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I’ve been really boring lately

I’m eating raisins and generic peanut butter cups and drinking generic diet cola and coffee, and watching YouTube videos. Well reading web comics too. Not the source of massive missives.

I’m still doing things but this video is something everyone should watch, because funny. Seriously I get a little cranked that buns are 8 to a package but hotdogs are 10, until I remember I can make my own beanie weenies with the extras.

Also I apologize to my Francophile readers for neglecting Bastille Day celebrations and I hope you fed the bourgeoisie to the guillotine by yourself. Nobody sent me any orders for tumbrels, so I don’t think anyone did.

Still not dead, but going off-air for a while

I haven’t been posting for a while because I have been studying technical manuals and not doing anything else otherwise beyond the essentials of existence. That does not make for compelling reading.

Also I need to get away from everything for a while so I’m packing the computer away and breaking out some physical books, with paper pages and some actually have hard covers. Shocking, I know, but they still exist (in spite of the majority of my reading purchases being Kindle format). So, anyway I have about a week’s worth of books to get through, both technical and fiction, that will keep the mind occupied and the fingers busy turning pages so I won’t be reading screens of any type for a while. That means I’m also going silent on Twitter and Facebook, so don’t be looking for anything from those platforms, either.

Anywho, see you in a week or so.