driver Who Fatally Mowed Down Bicyclist Last one Authorities search for driver who fled after fatally striking bicyclist in New Brunswick

A pedestrian walks in front of a cyclist on a MUP crossing a bridge, pedestrian ends up in the road. Pedestrian Critically Injured In Clark Memorial Bridge Crash I don’t know how you can avoid a wreck like this as the MUP was clearly sub-standard, and barely qualified as a sidewalk.

Left cross in NC . Truck hits ASU cycling president No way to avoid this except to be aware that every driveway is an intersection and use intersection protocols.

A cyclist is killed JRA in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in crash and Brantford cyclist, 60, killed in crash Not much in this one other than the cyclist was not at fault. I couldn’t tell you the mode of the wreck, cyclist’s direction of travel, or anything about the location from the articles linked.

Pedestrians colliding with cyclists is a minor theme today as we have another one in the UK. Rider falls foul of pedestrian walking in cycle lane The cyclist tried to pass the pedestrian who wouldn’t get back on his side of the MUP.

Another cyclist in the UK has a wreck dodging a pedestrian in the street. Cyclist badly injured after freak crash This goes to show that when it comes to crashes, it’s much better for the pedestrian if the other traffic is a cyclist rather than a motor vehicle.

LifeStyle about the Baton Rouge cyclist killed by a drunk driver. Memorial held for cyclist killed in crashThe Baton Rouge Police Department reported the man accused of hitting Crowson, Joseph Branch, had a blood-alcohol level of .307” That is very close to the level of death by alcohol poisoning for non-alcoholics.

And a LifeStyle link from closer to home here at WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell. In memory of Megan: 300 cyclists compete in race Megan was a local racer that was killed training for her college racing team back east, in the same general area as the left-cross wreck mentioned a few paragraphs back.

And that are all the links I have for you today. Now I have to go grocery shopping with Blue.

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Smoke is the champion, and the Feed

Tony Stewart won the race last night, which was the only way he could win the championship without Edwards doing something stupid. Edwards didn’t do anything stupid, in fact he finished second in the race and tied on points, the first time in Cup history that this has happened. They had to use the first tie-breaker which under the new points system this year was wins in The Chase (last 10 races for those of you who don’t follow NASCAR). Since Tony won half the races in The Chase and Carl hasn’t won any that makes Tony “Smoke” Stewart the new Sprint Cup Champion, and the only man to win all 3 title sponsor’s trophies, Winston, Nextel, and now Sprint.

Up first, the driver who was bouncing off parked cars and driving on the wrong side of the street when he ran head-on into a cyclist killing him on the spot has been criminally charged in the incident. Ivyland Resident Charged In Fatal Hit-and-Run At least the charges are appropriate for the crime, Vehicular manslaughter and DUI homicide. There was no way to avoid this wreck by any normal cyclist, the dead cyclist was hit head-on in his own lane, and there were parked cars to the cyclist’s right that blocked his escape that way (that the drunk driver scraped and bounced off of after hitting the cyclist). The driver also hit and injured another driver who was delivering pizza, which just goes to show the excessive speed on the part of the drunk…Further checking has revealed that the driver in this wreck had just been released from a previous DUI charge. Second DUI in a Day Ends in Fatal Crash and Police: Second DUI in a day ends in fatal crash The cyclist was hit in the bike lane Cops: Ivyland driver DUI when he killed bicyclist in city Comments on that link indicate why there wasn’t a BAC% published with the initial report. I take back my initial reticence to become violent towards this perpetrator, just take him out back and shoot him in the head, or strangle him with a bicycle chain…

Another SWSS wreck in Phoenix, the report makes no sense at all. Cyclist killed in Phoenix accident The cyclist was west bound on a north/south street when he was hit mid-block by a south bound car? Since I don’t have access to the crime scene pictures I can’t say for certain what happened, but to put it mildly the wreck as described is highly unlikely.

A child on a bicycle pulls out in front of traffic outside of San Antonio TX, Boy on bike struck, critically injured The pictures of the scene show a driveway with terrible sight lines so the driver couldn’t see the cyclist coming, plus we’re talking a kid that doesn’t know to check for traffic before going into the road. I don’t blame the driver for this wreck.

A bicycle advocate is left-crossed while commuting by bicycle. Bicycle-commuting advocate won’t let crash slow her down Typical, the driver was not cited for the illegal turn that injured the cyclist and destroyed her bike. Intersection protocols to avoid a similar wreck.

A cyclist is injured in OR. Bicyclist dies a day after crash Whoops, that link changed between filtering and posting it, now the cyclist is dead from colliding with a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. More Man Accused of Hitting Bicyclist Will Be Arraigned on New Charges and Bicyclist Hit by SUV Dies in Eugene also UPDATE: Bicyclist dies after crash with DUII driver The cyclist was apparently hit from behind in the bike lane, so not much room to escape. The cyclist was already in bicycle infrastructure where no car was supposed to be so he had done everything he could to avoid the wreck.

A driver lies through his teeth trying to divert blame for hitting a sidewalk rider in TN. Driver hits bicyclist in Middle Valley Yeah, if the driver had “looked both ways” before turning then he wouldn’t have hit the kid on the bike.

Infrastructure! in NYC as parks have to deal with pavement markings that are only required because they allow commuting traffic in the parks for 4 hours a day during the week. Actress hit by cyclist sues New York City for $3million citing ‘negligent’ traffic enforcement and Prospect Park Takes Steps to Slow Cyclists also Pedestrian injured in collision with Park cyclist sues city

And from CA. Converging traffic: Cyclists, motorists jockey for space on Wine Country roads One girl in the article has been hit twice in 5 years in not-at-her-fault wrecks.

Also infrastructure news from FL. Mark DeCotis: Car-bicycle accidents are a troubling trend

And infrastructure news from the UK. Boris Johnson to urgently review Bow roundabout after double cyclist tragedy Amazing how professional traffic engineers couldn’t look at that intersection and tell it was going to get someone killed, but seasoned cyclists did the first time they saw it. Perhaps they should get bicycle infrastructure reviewed by people that actually ride bicycles as transportation, perhaps with something like the bicycle simulator in Portland OR with realistic levels of traffic before actually spending money on killer (literally) infrastructure?

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today,

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