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I got wrapped up in a gig yesterday/last night, and the Feed

As I was saying, I was involved in an activity yesterday and last night and did not get home until nearly midnight, and by the time I ate it was nearly 0100. So I decided to finish reading my e-mail, less the Feed folder and it was after 0200 when I got done, which is way too late to be filtering and reading links and composing a blog post. So I didn’t, sorry. And I’m going to be late again Friday because I’m going shoe shopping in the AM and there is a church function I have to attend in the PM. So Friday’s post will post sometime early Saturday morning as per usual, but later than usual.

I’m going to open again with several rounds of Our Daily Ted. Is California’s new three-foot passing law making a difference? and 13-year old boy killed while walking his bike in Boyle Heights and Morning Links: Bike share is booming, Finish the Ride’s Damian Kevitt prepares to run the LA Marathon

A link that I found separately from Ted’s links on the change in policy after a LASD deputy ran over a cyclist in the bike lane while on duty. Sheriff’s officials curb deputy in-car computer use Really, change the rules after you kill a guy!?!one If I had any give-a-damn left I would be outraged, but I think I mentioned back when I stopped linking wrecks here that my give-a-damn was depleted, and it has not yet returned in any quantity.

One of the reasons why I have such a hard time keeping up my give-a-damn is idiots like this, in Oz. Driver who mowed down seven Sydney cyclists in bid for lesser charges after new lawyer said allegations were ‘too harsh’ and Charges too serious in NSW cyclists crash Really, “too serious”? You ran down 7 vehicles from behind that were in the lane you should not have been driving in, and “dangerous driving” is too serious a charge? I would have charged you with 7 attempted murders because you obviously meant to kill the lot of them.

“Should distracted driving be as serious a crime as drunk driving?” Trial hears van driver Philip Sinden was texting before crash that killed cyclist Daniel Squire in Ringwould This is another case of SWSS because the driver did not pay attention to what was on the road in front of him. He was too busy texting his “lover”.

I’m sure most of my readers are no stranger to what a cyclist looks like after a wreck, but if you need something to show a bike-hating person you have to associate with, this is the link. Cyclist left covered in blood after collision in Sheffield This is what a cyclist looks like wearing a helmet in a wreck with a motor vehicle, notice that the top of his head is completely uninjured.

A little infrastructure news from Jolly Olde as they “do something” to reduce the CARnage in the streets. 20mph speed limit to begin on major London routes in radical plan to save lives

And while they try to “do something” to save lives you get imbeciles like this plod. Can your child cycle on the pavement?

Legal infrastructure under debate in Scotland. Mark Beaumont backs new law for cyclists and walkers This is another take on the “vulnerable road users” laws in some states and communities here in the US, based on the “presumed liability” laws in the Netherlands and other countries.

And another “blame the victim” proposal in Oz. Partner of cyclist killed on Kings Park Road in Perth calls for mandatory high-visibility wear And all motor vehicle occupants should be wearing helmets and fireproof coveralls, after all race drivers do both, so it just makes sense, right?

And thank [$DEITY] I’m finally done for the night.

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Running way late getting started, and the Feed

I have a part-time gig listening to people cry about dead spouses, apparently my brain damage makes me look like I’m listening intently while they tell about their dear departed loved ones, but it ran late today and I didn’t even get home until after 1500, when I’m supposed to get home by 1200. So, this is going the be a bit rushed.

Starting off with a bunch of links from NM, the first being they found the driver that ran off a road and through a fence to kill a cyclist on a bike path not guilty of manslaughter. Woman found guilty of careless driving in bicyclist’s death 90 days in jail…

In the same city. Crash kills bicyclist on Highway 66 and Cyclist dies after accident near Sedillo Hill One link says this is a SWSS, the other is not sure what caused the wreck. This might be on Historic US66 but it is also on USBR66 that follows the remains of the old US66 as a bike route since so much of it is now low-speed rural and village roads, much as it was before the old “Route 66” show. More BCSO identifies cyclist killed near Sedillo Hill

A minor wreck in CA. Valley Police Beat: Cyclist injured after colliding with Navigator This is another reminder that alleys are intersections as this motor vehicle operator failed to yield to traffic in the street when exiting the alley. Protocols to avoid and get the freaking infrastructure right to prevent. The “cyclist came out of nowhere”. Again. That might actually happen as I am working on a teleportation spell for Blue 😛

Another hit-and-run in Portland OR, Cyclist injured in a hit-and-run; other Northeast Portland Thursday news There wasn’t any actual news about the wreck in this blotter article. Actual news about the wreck. Cyclist hurt in NE Portland hit-and-run crash Right hook in the bike lane, a serious violation of OR law that can result in the same fine a cyclist gets from rolling a stop sign, if the right hook results in a dead cyclist. This is a special case for intersection protocols because by law the cyclist has the right of way over the tuning vehicle making it hard to avoid because it is so much more unexpected. Get the infrastructure right to prevent… And if you see that car shoot the driver and call the cops.

A cyclist in the Windy City dies in a door prize incident. Bicyclist Killed Downtown Avoiding a Dooring and Bicyclist struck, killed on Near North Side The driver who caused the wreck was given a ticket for killing a cyclist out of season opening his door without due care. I can’t say how this could have been avoided by the cyclist with the built environment. There was a bike lane entirely within the door zone, there was traffic immediately to the left of the bike lane, leaving the cyclist with a choice of deaths. Get the infrastructure right to prevent anyone else from having to make that choice.

What looks like a salmon cyclist in the Great White North, but never actually spelled out that way. 19-year-old cyclist killed in collision on Merrittville Highway The southbound cyclist struck the northbound vehicle in the northbound lane. This sounds exactly like a salmon cyclist but for some reason this was not explicitly stated, odd. To avoid ride with traffic not facing traffic, to prevent get the infrastructure right. (Amazing how many wrecks could be prevented by getting the infrastructure right, isn’t it?) Another link Cyclist killed on Merrittville Highway This link also did not come right out and blame the cyclist for riding against traffic, there must be more to the scene than they are saying.

Infrastructure! news in Boston. Tackling Bike Safety In Boston Most of the article is actually the comments, complaining about cyclists on the sidewalks when the meat of the article was about giving cyclists someplace to ride away from cars to keep them off the sidewalks…

Infrastructure from NYC. Locals criticize CB7 for not expanding Columbus bike lane Whodathunkit? People in NYC defending bike lanes and demanding more and better bike lanes.

Infrastructure from CA. Want to Make San Diego More Bike Friendly? Lose the Helmets! If helmets actually prevented wrecks I would be in favor of them, but for adults riding for transportation, helmets are pretty much useless.

And those are all the links that gave me fits that I could put in this blog.

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