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I earned some money, but I can’t get it😤

I participated in a research project about ride-share, that promised a $75 gift card upon completion. Well I got the card, but I can’t get to the money.

The sitch is I have a gift card that requires a phone app to access, but the card won’t load to said app, I get caught in an endless loop of trying to transfer and loading the app. And the money never transfers. As you might imagine I find this extremely frustrating, and I’m getting zero help from Customer Services. They were supposed to e-mail me today, but as of 1730 I have nothing. No message, no money, no nothing.

I used to deal with this company all the time as they were the company that handled paying for my USPS gig up until it was scuttled in 2020. I never had any trouble dealing with them getting my money through the date we all got fired by DeJoy, haven’t dealt with them since. But now they aren’t using Discover, they’re doing Mastercard, and instead of pre-loaded physical Debit Cards they are doing Digital EFT Cards. That are supposed to work with an app, but the app has a 1 star rating on the google App Store. For an app that lets you spend other people’s money, one star is not a good thing. Given that one star is the lowest rating you can give an app, and this app is the only way you can get your money, and this a cumulative rating, it’s abysmal.

And at this point I have no idea when or if I’ll get my money.


The paperwork is in

Just got two thick envelopes from Social Security today and it verified that my first check will be $915 and will hit the bank 11/26. Still trying to find out what the status is on what’s left of my inheritance from Dad dying in 2012. The trust is dissolving this year and tax hit on that could be massive. Also I need to go to the bank and set up a diversion to put money from my Social Security in the firewalled account that I can’t get to from my ATM card or online, the one I have to go to the bank and present ID in person to take money out of it.

And I just heard that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, and no longer feel like writing. What I feel like is opening a gallon of ice cream and crying in a corner. Goodnight.

I need to be more careful about online shopping

I went to put some more money in my account before the backorder shipped, and found that another $20 had been paid out to someone in spite of not buying anything since middle of last month. I know I have some things that are delayed in shipping, because of warehouse issues related to the pandemic, and other stuff, but I thought except for the backorder from Speedway they had already cleared my account. Apparently that was not the case…

I made the trip downtown to transfer money from Mrs the Poet’s account to mine, because Mrs the Poet gave me permission after I saved $140 from the recycling bin that she accidentally threw away. Anywho, I thought the balance was going to be about $350 ± and the actual balance was $308 and I knew I hadn’t spent anything between checking my balance on Saturday and transferring the money on Wednesday, which means over $30 went bye-bye without my knowledge. Good thing I checked and listened to the nagging feeling about not spending any more money online after the middle of last month. That’s the biggest problem about online shopping, the “get it NOW!” feeling, which is even worse than what happens in person and I see something I want. Anyway I put some extra in the account in case there are other orders out there I forgot about, and continuing subscriptions that need to be paid. I managed to get one of those subscriptions stopped but not before they took almost $30 out of my account (that I had already accounted for by Saturday).

Anyway, the backorder will be processed on or about the 10th, and then I can stop worrying about another overdraft charged against my account.

In other news after I had the bloody nose incident Sunday I went on a couple of walks getting things done including Wednesday that I covered almost 2 miles in bite-sized pieces both Monday and Wednesday. I feel rather proud of in spite of needing a cane to walk a straight line (I do a tolerable zombie lurch from side-to-side without the cane) I walked 1.8 miles on both days, not both together. Monday was a bit uncomfortable, but by Wednesday the heat index was down to a fairly comfortable 96°F with a dry bulb of 88°. Monday had index temperatures that were insane, I can’t pull up the index, but the dry bulb was 91° and I recall triple digit indexes as I was checking the weather at the time. Anywho, dangerously hot for someone not acclimated to the heat. Usually by this time of the year I would be putting the final edge on my training for the HHH100 ride, but my hips are still complaining about something I did back in 2012 and there ain’t gonna be a HHH100 this year because of the ‘Rona. So I haven’t been spending hours riding my bike in the heat so I could spend more hours riding my bike in the heat later. And I miss it, not the hours spent on the bike getting slow roasted in the sun, but the feeling of accomplishment of having trained for something and participating in the event.

That’s it for now, more as I know about it.