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Took Mrs. the Poet to dinner last night

I fired up the old cell phone for a trip to our favorite local (to us) restaurant and bought Mrs. the Poet a good dinner. Well I don’t know about “good” as in it wasn’t haute cuisine, but the food was pretty good tasting, and there was a lot of it.

I had my usual burger from this place, which was two quarter-pound patties, 2 full strips of bacon, and a fried egg, with the usual vegetables on a burger. Mrs. the Poet had a grilled chicken sandwich which was like, half a chicken worth of meat on a patty, I have no idea how they did that to look like a grilled chicken breast unless they have made some GMO chicken that is 30% breast by weight, that said sandwich she pronounced “Delicious”. It had a bunch of sauces and garnishes that I didn’t recognize, but as Mrs. the Poet said it was good, so as long as she’s happy with the food I’m happy she was happy. I’m sure the Long Island Iced Tea did a lot to improve her perception of the food and her mood. I had my usual Coke Zero. We also had Too Many Onion Rings as our appetizer, and a single scoop Sundae for her dessert. I skipped dessert because I was going to have something at home later.

The Former Guy was in town for something or other at a local church that has more money than sense, and fortunately the Giant Meteor managed to not wipe out the state, by not showing up. Also in the news was the forecast for Christmas is going to match the record high temperature of 80°F, which is crazy hot for the end of December. Well last week of December, not the actual end.

Also I installed the antenna on Mrs. the Poet’s TV to see how viable cutting the cord will be. Answer: not very. We get 2 channels and about 10 sub-channels, and pretty much none of it is what we watch on the regular. This is puzzling, because almost all the broadcast TV comes from an antenna farm 13 miles away in SE Dallas except for one a little closer but in the same area which was one of the channels we got. Also puzzling what we got was crystal clear and solid, but other channels less than a quarter-mile further away were nothing but static. Basically everything but the two channels we got was static, but what we got was rock solid and clear as cable TV. Don’t ask me to explain it, my experience with TV was from the analog days, this digital stuff I understand intellectually but not in practice.

I may have to abandon the Sprint-T project because I won’t be able to get in and out of it. I had a terrible time installing the antenna on the wall and that was just 2 steps up and down the stepstool, not clambering over the side and through the top of a roll cage. It’s not a matter of strength, it’s I’m losing agility. Basically all my hip and knee injuries are coming home to roost, I have trouble moving my leg high enough to make the step, same problem I had trying to get on a bike two years ago but worse. I don’t have the range of motion I need to climb over the top of the cage and get into my car. There’s nothing that hurts, it’s just my leg doesn’t go that far anymore. I can make a regular ladder step, but not the move I’ll need to swing into the top of the roll cage. I might have to build a roll cage simulator to practice getting in and out of my car…geriatric jungle gym? America’s Funniest Home Video candidate?


My package has taken the boat

My steering wheel controller has left Hong Kong on the slow boat from China. It left the manufacturer on July 3, changed trucks twice, and went through customs at the shipper, I’m assuming that’s Chinese export customs, took another truck ride then at 0034 local time July 13 the boat left Hong Kong. Now I won’t know where it’s going until it gets there, but the best bet is Long Beach CA because that’s where most of the cargo from China to the bottom half of the US goes. It’s due the day before my birthday in September. We shall see.

Still on Amazon, but on something else, my Father’s Day present kicked the bucket Saturday, still inside the 30 day replacement warranty. I don’t know what happened, but given the symptoms Saturday and the crazy things it did yesterday, I would say maybe the switch assembly wasn’t as waterproof as advertised. Anywho, it went Tango Uniform Saturday morning before I took my shower, and I got the return processed through Amazon last night, took the shaver in its original packaging to the local Amazon Return Center at the Kohl’s store up the street on the bus that runs sorta by the house this afternoon and it is wending its way back to Bezos’ secret underground defective merchandise testing center by carrier tortise as I type this out. And also as I type this out the replacement is going from the warehouse down the street to the delivery center the next county over, from where it will be sent to me in the morning, I hope.

Now the package that has my Joyce Smile mask is still missing. The tracker had it at the post office here in Garland just before noon local Thursday of last week. Theoretically all they had to do was make sure it got into the right truck on Friday morning and I should have had it no later than Saturday, but here I am 2133 Monday night and I still don’t have the mask I bought last month. I even called the local PO and they said it should have been in today’s mail at the latest. But no mask this afternoon.

In other stuff, as my elder daughter likes to put it, it was “Hotter than Ass!” outside while I was doing the trip to Kohl’s, somewhere north of the triple digits Fahrenheit (as in over 100°, but I don’t know exactly how much over 100°) the cable box shut down for lack of someone pushing the buttons during both weather reports that I was tuned in for. It was hot enough to cause 1st degree burns from the bench I sat on waiting for the bus to take me home from dropping the shaver off at Kohl’s. So yeah, hot.

Tomorrow I go vote in the runoff election for the democratic challenger to John Cornyn, the woman military combat veteran with a chest full of medals, or the dude who has been on the edges of several major scandals in Dallas county for as long as I have lived here, but never actively involved. I’m not saying he’s dirty, but he’s been around a whole lotta dirt.

And on that sleazy note, I’m putting this to bed.

I barely survived picking up dinner

Getting dinner last night was a struggle of epic proportions. I went to the local Whataburger to get the entre, and the rest came from the pantry. What made it a struggle for survival was the bus home went by before the sandwiches were finished and I didn’t have the stamina to wait 40 minutes in the heat.

Ah, yes, I need to update you on the weather yesterday afternoon. Hot and humid with bright sun. Dry bulb was 97°F, heat index was 104, and no wind to speak of, and Casa de El Poeta is 1.08 miles (1.74 km) from the Whataburger. Now there were lots of people making sure I was hydrated during the day, I was even given a free glass of ice water by the Whataburger before I left, but because I use one hand to walk with my cane, and needed the other to carry dinner I didn’t have any way to carry the water on the walk back to the house. I had to drink as much as I could chug and toss the rest.

So, there I was slogging along with Mrs. the Poet’s Mushroom Swiss burger and my Bacon Cheese Whataburger in a bag in one hand, and my cane in the other and the heat was just draining me of energy and fluids. Even with my glow-in-the-dark sun hat I still got plenty cooked. And it showed in my pace as tracked on the fitness app on my phone as my pace sagged from the 3 miles in an hour start to almost 2 (it sounds so much faster to say “almost 2 MPH” than less than 2 MPH) average. The app has a trend line that shows your speed at the point that you can tap to find out where you lost time on your workout, and I was pushing a 19:30/mile when I left the bus stop and about 33:10 at the end, averaging 30:10 for the trip, as I needed frequent stops to straighten out my back. Near the end (as in 6 houses from Casa de El Poeta) a nice lady did offer a ride, but by that time it just didn’t make any sense to go through the effort to get in and then back out of the car in just a few seconds later.

But anyway as this blog post shows I did survive to complain another day (HA!) and present my breathless prose about it to you.

Did another long walk yesterday

Yoplait was $0.25 a pop for the 6 oz containers, yesterday only, and a 2 mile round trip resulted in my staggering home with $4.00 worth of yogurt and $5 worth of Powerball, Megamillions, and TX Lottery tickets. All those millions of dollars were heavy. Tag in a 100°F heat index and bright hot sun and you have an uncomfortable walk home.

Then after I got home I chugged a quart of Gatorade, then another 2 liters of generic diet cola (burrrrrppp!) Then fixed something in the microwave for dinner.

Now I have an ARCA race from Wisconsin on the flat screen, and pretzels and ice cream (it’s good! really) waiting to be consumed after grocery shopping And I want to get back to that. So I’m putting this post to bed.

I’m all pink

I got some sun out at the Hot Wheels Legacy event this morning. The fun started at 0600 when my alarm went off so I could catch the bus. Then I did the usual morning routine and was out the door about 0635, caffeinated and hydrated and pop-tarted. When I to to the bus stop I checked the itinerary and discovered the schedule I looked up was for Friday, not Saturday, after I had already activated my day pass and couldn’t get a refund. So I was committed to doing something or just throwing away $3. I knew that the closest approach during the weekend was the corner of Garland and Beltline, which was a bit of a slog, but doable if I stayed hydrated. So I set out on a 2 hour journey with a 1.8 mile walk to the event.

AAnnnd the battery on my new laptop needs to be recharged, so this will be continued later.

Well that sucked

Today I learned I can get a heat injury in an air-conditioned space if I get hot outside and get covered with something that resembles a blanket, like a barber’s apron.

Rather than wait the hour until the next bus I walked the 0.9 mi (1.4 km) from the credit union ATM to the barbershop and it was only 87°F (31C) so I thought I was going to be fine getting a haircut inside an air-conditioned shop. I was adequately hydrated because I was sweating like pigs don’t, completely drenched. But because of the apron covering my torso no air could get in to evaporate that sweat to cool me down. I got nauseous and had to take a bathroom break which didn’t help much because there was no air flow in the bathroom, either. But I eventually got my haircut, and it was a great haircut, and I look great in it. I suffered for that haircut, so I had better look fan-freaking-tastic in it.

Anyway I was still feeling the effects of the heat and the lack of sleep when I finally got home so I skipped lunch in favor of a short nap and lots of water. And even so I’m still doing the sleepy-time bob and weave as I compose this, so time for another shower and hitting the bed before 2200. You guys get two blog posts today, I get a story to tell, and then I get two naps to recover from it. and then I get to get up before sunrise tomorrow so I can maybe have another story to write about.

Just Chillin’

Well we had some kind of front move through and it has been darkly cloudy but dry all day and now the outside temp is under 80°F before midnight for the first time in ages. And as I started typing that a light shower popped up and cooled things down even more. So things are very chill here at Casa de El Poeta.

Seriously all I have done today is read web comics, feed, water, and pet the cats, clean up cat poop, and check e-mails. Oh and do a little work on one of my side gigs, that got done in less than 10 minutes. I have been running around enough already this week and I have another full day tomorrow going to the LRK and if the check cleared buying the return bus tickets from eclipse watching in TN. I thought about working some more on the TGS2 but changed my mind in favor of chilling some more. So now I’m so chill I’m frosty on the sides. And I have to get up at 0600 tomorrow, three hours after I normally go to bed.

It’s hot in Texas and water is wet, and the Feed

Looking at my phone the temp just went to 103°F with the heat index “only” 102 because there is almost no humidity. Seriously the air in Phoenix is more humid than the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, 22% in TX to 26% in AZ. And I actually go out and ride a bike in weather like this, wearing a full-face helmet. Well nobody has accused me of being “normal” lately. Speaking of that there are only 20 more shopping days to get me a Death Day present. I’m looking for RPG dice this year, especially d6 and d8. And I’m a vain geek, I want pretty dice that kinda match. And seriously about this, I’m playing a game now where I sometimes need as many as 10 d6 for damage rolls because my Warlock is heavily buffed with stacking magic items that both increase his “to hit” as well as his damage. I mean my to hit is now +13 against the touch AC of my opponent meaning against most non-monsters I hit every time, and I have better than even odds against pretty much all of the monsters. Currently it takes me longer to roll damage than most people take to play a turn because of my lack of d6. 😦

Right now it appears the Big Story is the woman hit by a semi in Boston on Friday morning. Cyclist Killed by Tractor Trailer Identified and Cyclist’s death spotlights Mass. Ave. peril also Recent fatal bike encounters with trucks, buses this too Police search for flatbed truck after bicyclist hit and killed at Boston more like this Bicycle rider killed in Back Bay crash in the previous link you can see the cyclist just before she was hit under the passenger side mirror of the picture of the weapon vehicle. Police Identify Bicyclist Killed In Back Bay Accident I’m going to make a 100% absolutely serious recommendation here: Ban large trucks like this from urban areas unless accompanied by bicyclist outriders front and rear to make sure that no pedestrians or cyclists get run over because drivers can’t see out of the right side or directly in front of the vehicle. The outriders’ responsibility would be to ensure that there was nothing and nobody in the way of the truck before allowing it to make a turning movement and hold the truck until the way had been cleared with the front outrider keeping people from turning across the truck and the back outrider making sure nobody comes from behind, and both making sure that the people who got there first have time to get out of the way, then the truck can make a turn. Obviously this is much more important when making a right turn because such large vehicles have to fade far to the left to clear such things as light poles and sidewalks, but there is still some issues with the left turns from a one-way street that require fading right for clearance. Using bicyclists as outriders means the forward speed is more or less limited to a safe speed. Late addition Surgeon Remembered After Being Struck and Killed on Bike

From a few hours ride east of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Calls for road safety after Longview cyclist crashes “It’s not if I’m going to get hit, it’s when,” which sounds pretty pessimistic, but this is TX, the state where the 2 biggest-selling vehicles are pickup trucks in spite of most of the population living in one of 6 urban areas.

A memorial ride south of WoaB about a day and a half ride. Memorial to honor teen killed in auto vs. bike crash(H)e swerved and hit the side of a vehicle” tells me that he got buzzed and hit. Remember this victim of motor violence.

Ted had a good day. We interrupt this website for a view from Sunday’s successful CicLAvia

Well it was good for a little while, anyway. Bicyclist killed riding on I-15 in North San Diego County hit-and-run; victim may have been struck multiple times

Same area, slightly earlier. Mission Beach Cyclist Severely Injured in Hit-and-Run Area readers are encouraged to BOLO for the weapon vehicle, have SDPD non-emergency number on speed dial. And PD need to have the ability to get texts and attachments from cell phones so that vital information can be sent from people on the scene instead of trying to describe the situation verbally. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike catches a killer. FHP: Hit-and-run driver distracted by e-cig before killing teen cyclist and Arrest made in hit-and-run crash that killed 17-year-old He dropped his vaper on the floor and instead of pulling over and stopping while he searched for it, he just ducked down and drove blind.

NYC, you suck. 18-Year-Old Queens Cyclist Who Was Struck By Driver In Bike Lane Has Died The drunk driver has not yet been charged with anything, including not charged with drunk driving.

Upstate NY is only slightly better. Bike accident during Great Race sends two cyclists to Upstate University Hospital No motor vehicles involved, but it was a race/ride. Some people were just out to have a nice ride somewhat protected from motor vehicles.

More upstate NY hassles. No easy answers for rider-driver friction in Piermont Part of the problem is NY culture leads to confrontations (remember Pacino’s “Hey! I’m WALKING here!”?), and part of the problem is we cyclists get a trifle excited when some putz comes within inches of terminating our lives which does little to reduce tensions.

Meanwhile in Joisey. Charges filed in Mine Hill crash that left cyclist injured The driver has been charged with driving like a putz and failing to yield.

A bill in PA that deserves to get thrown under the bus. Pa. bill to demand cyclists wear reflective vests at night getting thrown under bus Seriously, instead of demanding that cyclists do all the work here, how about just enforcing the Basic Speed Law?

Are you Too Old To Drive? Mother of bicyclist killed in car accident helps educate elderly drivers I remember covering this wreck back then, the cyclist was hit with the front of the right front fender. The driver just did not even consider that there was a lane of traffic to the right of the vehicle before starting the turn.

Someone in MN has a serious hate on for cyclists. Answers Tough To Find After Cyclist Hit By Chunk Of Concrete and People are ruthlessly attacking Minneapolis cyclists, for some reason Seriously, this was a planned attack, as the driver was riding in some cyclist-heavy parts of the city and wearing PPE so as to not get hurt by the objects he was throwing at cyclists. If you see the weapon vehicle deploy spike strips and shoot to kill. The car that is, kill the car. We want the driver to be publicly humiliated for at least a decade or so and corpses don’t get humiliated easily.

Still in MN a left cross wreck injures a young girl. Minnesota Girl Injured On Bicycle After Car Struck Her This story is just so bizarre. The driver was the victim of random mob violence a few years ago that left him brain damaged and was just now starting to get something resembling a normal life back when he turned left into the cyclist. As a member of both groups, brain damaged and cyclist, I don’t know which I should feel more sorry for. But as a member of both groups I also need to say they should test the driver for his degree of perception to his left, as well as can he physically turn his head to see that direction. He may have undiscovered defects on that side of his body, that he may not even know about.

Another hit-from-behind wreck in WI. Bicyclist hurt in Sunday crash named Other than the fact the driver stayed at the scene and rendered aid to the cyclist until medical help arrived it was a common hit-from-behind wreck.

Another cyclist is killed in another hit-and-run, this time in MI. Bicyclist on trek across Michigan dies in hit-and-run crash and Woman cycling across Michigan killed in hit-and-run The driver of the pickup truck hit the last rider in a group and sped away because he was a person of low moral content. When they find the truck it should be crushed as soon as they finish processing it, possibly with the driver still in it.

A little girl is hurt in SD. Five-Year-Old Girl Injured In Car Vs. Bicycle Accident If a 5YO can’t play safely here then there isn’t a safe place to play in SD.

Our first international links come from the Great White North, as age is no defense against criminally bad driving. Charges pending against 83-year-old driver after cyclist hit And neither is “sun glare”. It’s not like you don’t know the sun is going to be there…

The father of a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run wants a mandatory minimum sentence for killing someone in a hit-and-run to deter DUIs from leaving the scene. Dead cyclist’s father wants jail time for hit-and-run drivers and Dead cyclist’s father wants jail time for hit-and-run drivers I suggest the minimum for a fatal hit-and-run be twice the minimum for death by DUI, whatever they call it in the statute. If leaving the guy to die is not worse than killing him outright, well…

Gawddammit! Cyclist seriously injured after being hit by a lorry in central London OK I know the drivers have at least some degree of driving ability to pass the test for the license, and the majority of the cyclists hit have been experienced and careful cyclists, which narrows it down to infrastructure and vehicle blind spots…

Road.cc is sorta like Gothamist except all bike and in England. They have two links in today’s Feed. The first one is the driver who had his pathetically weak sentence reduced further because victims’ impact statements don’t actually count, they’re just for show. Lorry driver who caused death of Denbighshire cyclist has driving ban reduced FFS.

Second link is the bus driver that hit a cyclist in plain view and dragging his body until there was no hope of survival and getting away with it. Bus driver who dragged cyclist to his death and failed to stop avoids jail That distance in American (formerly Imperial English) is almost 80 feet. And WTF?!? “Death by Dangerous Driving” is the most serious driving offense in the book, and he got probation?

I think the coppers are still looking for the murder weapon. 70 year-old man questioned over death of cyclist Yep, I’ almost positive that’s what they’re doing.

Last link. Sips For Cyclists Event To Benefit Injured Riders Go out there and benefit somebody.

And I’m tired and done composing, now comes proofing, editing, and tagging.

Billed @€0.02, Opus the Unkillable Badass Poet