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Still not firing on all cylinders

BP when I took it this morning was in the normal range for me of 120/74, diastolic still low, but what are you going to do about that?

The other issue I’m dealing with is not enough Calories to maintain my body. I’m surrounded by food that I can’t eat because my mouth is still torn up from losing all those teeth to make room for my dentures, and I’ve been living on ramen, oatmeal, and protein shakes. Problem with that diet is I’m not getting enough calories to keep the body running, and that causes my BP to drop and also my blood sugar. And that makes me dizzy, and not write good. And to compensate I have been sucking on hard candy, which helps a little while the candy is actually in my mouth. But a few seconds later I’m crashing again.

What has been consistently effective has been the protein shakes. A few minutes after taking one my dizzy spells are ended, for a while. then as with any intervention that relies on biological functions eventually even that runs out.

And I have run out of things to say again, so I’ll put this one to bed now


Today has been a rough one

I’ve been feeling like something the cat tried to bury in the litterbox for a while now because not enough Calories, but this morning when I checked my blood pressure it was actually down to the top of the low BP danger zone, 90/62. Another 2 points on the diastolic and I would have been calling 911 for a trip to the ER because I don’t think I could have walked out the door to take a Lyft. I didn’t take my BP meds this morning because I measured my BP before I took them, and good thing I did.

Among other problems I have been having in tandem with the low BP has been trouble completing a thought, which delayed writing this blog post for several hours and also prevented me from doing the Sunday morning Shadowrun game, but that got canceled because a lot of the players were with their mothers celebrating Mother’s Day. I was just out of it, not away from my computer like everybody else. I think that can be laid at the feet of “not enough calories” in tandem with the low BP. And I can put the not enough Calories in the same boat with the no teeth because I haven’t been able to bite or chew since I got the temp dentures. And that’s nobody’s fault because everything has been changing around since the teeth got pulled, especially on the lower jaw as places that got abrasions when the teeth got pulled swell and contract.

And because I felt like crap most of the day Imma put this post to bed and then me.