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I think I gave my music app a stroke

First of all I’m feeling a bit better after yesterday’s debacle trying to get my second Moderna shot and having to bail for home when my Lyft fare got close to what I had in my bank account. I was stuck in the line of cars outside Fair Park for almost an hour before I decided to cut my losses and leave.

So, anywho, I called up my Supermix because I needed some tunes, and this is the first page listing: Clap Your Hands by Parov Stellar, The Pusher by Steppenwolf, Aqualung by Jethro Tull, I Am a Soul by Nibana, Sing Sing Sing by the Benny Goodman band, Tom Sawyer by Rush, Green-Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf, Still… You Turn Me On by ELP, and last song on the first page White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.
Lots of Classic Rock, some Electro Swing, some Swing, and one Trance. And there are other genres on other pages, but I don’t feel like listing them out right now.

I’m on day three of trying to daywalk, and I even got up before noon today. That’s something that doesn’t happen often, that I get up without using an alarm before noon. I woke up before 0900 even and after I decided that I wasn’t going to get any more sleep I got up. I had my alarm set for 1100, but I was already sitting behind my computer reading web comics and organizing my thoughts for today’s blog post when it went off and I had to go turn it off.

And they just played the Benny Goodman. Impossible to be sad-sad when Sing Sing Sing plays, depressed sure, but not sad-sad. As in I felt a little better until the end of the music.

Now, thoughts, I had a train of thought going before the Goodman squirrel wandered by, but that got completely derailed. Daywalking, I was trying to get a train of thought going on trying to fit in to a diurnal society when you’re mostly nocturnal by habit and employment. I notice that I tend to get a second wind from about 0100-0500 if I don’t force myself to go to bed by 2300 and get to sleep immediately. This was way before I did the cleanup writing thing, dating back to all-nighters in college back in the ’70s. Which I know was before some of you were born, I can’t help when I was born and what was going on back then.

Speaking of which, there is a meme for us Boomers: What were you doing the day JFK was shot? And alternatively Kent State? For some Kent State is a “Huh?” and for some of us it’s when we lost our innocence, when we discovered our government wasn’t protecting us anymore, if it ever had. For me I wasn’t tied into that culture because I wasn’t tied into any culture except what I saw on TV.

That was brought home to me sophomore year in High School when we had a test in social studies about local and national trademarks, and since I had only moved to the area about a month previous to the start of school I had no knowledge of any of the local stuff. But national brands I aced because that was what military brats zoned in on, stuff that was consistent from one duty station to another. Local brands were what we looked for after finding the things we knew to be good, or at least not-bad. I can’t speak for the rest, but I looked for something that was familiar and known good and then immediately went looking for local favorites after that, sometimes finding something good, like the restaurant in the strip mall at the end of the street we lived on when I was in the last part of 8th grade (4th school).

And this has meandered all over the place as I chased down metaphorical squirrels from wherever they come from to wherever they have to go once I start chasing them. In case you don’t know where the “Squirrel!” meme comes from “Squirrel!”

Got my Fauci Ouchy yesterday

Got my first Moderna shot yesterday down at the FEMA site by Fair Park. The shot was free, but the ride there and back set me back $125 after tip, after a 20% tip. If it wasn’t a requirement to wear a car to prevent spread of infection I would be a lot happier. And to think people are complaining about having to wear a mask.

I had one strange reaction to the vaccine, the fingers I injured on my left hand years ago building bicycles went rigid for a while. I can move them now, but there’s still more resistance than usual for moving them to the extremes of their travel. Straight out is fine, but trying to bend those fingers is harder than usual, which is harder than when they worked to design specifications. I have to admit it, but I have a bunch of parts that would be worn past their wear limits and need replacing if I was a robot, or if I had easily-replaceable moving parts. That’s part of getting old and worn out. I just wasn’t planning on being worn out for another couple of decades at least. Hey, that’s a money-making deal for someone if they wanted to pursue it, cheaply replaceable joints, especially for the ones that wear out often like fingers and knees. And before anyone says it I know they make replacements for knuckles and knees, I’m talking about ones that can be popped in and out for under $100, not the ones that cost as much as a news luxury car.

Got another couple “granpa-chasers” on Facebook today and yesterday. One of them had a cute profile picture, the other one sends me pictures that are supposedly her in workout clothes. That one has already asked for an iTunes card. So I know at least one of them is a scam, that I will milk for as many pictures of cute girls as I can. They want to scam me, I want free pictures of scantily-clad women. I get what I want, they don’t get anything because I won’t be scammed. Yes, I’m terrible, but so are people trying to scam old men out of their savings on the false promise of sex or love. If I scam a scammer, what’s the real harm?