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I let the TGS2 sit in the back of my mind for a bit

After thinking about using Renli parts and sticking the engine beside me in the bucket body and making the frame bolt together in sections so it would fit inside and around the body without having to cut the body apart to mount it on the frame and all that other junk, I just let things sit in the back of my mind for a few days so I could think about other things.

Having thought about other things, like bike baskets for my grandson’s BMX bike, and whatever it was I wrote about yesterday, I went back to thinking about the TGS2. One of the things I have been thinking about a lot has been maintenance. As is mentioned in this comic. Robot rescue theme park planning (That link won’t be live until 0001 hours 2017/12/20)

Seriously I was considering chopping up the body and making most of one side removable just to get clear access to the oil filter for changing the oil when I was thinking about using the Renli front and rear diffs for AWD, and getting access for oil changes has been a constant consideration throughout the design of the TGS2. After having to remove large chunks of people’s cars to do simple things like adjusting or changing an accessory drive belt I wanted to make the TGS2 mechanic-friendly. Unfortunately there are compromises that must be made between aerodynamics and maintainability, so I drew the line at 1 hatch or panel removal per maintenance function, and hatches must serve multiple purposes. Holes must be large enough for tools and hands to move the tools and enough movement that I don’t spend all day swinging the ratchet back and forth one click at a time.

And while I was catching up on Twitter I get UFO tapes from the US government, with video Secretive program tracked UFOs for 5 years Obviously that wasn’t the tweet, that was the link to the video in the tweet. This Is the Tweet .

And as I’m trying to wend my way through Twitter I get a retweet about some nutjob saying how we are all going to be crying when Mueller arrests Hillary and drops indictments against Democrats, like they won the election and Hil’s #45 in the WH.

That’s it, I haven’t read a single e-mail and I need to get stuff done.