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For a smart guy I do a lot of stupid things

OK I’m semi laid up again because I hurt my foot in a stupid way. I just got the new shoes and I went for a couple of walks with them. It turns out the new shoes don’t have the same room in the toebox as the old shoes in spite of the new shoes being a half-size larger, and I need to get my toes done again. Anyway what happened is I went a bit too far walking with long toenails and they rubbed on the inside of the shoe and pulled up on the toenail. This is as you might imagine very uncomfortable to say the least. I’m not bedridden, but walking outside the house is limited to what I can do barefoot. So basically I can get the mail and take out the trash and recycling, and that’s about it.

Still haven’t gotten any of the right kind of junk mail so the scale mockup is stalled for lack of materials. Ain’t that the story of my life? Lots of projects, most stalled because of lack of some part or tool or at the base of it all money. I really need to win the lottery just so I can get my projects finished.

And I’m going to put my foot up now because sitting makes my toes hurt.


Too hot to be walking around

But I did anyway. Bills had to be paid and there wasn’t enough time to get payment there in the mail. So I walked 3 miles in the heat, sweating profusely.

I’m getting frustrated trying to get the handling balanced on the TGS2. How frustrated you ask? Frustrated enough to look up RWD transmissions that bolt up to the 3.3/3.8l V6 that is in the free donor vehicle. Frustrated enough to look at tire combinations that look like they go on 2 different cars. I need enough tire to work with the 12.19″ front brake on my build list, and enough rear tire to keep the back following the front. And it has to be cheap and Not Ugly. Not demanding beauty just Cheap, Works, and Not Ugly. And until I get enough money to actually start building this car all these ideas are going to have the life expectancy of a drummer in Spinal Tap.

I gotta go, y’all keep cool.