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Mrs the Poet comes home tomorrow

Not 100% sure yet, but when I left the hospital this afternoon, she was supposed to get the drain out and come home tomorrow. I observed her physical therapy, which consisted of lessons of how to get in and out of beds and chairs and walking up and down the hall. About the walking, she’s already walking farther than she has in months. She’s using a walker now where she was using a cane before, but she’s made several laps of the hallway in a few minutes where before surgery she only could hobble slowly back and forth between the front door and the back door, and around the grocery store once a week (which left her exhausted). She hasn’t had any “dead leg” issues or anything like that where before her operation she was a constant fall risk because like me her legs would go numb and unresponsive without notice, only worse for her because it could be either or both legs.

And that’s pretty much all I had to say and there is a very lonely cat pining for attention outside the office, so this is where I put the post to bed.

That was a waste of $3

The lab rat keeper wanted me to get my other ailments tended by the Adult Health Clinic here in Garland. So I checked the web site for hours of operation and made plans to get there, bought a $3 day pass on the transit app, and set out about the same time of day I’m normally going to bed with enough caffeine in me to blur my outlines from my vibration. Not to mention that it’s that kind of cold and damp that makes arthritis feel like someone is driving nails into your joints and they stop working, even though the temperature is relatively mild. So when I get there my hands are checking out and my knees are committing mutiny, but I can’t get in the door because the automatic opener isn’t and I can barely grip the handle to pull the door open manually. Eventually someone pushed the door open from the inside and I wander around trying to find the clinic for about 10 minutes, only to find a sign saying the clinic was closed until the 24th, no further explanation given, and the hours for the clinic are not the same as the hours shown on the web site for the clinic.

I am disappoint. I am a lot of other emotions also, mostly angry. I could have been in bed asleep and warm and mostly pain free instead of cold and hurting and vibrating.