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Almost forgot

We had a total communications outage from 2100 Tuesday to 1800 Wednesday here at Casa de El Poeta, because someone ran over the cable junction box a couple of houses down in the alley. No phone, no internet, and no TV for over 20 hours until we could find the bill to get the account number from because Mrs. the Poet threw away the keep for your records part of the bill when she wrote the check for the cable bill. Fortunately we hadn’t put the check in the mail so we opened the envelope to read the other part of the bill because it also had the account number. But still because someone couldn’t keep their car under control I missed the end of the Gander Outdoors truck race race Tuesday and almost missed the rainout of the Cup series race Wednesday night.

But anywho (ever notice I love using that interjection? cause I love that interjection) we managed to get everything straightened out and restored all communication here at Casa de El Poeta. So Y’all keep your heads down when they start shooting and maybe we’ll be there to catch you on the flipside.

Update on the internet situation

Still trying to compose with the smart phone on-screen “keyboard”. The timeline for restoring internet is still about a week out because it blew up a major component and it’s backordered. The thing that really annoys me is I won’t get cable back in time for the truck race at Eldora. I look forward to watching the race all year long, because the trucks are not designed to be raced on dirt, and so far the Goodyear tires are more wets than dirts so the trucks slide around like they are trying to drive on a wet paved track and the driver is a much bigger part of the picture than usual. This year Tony Stewart got personally involved with the tires so the trucks can get a bit more sideways, but because of the suspension design they won’t be like your typical Saturday night stock car and will still be mostly trying to stay straight.

But because of the outage I won’t get to see it.

And I have hit my tolerance for hunting and pecking on my phone. I will try to make further updates later.

Fighting a massive electrical malfunction, and the Feed

Here at Casa de El Poeta we had a major electrical problem last night. Outlets and switches have been losing and regaining power all day since about 0100 this morning. The worst part of this was losing all outside communications about 1100 this morning. It’s really hard to do a blog when you don’t have internet access past the box on the wall that connects to the outside world. Also connected through that box was the land line and the cable TV, so all I was able to do today was read books and use the battery-powered radio, that can only pick up Tejano music and Rush Limbaugh (ugh!).

Up first a cyclist killer gets off incredibly easy down the road a hard day’s ride from the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. 87-year-old man takes plea in 2012 crash that killed cyclist Why was the driver allowed to plea to a minimal charge after a deliberate move to the shoulder (illegally) after the cyclist rode past (legally). Shoulders are a legal grey area for bicycles in Texas. We are allowed but not required to treat them as bicycle infrastructure, and in most cases they are not ridable by anything other than trials bikes with airless tires. The shoulders around Austin are kept pretty clean because so many people ride their bikes there. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike they almost got another notch in the belt. Bicyclist injured by hit-run driver, FHP reports Not stated who was ignoring the traffic control in this wreck, but as the cyclist survived it might have been neither. Florida drivers are notorious for using their vehicles as weapons to “teach a lesson” to cyclists they feel are “encroaching on their roads”, so this cyclist may have been just a little too far out at the stop line on the right side of the road. There really isn’t enough information to evaluate what really happened, so intersection protocols and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

IN CA the driver that killed Amelie Le Moullac escaped criminal charges because Foxtrot Uniform, cars. DA’s Office Declines To File Charges Against At-Fault Driver Who Struck And Killed Folsom Street Cyclist OK who wants to help me arrest this DA on civil rights charges? This DA has a 100% record of charging and convicting cyclists when the one per year kills a pedestrian, but a 0% record of charging drivers that kill cyclists even when video is found that proves the driver was 100% at fault and criminally liable for the death.

Another link to the NYC party bus hit-and-run killing of a cyclist. Cyclist Killed in Queens Hit-Run With Mercedes Van: NYPD Same as yesterday, nothing the cyclist could have done…

In VA a cyclist sets up to make a left turn and gets run over. Virginia Beach: Cyclist killed in accident with vehicle Cyclist moves to the inside lane just before an intersection in complete compliance with the laws, then gets run over and LEO are more concerned with why the cyclist changed lanes than the driver that ran him over. It was late morning so visibility should not have been a problem for the driver, the important part is why LEO are not more concerned with the driver hitting the cyclist setting up to make a perfectly legal left turn… Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch”, including training LEO on what constitutes legal behavior for a cyclist.

A very rare cyclist v cyclist wreck in WA. Cyclist sought in alleged hit-and-run with other bike rider on I-90 bridge Yep, even a fellow cyclist needs to hang around until the ambulance leaves. The infrastructure there is as much to blame as the cyclists, there was barely 6 feet of room for a bidirectional shared space with cyclists weaving in and out of tourists as well as transportational pedestrians and physical obstructions in the path. Get that infrastructure “up to Dutch”, then we can talk about what the cyclists might have done wrong. Because the main thing that went wrong here was failure to negotiate who was going where in time to avoid a collision.

A similar wreck turns out much worse in far West Canuckistan. Search for witness after North Vancouver bike rider dies in fall on Lions Gate Bridge and North Vancouver cyclist dies after cycling accident on Lions Gate Bridge Difference on this wreck is that the cyclist looks to have fallen after a close pass by another cyclist (any pass on this bridge is going to be a close pass by default) rather than a collision, and the cyclist also hit his head (helmet damaged). Hey BC legislators, I thought mandatory helmet laws were supposed to prevent any head injury not caused by getting hit with (by) a truck?! This guy “just” fell off his bike at a “normal” bike speed, so why is he dead?[/snark] For those recently starting to read this blog, I have a strong antipathy about mandatory helmet laws. They are only helpful after the wreck, distract from more important things like keeping cars from running into bicycles, and as this wreck exemplifies, they aren’t even all that good at keeping cyclists alive in falling off the bike once the bike is moving.

On the other side of the Great White North (I think, I’m pretty sure that this town is in Ontario) a cyclist is injured by a driver in a motor vehicle. Teen injured after hit and run involving a bicycle in Alcona Stereotypical right hook by a driver who appears to be paying more attention to his phone than other vehicles in the road (bicycles are vehicles in Ontario). Intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. And seriously, get this driver off the road, he drove into a group of bicycles that had started across the road before he even got to the intersection, which meant he didn’t look and just barged through other road users.

A really sad wreck in Oz (not that they all aren’t, but this one is really sad). Winemaker Jill Bryant killed in cycling collision Nothing on the mode of the wreck, but a lot about the victim. It look like this will be a great loss to the community, as they lost a winemaker, radiologist and neighbor all in the one victim.

Our daily Ted has some interesting links. Morning Links: Wiggo wins, but it’s two and done for women at the ToC; even the Mayor bikes to work this week And there appears to be a more recent link to the TX wreck I was reporting about earlier in the post…

And my high-school stomping grounds puts out an article on bicycle safety that doesn’t begin and end with “helmet”. Bicycle safety campaign kicks off in Utah

And If I’m lucky I can get the US portion posted in bikejournal.com before I lose my internet again.

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