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Looking at a long day, the Feed

OK I’m ready to filter 3 days worth of Feed today, because Saturday’s Feed has sat unread in my inbox under Sunday and now Monday’s. Before I move to bicycle wrecks let me add my condolences to the family of Dan Wheldon, who died when his race car went into the catch fence with the cockpit facing the fence at about 200 MPH in Las Vegas yesterday. That’s about the only angle on that class of race car that they couldn’t protect because that is also how they get the driver in and out of the car. Had Wheldon hit the wall instead of the fence then the safety features of the car would have protected him, but the wires that make up the catch fence went around the protective bars over the cockpit. Since there is no way to make the fence more solid without blocking the view of the people that pay to come see the race in person I don’t see any way to prevent another wreck like this from killing another driver in the future without radically changing the nature of the cars. The one thing I can see to prevent this kind of wreck from killing another driver would be a solid bubble over the cockpit like a fighter jet, but then that would cause a whole lot of other problems with more common wreck scenarios. The biggest problem would be getting a driver out of a burning car that was either upside down or that had all power killed by the wreck. Since I’m not a race-car engineer (I did suspensions for race cars back in the day, but not as a trained engineer) I will leave that stuff to the trained engineers.

Dan Wheldon died too soon.

The big story of the Feed today seems to be the follow up to the cyclist that was doored in Ontario and other wrecks in the Great White North. Scores mourn cyclist killed on way to work and Scores mourn city cyclist more Cyclist’s death resonates in Ottawa still more Funerals set for cyclist Danielle Naçu and another one Ottawa memorial set for cyclist killed Tuesday last link Cyclist killed in tragic accident That so much has been said about this wreck by the national media in Canada and major local media all across the country says a great deal about the country’s opinion of cycling: if you are a cute girl/woman then it’s a tragedy, otherwise quit clogging the roads you lout!

Another wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist killed last night on Hwy 39 and a more informative link Bicyclist killed in collision Notice that the LEO reporting this wreck went to great lengths to shift blame from the driver of the semi to the cyclist that he failed to pass safely. This was pure and simple a hit-from-behind wreck that the driver failed to allow enough room for the cyclist to dodge road debris or broken pavement on the edge of the road. The LEO made it a SWSS.

Another hit-and-run of a cyclist in the same province as the door-prize girl. Vehicle sought in Kingsville collision; cyclist injured when thrown from bike They don’t know the make or model of the vehicle but given the kind of wreck it is assumed the car will have damage to the front passenger’s side of the vehicle.

Still in Canuckistan, another cyclist is killed a collision with a semi, this one in BC. Port Alberni cyclist struck and killed by heavy truck At this point in time I don’t know enough about the wreck to tell you how to avoid it, but my initial suspicion is that this is another hit-from-behind wreck by a driver that failed to allow sufficient space while passing the cyclist. However time will tell what the real story is.

Moving south a bit from the previous link, the killer of a cyclist faces a maximum fine of $42. No felony charge in bicyclist’s death in Kirkland and Extra, Extra: No Tent For You, No Charges for Teen Who Killed a Cyclist and Teen driver fined $42 for crash that killed Kirkland bicyclist and from the UK Price of a cyclist’s life? $42 in Washington State So, in spite of 2 witnesses that failed to corroborate the driver’s claim of an oncoming vehicle in his lane, the driver will skate with a minor fine in the killing of a human being because the victim was riding a bicycle. It was noted that LEO failed to subpoena the driver’s cell phone records from the time of the wreck, and that the cyclist’s survivors have issued that subpoena for their civil suit. I wonder if there was criminal activity that was not charged because of lack of investigation by LEO could they be sued for dereliction of duty?

A little further down the coast a cyclist is hit in an intersection. Eureka cyclist killed in collision with truck and Eureka cyclist seriously injured after hit by pickup Had the driver been doing the speed limit and the cyclist wearing a helmet this was a 80% chance of survival wreck, but the combination of speed and an unprotected skull were fatal in this case. This is one reason why I never ride without a helmet except when I need my ears free (I wear a full-face helmet that covers my ears while the chin bar protects my face).

I don’t know exactly where this wreck happened but I’m glad the cyclist was not seriously injured. Cyclist Hit Outside Northport High School From the timing and the description of the wreck it seems that this wreck was during the chaos of the morning drop-off outside the school. Bad time to be riding by a school unless you are a student there (or a teacher). Even then it isn’t a good time to be there, just the time you have to be there. To avoid all you can do is exercise a high degree of SA and be aware of anything moving around you.

A hit-and-run near our nation’s capitol. Driver Reportedly Flees Scene on GW Parkway, Leaving Injured Cyclist There is the bit that cyclists were not allowed in that part of the park, but that doesn’t excuse the hit-and-run.

Another amazing report on the turn around in attitude in the state of LA. Bicycle Safety Concerns Nothing about the three cyclists that were hit, so I can’t tell you how to avoid similar wrecks, but the attitude change in just a few years is remarkable.

A SWCC in OH. Police name bicyclist killed Friday in Hamilton Nothing in the report about direction of the vehicle or if the cyclist was just moving to the correct side of the street for his intended direction of travel. I couldn’t tell you about avoiding this wreck except to wait until traffic is clear before crossing the road.

Back in Canuckistan, the man that killed Darcy Sheppard after hitting him twice with his car and being confronted by the angry cyclist is writing a book about how awful it is to be treated like a criminal for killing someone so far beneath your station. Michael Bryant book to tell his ‘descent into a kind of hell’ If that sounds a bit harsh, Bryant was caught on a security camera hitting Sheppard twice from behind knocking him to the ground the second time, and then when confronted by the angry cyclist attempting to run him over, when Sheppard grabbed the side of his car to keep from getting run over Bryant tried to use street furniture to knock him off, eventually running Sheppard over with his car after he lost his grip on the door and fell under the rear wheels. Only Bryant’s status as a former AG saved his bacon from serious hard time, as the case was dropped before coming to trial.

Infrastructure! from the UK. Calls to start safety work at junction where cyclist died and Mayor Boris invited to saddle up and experience the dangers of Kings Cross roads for himself This area was slated for a re-do back in 2008 and still hasn’t been corrected in spite of several fatal wrecks there. Why this has been allowed to happen is a matter of supposition, but the continued lack of doing anything has verged on the criminal as cyclists are forced through this junction by destinations or origins or both on one of the roads passing through it. It is a major hotspot for cycling wrecks and especially fatal wrecks in London, and is responsible for several female cyclist v HGV wrecks that are invariably fatal.

LifeStyle from CA after a hit-and-run. Women’s second encounter leaves much better memories I’m glad the women managed to make amends.

And that is all I have today.

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What is going on with Darcy Allan Shepard’s killer? And the Feed

I have been very frustrated in trying to find out the results of the court visit by former AG Michael Bryant this past Monday, Googling the name came up with nothing new at all. Can some of my Canadian readers shed some light (and maybe some links) on this situation. I have even been to the WordPress Blog on the case, and they don’t have anything new there either. I thought court proceedings were public records, but apparently public records in Ontario are not on the Internet.

Up first today is a report on the filing of a suit in the case of a cyclist killed. Wrongful death suit filed on behalf of cyclist killed in Beaumont If LEO would do their jobs then lawsuits would not be necessary in cases like these, the perps would be in jail instead of walking free and unencumbered by the law.

Charges are filed against a woman that killed a cyclist while DUI and awaiting trial on a previous DUI. Manslaughter charge in Palm Beach DUI bicyclist fatalityShe told the police she had ingested prescription medications including Xanax, Hydrocodone and Oxycodone.” Why is she still breathing? She tested positive for the narcotics and an illegal level of alcohol in her system, she should have been dying of respiratory shutdown unless she was an addict. If she was an addict then she should have never been released to probation after the previous DUI, and should have never been allowed access to a motor vehicle until her addictions were proven under control by a period of years without intoxicating substances in her body. In other words, she should have been medically disqualified from driving before she was driving down the shoulder of the road drunk and on drugs. Stuff like this just infuriates me almost (but not quite) beyond words.

Another report on the man arrested over the death of a UK LEO riding a bicycle to work. Man charged over The facts of the case are just so depressing, even with the limited information given by UK media.

No surprise to this blogger, 20 MPH speed limits reduce the number of people killed or injured by cars. 20mph speed zones cut road injuries by 40%, study says Well besides the increased amount of time that slower speeds give to react, when hit at 20 MPH the NHTSA has shown that only 5% of pedestrians and cyclists die, where at 30 MPH only 5% of cyclists and pedestrians walk away from the wreck (of the rest 50% die and 45% are hospitalized).

More from the debaters in that Spectator debate. Cyclists must stick to the rules of the road Yes that car drivers expect cyclists to obey the same rules of the road when the vehicles are so different is not reasonable, but them’s the breaks. Or to put it in more formal language, that is the situation with which we deal.

In Enn Zed, something is being done about cars hitting cyclists, I’m just not sure they’re doing the right things. New rules for Tamaki Dr after cyclists hurt Some of the things (like posting a sign for broken glass instead of just cleaning the mess) are just wastes of time and money to look like something is being done without actually taking care of a problem. Other things might actually do something about problems.

The residents of a SC island recognizes they have infrastructure issues. Lady’s Island cyclists need safer riding options Because some people can’t share they have to spend more money to make room for them? Why not just reduce the speed limit to a safe level?

A NY lawyer-to-be creates a blog that tells people what the real laws are in NY as opposed to the ones people make up in their minds. Bike Blawg: Post 1 The only problem is actually getting the people that need to, to read it.

Finally a report on bicycle commuting from Nova Scotia. Commute changes work, life perspectives on getting to and fro I know bicycle commuting changed my life, hoo boy did it change my life. Commuting by bicycle almost ended my life, but just because there was one stupid person on the roads that wanted to kill me because I wasn’t driving a car doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t do it again, in fact the few times after the wreck I had work I did commute by bicycle.

Aannnd, that’s a wrap. I have things to do this afternoon and tonight, and bread to make tomorrow, but there will be a post tomorrow.

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From 2 days’ Feeds with mostly motorcycle wrecks

Well I just went through 2 days’ worth of the Feed, and most of it was motorcycle wrecks. While I feel really bad about people getting hurt and/or killed whatever way they manage to do it, motorcycles are not on the menu here at Witch on a Bicycle. So for 2 days we have exactly 108 links of bicycle-related things. Two of the links turned out to no longer connect to bicycle-related reports.

Up first because it’s the only USA link is a display of just how stupid the guy that proposed the registration of bicycles in Philadelphia really is, in his own words. The Bike Debate: It’s really all about safety Nowhere in that rambling waste of paper (originally posted in the print edition of the news) did he justify registration as a means of actually generating a safety function, the closest he did come was the statement “By requiring that every bike be registered, whether with the Police Department or the Parking Authority, it would create a point of contact to educate all bikers. But nowhere does he state how this education will take place, who will fund or how, or anything else. Also missing are practical points on just how the registration will be mounted and displayed so that people can see it and report it to the police given that bicycle design for the last 100 years or so has made no provision for such, unlike motor vehicle design which is required to have mounts for a standardized license plate.

More proof that lawyers have their morals and ethics removed in law school. Michael Bryant joins prestigious Toronto law firm For those with short memories, Bryant is the sewer scum that ran over a cyclist in the street and when the cyclist got up to discuss the matter used his car as a deadly weapon to smash the cyclist against trees, light poles, and a mailbox that was bolted to the sidewalk, all caught on several surveillance cameras from the initial hit through the final ride on the sidewalk against traffic. If you have need for legal advice I suggest never using the Ogilvy Renault law firm while you are in Ontario.

All I can say on this is the cyclist was either comatose while riding, or the sound of the ambulance siren echoing off nearby buildings gave the cyclist a false impression as to the location of the vehicle. Cyclist seriously injured in collision with ambulance Seriously, when you hear a siren for any emergency vehicle, don’t go until you know the vehicle is not in your area. I have been in urban areas when an emergency vehicle siren was in use and could not tell which direction the vehicle was coming from, and this happened both on foot and in a car (yes, I used to own and drive a car, look at my bio page). Since the consequences can be so dire, a little extra caution is in order. After all it isn’t just you that can be hurt, it’s also the person the emergency vehicle was dispatched for who could suffer as a result of the delay caused by your wreck.

And in jurisprudence news from Jolly Olde, a person that killed a cyclist (who was also a LEO) is charged with multiple offenses in the case. Charges over cyclist death of Jim Fleming on Amersham Road I don’t like for any cyclist to get hit, but I know that when a LEO is hit the driver is more likely to get hit with the hammer of Justice than if a mere citizen is hit.

And to show that anti-bike crazies are not just limited to our shores, London weighs in. Cyclists targeted as Westminster Council goes after ‘lycra louts’

Lots of news from Enn Zed as a stupid driver pleads guilty to hitting 4 cyclists after running a stop sign. Woman pleads guilty after injuring cyclists and Safety Message Repeated As Motorist Admits Injuring Cyclists and Share The Road I only hope that the driver gets a punishment commensurate with the seriousness of the assault with a deadly weapon.