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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I've used this one before, but I can't resist a good (bad) pun.

I’m an invertebrate punster, spinelessly unable to resist a pun. And that’s two in one post, the picture and the caption…

Seriously, go find a good tequila or cervesa, and celebrate the day the Mexicans drove the French into the sea, or something.


Mrs the Poet had a wonderful Mother’s Day

We went to Corinth to see the Number 2 Daughter and Number One Grandson, and eat Mex-mex Mexican food. Mission accomplished, foot eaten and Grandson seen, along with a nice conversation with said grandson’s mother. Grandson’s Father was his usual self, there was some interesting stuff on TV and I missed the Darlington Cup race but I DVRed that to watch tomorrow. Mrs the Poet is now snoring up a storm in the living room, the day was an effort for her right after Grocery Day. Excellent presents were given to all the mothers present. I’m still having allergy eye issues and can “mostly see” what I’m doing right now.

I will forego my usual linking of the Jerry Jeff Walker Mother’s Day song, it’s still on YouTube if you want to hear it. And I still have several hundred unread e-mails to at least look at the header before I can sleep.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Today is not Mexican Independence Day like so many think it is, it commemorates a glorious victory over French invaders. Still a good excuse to drink beer with lime wedges.

So, go have a beer, eat some real Mexican food (what we call Mex-Mex here in TX), and raise a toast to the brave soldiers and peasants who ran off French soldiers trying to take their land.

PSA, Opus