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My Warlock has been revived and other crucial news on a Wreck-Free Sunday

Getting to the good news from the Kinky D&D game, my Warlock8 has been revived and his head put on the right way so he can again aid the party in fighting the whatevers we have to fight now. I think we have about 3 overlapping quests we are stuck with counting the one we have to fulfill to “pay” for reviving the dead party members. We now have to rescue a effrit princess from a half-fiend, half green dragon, the very same dragon we were supposed to “take care of” to get rid of the monsters that had been harassing the trade routes in and out of the city we had been based in before this round of adventures started. So we have come full circle…

In other news I think I may have found a massage provider I can afford, $25 for a 50 minute massage. The bad part is these are student intern massages so I won’t have any way of selecting a therapist I know works well with my injuries. But if I come every week, I can get the people assigning students to let me work with students specializing in treating people like me. So eventually it will work out and I’ll be able to get what I need at least some of the time.

Continuing the health news, you may remember that I ran my second toe on my right foot over with the dolly while moving furniture Friday night. No broken bones, but the toe has been sore and swollen and has taken a lot of abuse because it sticks out further than the big toe. The same toe on the left foot is also swollen because it got jammed against the inside of my shoe as you can see in this picture.

You can also see the bruised nailbeds from delaying the trip to the nail spa until I injured my toes on the inside of my shoes. I know, I defer maintenance until things get too bad to do otherwise, it is a failing of mine.

On other things I really need and want to finish building the extended stem for Francis/es, but I have worn out all my cutting tools on the CroMo steel I purchased for the task. Well technically I still have a fresh sidemill cutting tool, but as I don’t have the kind of PPE I need to use it given the kind of shavings it throws off, I’m gonna put that one on the back shelf for now. I really don’t want to spend another couple of days using forceps to grab and pull tiny needles out of my skin when they work their way to where I can grab them. The process is as irritating as the little slivers of metal in my skin. The deal now is I need to make the top (outside) edge of the cutout about 3mm deeper in the raw stock, and I need to relieve a lot of material from inside the raw stock so the donor stem fits flush with the edge of the cutout and the top of the donor stem fits flush with the top of the raw stock of the extension.

That’s the hole.

And that’s the Hole Problem. You can see where the top of the donor stem extends past the raw stock of the extension by more than a bit, meaning the hole has to be made larger/longer. You may have also noticed that I went through the side of the donor stem trying to make it fit inside the raw stock. That can be filled or covered when I braze the donor stem into the extension and then filed or ground smooth for painting. NBD. The combination of welded donor stem brazed into the raw stock will be more than strong enough for the forces applied even when standing on the pedals even with the gaps in the donor stem. The donor stem survived the wreck that killed me, it should survive a few trips to the grocery store in its new form. The bottom of the extension fits flush against the top of Francis/es’ steer tube so when the binder bolt is tightened up there is very little stress applied to the bottom of the extension. I’m still looking for the one odd part I need to complete the binder bolt, the “coupling nut” that connects the bolt that fits the top of the donor stem to the hunk of allthread that spans the added space in the extension.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to work in darkness inside the extension and hold the two threaded pieces together.

So when I go deposit the check to pay for the massages, since I budgeted $60/week and I only need to pay $25, I have a little bit of money to pay for things like coupling nuts and abrasive tools for the Dremel. And I get to do that and the Huge Blog Post all in the same day. 😛

It’s time to go to evening services, and I think I have blathered on enough for one day.

PSA, Opus the Unkillable Badass Poet

A slight miscalculation for a Wreck-Free Sunday

The fill-in bike is ready. It has lights, a new seat and has been adjusted to fit me comfortably. It doesn’t have fenders and the only tires I had for it were off the enormous stack of knobbies I have so the rolling resistance is huge. The tires will throw junk from the road up onto my legs, so I’ll have to start shaving them again. And that miscalculation? I still don’t have a helmet or rear view mirrors, so I can’t ride yet. Yep, that is a big “Whoops!” on my part. I have just been so used to having a wearable helmet with mirrors on it (for at least 5 years now with the 2 helmets) that I didn’t think to order a new one when I was at the LBS buying bike parts the other day. And after I buy the helmet I have to make and install new mirrors on it. That will take a couple of days after I get the helmet in my hands.

In the meantime I have been trying to get the metal I need to make the new bike as I have almost all the other parts either on hand or on order. The frustrating part is I can’t get responses from local metal supply houses on if they even carry the sizes and shapes of tubing I need. I may have to bypass local to buy from the Internets (and pay shipping and send my money outside my local area).

To distract myself from the depressing business of trying to build a very custom bike from scratch and scrap I went back to the T-Bucket. I measured the difference in height between my shoulders and the back of a T body, and I will have to drop the seating area by about 2″ plus the compressed thickness of the seat cushion to put the top of the body above my shoulders so the shoulder harness doesn’t compress my spine in a wreck. This will mean I can use the “shorty” windshield from Speedway as well as using the 30° layback windshield posts to lower the profile of the car. This also lowers the center of gravity for better handling all the way around. Left and right naturally, that’s the first thing people think about when the word “handling” is brought up when the topic is motor vehicles, but also braking and to a lesser degree acceleration.

One of the things I like about the straight tube axle I picked for the Bucket is there is a natural anti-dive built into the suspension that works exactly like the anti-squat on a live rear axle. This allows me to build in bigger brakes in front for racing and also so that I can use brakes going downhill without having to worry about brake fade. The car will weigh about 1600 pounds in street trim and a half-tank of gas, but the front brakes I’m using were originally designed for a 4000 pound luxury car. They didn’t fade in that application, so I’m pretty sure they won’t fade in mine. Also I will have completely free and unimpeded airflow to the brakes that means I’m doubly assured against brake fade. Like I said before, it’s the details now.

Speaking of details I have to figure out someplace to tuck the battery away but still be able to get to it. I’m thinking I could use the crossmember for the driveshaft loop to mount the battery box on the passenger side of the car just in front of the rear axle, and under the passenger seat. This moves weight to the back and away from the driver’s side of the car, both of which are generally considered as good for a 2-seat car with not a lot of weight, as the driver moves the center of gravity of the car to the left because the driver is such a large percentage of the car’s weight.

And while I was working on the blog post I was also watching the Cup race from Watkin’s Glen while Kyle Busch got a gift by being in the pits when the caution came out after a wreck before Marcus Ambrose made his pit stop. Marcus was running away from the pack when the caution came out, which trapped him deep in the pack. And then the #9 Stanley Tools car broke the track bar mount and lost control in a turn and wiped the nose off the car. That finished ruining his day. All in all it was a very good race from start to finish.

PSA, Opus

Great, now I’m a switch and 4 solder joints from being able to use my new taillight, and the Feed

What the headline refers to is I managed to cook the plastic parts of my switch, rendering it inoperable, while connecting the wires from the light units to it. So I have to go back to the store to get another switch and connect the wires to it (more carefully this time) and I still haven’t figured out how to make a secure soldered connection to those last two tabs on the battery pack. I have gone into the guts of the trickle charger that boiled SLA batteries to see if I can make it work as a NiMH charger, and if I bypass the regulators that failed to regulate the current I can get enough voltage out of the system to fully charge the 10s NiMH pack without damaging it. I have found out that C/10 is a perfect charge rate for using terminal voltage as a end-of-charge determinant, for 10s I will need to stop charging between 14 and 14.4V. Just to be on the safe side I’m wiring an ammeter as well as a voltmeter into this charger, to make sure the charge rate is as intended. Another thing I’m going to try is wiring an LED in series with the output as an indicator of complete charging. How that works is the voltage coming off the wall wart is 18VrmsAC, after going through the bridge it will be 16.6 VDC, the LED has to have a certain amount of voltage drop as well as a minimum current to light. What I have to do is figure out the resistor to put in series with the LED that allows 200ma current to flow until the voltage in the pack is equal to the voltage from the wall wart minus the voltage drop of the LED, which I don’t know yet because I haven’t measured it (it’s still in the electronic guts of the trickle charger). I might have to resort to using a clamping capacitor to hold the output from the bridge closer to the peak voltage of the wall wart if the forward bias of the LED is too high to allow 200ma of current to flow. And the reason I’m spending so much time on the charger is the charger will be out in the garage out of sight while the battery is being charged, it has to shut down or go to a really low current so that the battery isn’t overcharged when I put the charger on after a short night ride like I had to do when I was using the SLA battery in the Honkin’ Huge Taillight™ on Gigi. SLA is notorious for going bad if left in a partially discharged condition, NiMH not so much, so I might just wait until the light gets a little dim before slapping the charger on it, but the care would still be needed in building the charger. And I think you can see why I was chosen by Hephastus as a follower, I was an EE tech and an ME tech a long time ago. I used to get awards for following procedure 100% at some of my older jobs. I am that unholy combination of ADHD and OCD. I’m easily distracted, but while I’m on-task that task is done right!

Up first is more about the (lack of) bike lanes in Dallas. Dallas cycling group proposes barricades to protect bikers Unless there are drivers’ groups holding bake sales to get potholes fixed and bridges built the city needs to pay for bike lanes, not cycling groups holding bake sales and art auctions. Bike lanes are basic infrastructure like roads and sidewalks. But given the number of streets in TX that lack even sidewalks in spite of the fact that they are residential streets with children playing on them shows how committed to basic infrastructure they(we) are in TX.

An Upstate NY cyclist is hit-and-run and surprize surprize the driver was DUI. Bicyclist Injured in Hit and Run Crash The charges are pretty serious initially, let’s see what he eventually is convicted of. To avoid use hit-from-behind protocols.

Moving on to Jolly Olde a driver that went off the roads @~70MPH and hit a cyclist on a bike path gets off easy. Motorist who hit cyclist and injured passenger while over-taking two cars at speed keeps licence Only a minor fine and 6 points, at that rate he could hit another cyclist and still keep his license to drive, barely. TANJ!

Another case with a bit more justice as a half-blind driver is sued by his victim. Cyclist Injured in Hit and Run Accident wins £4 Million Compensation The cyclist went from being a national-level tennis coach to sitting all day in a wheelchair and getting fed through a tube.

The man accused of murder in an Oz cycling death has refused to enter a plea in his arraignment. Man enters no plea over cyclist death He also has not requested bail, so he remains in custody (jail). This case is so odd…

Another case of entitled drivers as a road that is unsafe because of falling rocks bans cyclists rather than slow down motor vehicles for a few miles. Death likely, warns driver You could just drive more slowly for a few miles rather than run over a cyclist…

And that’s all the links I have today, fortunately for my sanity.

Billed @$0.02, Opus