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My Father’s day was a week early, the rest of you have a great day.

My kids took me out for seafood at Pappadeaux last Saturday and I did pretty good in the presents department. I was going to brag last Sunday but Some Asshole decided to shoot up a gay club in Orlando and I really wasn’t in the mood any more.

That’s a 24-oz capacity insulated cup, that will keep warm coffee drinkable for at least 6 hours, and iced drinks iced for more than 8 hours (I can’t say exactly how much more, but there was ice left in the cup when my drink was done after 8 hours). The background is a limited edition ST:TOS T-shirt commemorating the Mirror, Mirror episode. The present I treasure the most is the 4-star Dragonball plushie. My son tells me the package said it was a keychain, but none of the pants pockets I have will hold it by itself, much less with keys on it.

This makes the third Father’s Day since my father died in 2012. I finally managed to process he’s not here and I’m starting to miss him. Dad and I were never close, but we would talk every so often. One of those times was when tragedies like Orlando would happen and we would try to make some sense of it together. Now I have to try to make sense out of the senseless on my own.

And there is racing on the idiot box (all night long) so I’m cutting this one short now. Y’all have a good time Sunday.

PSA, Opus


Merry Christmas, it’s Wreck-Free Sunday

I just got back from trying to fix my bike at the church where I had to leave it Friday. Now before anybody panics all that happened was I have a bolt that doesn’t quite reach holding the front of the right kitty-litter bucket to the rack and the nut fell off. I can’t ride the bike with that bolt not tying the kitty-litter bucket down, because it could destroy the entire mounting system and both buckets. So I need to get a longer bolt for a buck or so from the hardware store.

Now this is Christmas Day, and while I was walking from the transit center to the church this person pulls over and asks if I need a blanket or something. My wife says I look like a homeless person because I have been letting my winter fur grow out, making me no longer look like a suburban home-owner. I thought it might have been because of the thrift-store clothes I wear when I’m not riding my bike, or because I have a noticeable limp and my cane is rather battered since I have been driving it for the last decade. Let’s just say that in British parlance I “look a bit second-hand” and leave it at that.

The combination of this being Christmas Day and Sunday has resulted in a Downtown Garland that looks like 3 weeks after the Zombie Apocalypse, at least from a traffic count point of view. Seriously, I’m talking a handful of cars in the 1.6 miles I walked to and from the church. I wish I had been riding my bike instead of walking, it would have been heavenly.

I have been heavily using 2 of my Christmas presents in particular, the new mouse which I plugged into the computer almost as quick as I unwrapped it, and my new “watch”, a SanDisc Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player with stopwatch and clock, plus a FM radio. I knew I wanted a MP3 player. I just didn’t know how useful they made them these days, before you even load in the MP3s.

Since we had the big dinner yesterday we’re having leftovers for Christmas, which means round 2 for the ham, sweet potatoes, stuffing and rolls, but Mrs. the Poet had to make a fresh batch of mashed potatoes because we went through yesterday’s batch like locusts they were that good. So sometimes re-runs are still as good as the first time.

Well it’s just about time to eat dinner, so I’m going to cut this one off here. you go have you a good dinner, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Billed @$0.02, Opus