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I don’t have enough caffeine for this

Sorry if this post is a little more disjointed than usual, but an insurance person called me before either of my alarms went off, so I’m both underslept, and uncaffeinated. My spell checker needs a larger vocabulary/dictionary, because it is showing both underslept and uncaffeinated as spelled wrong, but Google says I spelled them both right.

Anywho, I was called before my first alarm went off at 1000, about getting me the best deal for Medicare, and for me it’s Medigap to cover my deductibles and copays because apparently getting killed doesn’t count as a pre-existing condition, if I’m talking to them on the phone. So, I got set up on a policy that uses Medicare for most of my medical costs but covers the rest so my out-of-pocket should be pretty much nothing. The downside is I have a $120~ monthly premium, so another expense I have to cover on top of everything else.

And now it’s after 1500 and I’m fading because of that lack of sleep, so I’ll put this post to bed and get some food so I have the calories I need to function.


OK another round of “My Weird Lyfe”

OK between waking up at 1700 Tuesday and waking up at 1430 or thereabouts today I got a normal amount of sleep for that length of time. I was also awake from 1700 Tuesday until 0230 today (Thursday) so I didn’t get that “normal” amount of sleep in or at a normal time. I was awake during the day because I had to be awake for something I had to do because it was something that had to be done on my computer and nobody uses my computer but me, and also because the person who needed my help is basically useless on a computer for anything except reading web pages and answering e-mail. Then for some reason I couldn’t get back to sleep until I normally do which is between 0300 and 0500.

Mrs. the Poet and I have been discussing my sleep non-pattern, and she’s been treating it as something I have to deal with because there isn’t much she can do about it if anything. There is but it is something she doesn’t want to do, is physically taxing if not distasteful, and my own morals dictate that if she doesn’t want to I can’t.

But, with what I have discovered during this period of insomnia I think I might have traced the source of the strange dreams I have been having or at least the ones I remember. I’m trying to solve some of my needs in my sleep, or possibly my sub-conscious mind is trying to tell me what my problems are in my sleep. Either way the dreams are about my problems. And maybe about how to solve them. The big thing is I can’t solve this problem by just dreaming about it. One of my problems is I’m not getting enough human touch, and that’s nothing you can dream away.

Other things I’m having dreams about are stuff I don’t want to put on the internet, but I still need to take care of them somehow. And I equally have zero idea of how to take care of them, internet or not.

And leaving everyone hanging like that seems like a good place to stop because I have other problems and want other people to suffer because of that…