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Merry Christmas and junk, I guess?

Mrs. the Poet and I are going to visit relatives all day tomorrow so I won’t be home to make a post. So I’m doing the Merry Christmas post a day early.

December is like the biggest month for holidays as most cultures in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the winter solstice in one form or another. The Romans had Sol Invictus, and Mithras born on the 25th, and Saturnalia also celebrated on the 25th. We also have Kwanzaa, and Festivus as cultural secular celebrations (and I heard some seriously heated Airing of the Grievances this year). This was the time of year when perishable foods were starting to go bad and had to be eaten, or shortly thrown away and wasted so better eaten than wasted. This would include the last of the meat slaughtered at Samhane, as well as any veggies that would not remain edible after exposure to freezing temperatures. This was the time of year to eat it before it went bad, and boy are we holding up that tradition.

Then we have the exchange of gifts, which I don’t know the true origin for other than “I made this for you, so can we not try to kill each other this Winter?” because people spent a lot of time together this time of year. So I promise not to kill anyone who sent me something for Christmas this year, but the rest of you, you have to sleep sometime 🙂 Just kidding, I don’t have the time nor energy to hunt everyone down, so you get a reprieve. And since it wouldn’t be fair to only kill the people I can get to, everybody gets to live.

Last year the Grandson got a bike, so this year he gets bike accessories. He asked for a basket and a bell, so I tracked down pretty much the only basket that would fit his bike, and the loudest most obnoxious bell I could afford which considering the bells sounded better the more expensive they got means the second cheapest bell was the winner this year.

merry Xmas!

OK as I write this the identity of the driver of the Berlin Murder Truck is still unknown, but German authorities are still refusing to harden public gatherings against motor vehicle attack even so. I think this is a ridiculous attitude. Motor vehicles are ubiquitous, easier to get than guns and cheaper than bombs of equal destructive power. I mean you can just steal one off the street like they did in the Berlin market attack, how much cheaper can you get?

And I’m wondering, are the Germans going to count these deaths in their highway fatalities score or keep them in the terrorist attacks score, or both?

Anyway Christmas stuff minus the blood and broken bones. I’m thinking I’m probably going to convert my grandson’s Cozy Coupe into a roadster and hang a cheap tiny gas engine on it to make it a go-kart hot rod. I kinda need the welding practice, and I have been wanting to do something like this for ages. I could also repurpose the electric scooter motor I have in my stash instead of a gas engine as that would be much easier to speed restrict than the gas engine, not to mention cheaper. And because the Cozy Coupe is so top-heavy and easy to turn over the whole shebang is getting lowered to 1″ of ground clearance.

Mrs. the Poet has been annoying me constantly that she needs a new mop and broom as she has worn out the ones I got her last year, so guess what she’s getting. Not a diamond ring.

The cats aren’t getting anything this year, they’re losing something.😈😆 They get to keep the claws they haven’t lost yet, but they are getting “fixed” before they get any more broken. Clint has a bad bite on his tail from a fight with a local squirrel, and Clyde has had run-ins with either other cats or local wildlife, and getting them fixed and chipped would reduce the chances of that happening again.

The “kids” are getting gift cards again this year, mainly because the stuff we really want to give them is just too hard to haul home on the bus especially with the 0.4 mile walk from the bus stop. I mean have you ever tried walking 0.4 miles with anything heavy or bulky without a carry strap? Yeah, that’s why people are getting gift cards. There are some things that are easier with a car, shopping for bulky or heavy stuff it is much easier to have a mechanical donkey toting a huge basket than to carry stuff by yourself.

Merry Christmas, Opus the Unkillable Badass

What bicyclists REALLY want for Christmas

Christmas really isn’t my holiday any more, us witches celebrated back on the 21st, the holiday that Christians stole for the birthday of their deity (well actually they stole a lot of holidays, December 25th was the birthday of Mithras, the deity of the Roman Legion, and Saturnalia is also celebrated this time of year). But I was a Christian for the first half of my life, so I know the drills. I was Balthazar in a Christmas pageant and sang in more choirs than I can count.

What cyclists want most this Christmas is the same thing we want every year, to be able to ride from one place to another without fear that an angry, distracted, or oblivious driver was going to kill or permanently maim us because we were “in the way” or “playing in the street”. We want drivers to change lanes when they pass us, refrain from honking (we can hear you 90% of the time and smell you, too). We want the bike lanes to be free of parked cars. We want enforcement actions against cyclists to make sense (if you set up a sting to catch cyclists running red lights, be prepared to ticket the drivers that run them as well).

Ideally what cyclists want is to live in the Netherlands, only where they live now. They want dedicated spaces and signals so that the most deadly devices in common use, motor vehicles, are separated from bicycles in both time and space so that conflict that can kill or seriously injure cyclists is eliminated from daily life.

And the cyclist in your life? The best thing you can give him/her is FOOD! Good meals at home, and snacks that can be eaten on the side of the road or while riding (but not me, I find getting food around the chin bar of a full-face helmet an exercise in frustration and I don’t do exercise). It’s a little late but find out the stuff your cyclist likes to eat on the road and by a few every month and leave them where your cyclist stores their helmet between rides. A little note (“Thinking of you on the roads”) will let them know you care. My favorite road food is fig bars, but for long distance riding I prefer peanut butter and honey sandwiches on whole wheat bread. Ask your cyclist what they like, and you can make Christmas last all year long in your heart.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas and if the stores playing Christmas songs haven’t driven you crazy, drop a CD in the player and listen to some mellow music.

Merry Christmas from the Witch on a Bicycle!