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Lots of church today on a Wreck-Free Sunday

This has been a very long day for me, from helping to open up the church about 1030 after being up late last night and not getting out until nearly 1300, then having to be back by 1700 for a board meeting as head of the Social Justice committee and not getting home until 2000. Basically I spent a full 8 hours away from the house on church business of one kind or another. It was “interesting”.

In between I saw most of the Sprint Cup race from Dover, where Happy Harvick was leading again when I had to leave for the board meeting, but it was another fuel economy race and nobody knew for sure what their fuel level was. So while Kevin Harvick was leading when I left I have no idea who won the race. More importantly I have no idea of who was eliminated from the Chase for the Cup, because when I left Jimmie Johnson was in 14th place in points as they ran because he had a rear axle failure that required a replacement in the middle of the race putting him 36 laps down when the repairs were finished. So I’m going to have to wait until I get the report in my inbox tomorrow morning.

What I spent most of Saturday doing was looking up various suppliers of parts and plastic model kits to build a miniature test Sprint-T for the geometry of the full size version that is looking more and more out of reach given the budget and Mrs, the Poet’s restrictions on donor vehicles. Basically my budget is completely used up as soon as I get a crate engine and transmission, leaving me short a rear axle, hubs, brakes, the front axle, shocks and springs, headlights… So I went with a $50 budget for the kit and supplies to build a replica, which seems to be do-able. Now to find the right parts for the build.

Basically I’m going to use the Wide 5 wheels I put in Friday’s blog post, and as I said I’m going to make two versions of the wheels. The supplied version is a scale 11″ wide, the full size car uses an 8″ street version, and a 14″ race version. I haven’t been able to find anything close to the 23.5 x 13.0R15 Hoosier Formula Atlantic tires in 1/25 scale, but I did find a close replica for the 27 x 10.50R-15 LT Hoosier Pro Street tire for the street version in a similarly-sized dirt track tire.

And I’m going to be doing some errands in the morning, so I have to get to bed soon. Also I have been spending almost as much time fixing typos in this paragraph as I have composing it, so I really need to hit the hay.

PSA, Opus the Poet


Sunburned and sore, I’m back from my Spring Break

I am returned from a very “eventful” event. I still haven’t caught up on my e-mails yet (only 199 unread messages to go!) but suffice it to say I had a good time. Quick observations: Riding a hardtail MTB with a decade old plastic saddle is not good for the sitz bones. Sunscreen and long sleeves are your friends on a camping trip. Spreading aloe vera on sunburned teens can be entertaining, especially if that aloe has been kept at a comfy 35°F. Spending 4 days in the bush is NOT the “perfect” time to detox from a 120 oz. a day Diet Mt. Dew habit. While the 15YO US Army surplus sleeping pad was no longer up to the job of keeping me comfy at night, the 40YO Dutch Army sleeping bag was in spite of the flooding thunderstorm the first night of the campout. Henna works on skin grafts, I have a wonderful temp tattoo that will be posted as soon as I find my camera and plug it in to the desktop computer that has GIMP loaded on it to make the image blog-friendly. I took part as a model in a photo shoot for a pin-up calendar, more on that in a later post. Next event I will be coordinating the use of cargo bikes as a replacement for the golf carts that are rapidly aging out of service at the event site, much more on that in a later post. I didn’t ride my bike to this event unlike the last one where I rode my 1983 Stratus (almost) to the event back in 2006. That ride ended with my getting a hitched ride about 50 miles shy of my destination after rubbing a hole over my tailbone when the cushion collapsed on the original RANS hardshell seat (replacement cushion under the original upholstery), which has made m a minor celebrity at the event.

PSA, Opus